Hurco India: Pioneer of CNC Machine Tool Technology

Hurco India

India is becoming one of the most lucrative options for manufacturing industry to prosper. With the ‘Make in India’ campaign, India plans to be the leader of the manufacturing sector in the world. The government of India aims to make automobiles manufacturing industry as the main driver of Make in India initiative. Manufacturing sectors like railway, aerospace, defense, medical, oil and gas sector, infrastructure, agriculture equipment etc. are also experiencing steady growth from last few years.  Machine tool industry serves as the mother industry for manufacturing and has enormous potential to change the face of the manufacturing industry.
Hurco India Pvt Ltd has been leading the industry in CNC machine tool technology from the last five decades. Hurco understands the importance of agility, adaptability, and profitability when it comes to running a business. The company makes reliable CNC machine tools with the most versatile control in the industry by providing non-conversational and conversational programming.

About the Trailblazers
Gerald Roch and Edward Humston had founded Hurco in 1968 with the mission to develop machines with maximum possible user-friendly features. Hurco’s five decades of innovation helped their customers across the world to use the latest technology easily to become competitive and profitable.

Hurco’s mission is to provide unique, innovative software and CNC controls that help their customers to maximize the productivity through reduced setup time and multi-tasking on the shop floor. Sanjib Chakraborty, the Managing Director of Hurco India expressed that more than five decades later, the original mission statement is still the cornerstone of the 21st-century Hurco. Sanjib is the team leader and a technocrat with a proven track record of successfully turning around the capacity of various organizations in the field of Marketing, sales, operation, and project management.

Providing Best-in-Class CNC controls and Innovative Software
Hurco is one of the first companies which introduced a PC based controller. Research and Development department based in the USA is committed to develop the software and hardware which enhance the performance of the machine and make their customer competitive and profitable. Hurco provides end to end solution to customers with the help of a wide range of products like turning centre, multi-axes turn-mill centre, vertical machining centre with three, four & five axis, horizontal machining centre, double column machine with more than four-meter stroke, horizontal bore mill etc. Hurco is a NASDAQ listed company having sixteen subsidiaries across the world. Hurco India is one of the subsidiaries having more than five hundred installations supported by the well-trained team located in Chennai, Coimbatore, Delhi, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Pune, Mumbai, and Bangalore. It has three technology centers in India at Chennai, Pune, and Coimbatore.

All machines are equipped with the world’s most preferred and user-friendly controller powered with WINMAX software. Hurco customers can upgrade the controller at any given time to have the latest features without incurring any cost or replacing the controller.

The continuous improvement in technology and getting the technology transferred to the end user are the two major benefits gained by their customers. Being a NASDAQ listed company with sound financial health, Hurco gives confidence to the customer to be treated as a true business partner.

Always a Step Ahead in Innovating with Evolving Technology
All of Hurco’s machines are designed for long life with desired repeatability and positional accuracy. Hurco has more than eighty patents for machine tool control technology. The Hurco Controller was awarded globally as the most preferred controller in 2017. The highly efficient motion control powered with WINMAX software differentiates Hurco from the other companies. The patented software developed for Hurco users is helping customers to achieve the fastest print to part and part to profit.

Hurco invented conversational programming, which revolutionized the machine tool industry as it was an alternative to cumbersome G-codes and M-codes. Its latest innovation is 3D printing technology on 3 axes VMC which will help a customer in prototyping task on the same machine. The company’s 3D DXF transfer software will reduce the dependency on cam software to large extends. There has been an increase in the number of their five-axis machines, multi-axis machines, high performance die mould machines and large double column machines in the last couple of years.

With all these features, Hurco technology enhances the machining performance, optimizes the cycle time, reduces the programming time, improves surface finish quality and assures the highest performance.

Future Roadmap
Hurco is passionate about the success of their customers. They have an entrepreneurial spirit and passion for manufacturing technology. The company did record breaking business in 2017 and is expecting similar record sale in 2018. Hurco India is also performing extremely well in India.  Hurco is getting a very good response for their high-end technology in India.

Hurco always addressed customer’s concern to make a customer more competitive. With sheer dedication and commitment, Hurco is sincerely working towards customer’s benefits to be recognized as the most preferred machine tool company in India.

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