Anil Advani: Driving the Success of A Revolutionizing Law Firm

Anil Advani

The nature of law firms has changed significantly over the last few decades. Under these changing economic trends that have transformed many other industries and professions, we have seen lawyers delivering their services in a transformative manner using technology as an enabler. This expansion of law firms has offered a broader array of legal services to their clients in the markets where they operate. It has built a career path for young lawyers seeking to work with marquee clients.
Professional legal advice is important in ensuring a fair outcome regardless of the area of law. However, before seeking any legal advice, ensuring that you are dealing with a qualified as well as a reputable attorney is essential. Akin to various firms, a law firm becomes more capable with the support of a leader. The intuitiveness of leaders to enrich themselves with extensive cross-cultural expertise makes them great leaders. They rise to their positions practicing a specific set of values and traits. Implementing the same, Anil Advani, the Founder and Managing Partner of Inventus Law is standing up for his profession with integrity and passion following the legacy of his progenitors.
More about the Legal Reformist
Anil is a startup lawyer, angel investor, and mentor to early-stage startup founders in Silicon Valley and across the world. Anil takes pride in being a qualified lawyer, practicing in one of the most prominent cities and states like New York and California. Anil advises early-stage start-ups from 2-3 ‘guys in the garage’ to global multinational corporations from inception through the life-cycle of the venture. He negotiates with angel and venture financings, customer and licensing transactions, and mergers and acquisitions. He is licensed and certified to practice law by California State Bar and New York State Bar.
Over the last 19 years, Anil has worked with powerhouse law firms such as Cooley Godward and Orrick Herrington, and now as the founder of Inventus Law. Anil has represented over 3,000 startups, angels, founders, and has been involved in almost 500 financing and M&A transactions valued at over $3 billion in aggregate. He has made over 25 Angel investments in companies across the spectrum, from healthcare, financial services, to software and SaaS ventures. He has represented U.S. based investors and Companies in investments, acquisitions, and strategic expansion with India-based companies. His outreach spans 100s of startups from India, Singapore, Europe, and South America in setting up operations and closing financing and M&A transactions in Silicon Valley.
Academic Highlights
Anil pursued LL.B. from Delhi University and started practicing law in Delhi in 1995. He initiated his career first at the lower courts in Delhi, followed by a stint at the Delhi High Court. He has completed Masters in Law from Georgetown Law and, subsequently, worked at the British Magic Circle Law Firm, Freshfields. In 1999, Anil moved to California and joined the technology powerhouse law firm Cooley Godward. Since then, he has represented, and advised start-up companies, founders, Angel, and venture investors.
Interpersonal Skills
Anil is adept in strategic partnership and arbitration. His curriculum during the educational career included activities like representing student council, cricket, debates, drama, and sports. As witnessed from the unprecedented client testimonials on his LinkedIn account, client appreciation has made him an impeccable and experienced leader in providing strategic advice to start-ups. Charismatic leaders like Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Satya Nadella act as an inspiration for Anil.
A Track Record in Different Markets
The platform that provides a legal solution becomes imperative to a client, because only a transparent and a unique firm can provide its best possible solutions. Here is Inventus Law, a global technology law firm that is delivering its unique solutions. It is headquartered in Palo Alto CA, founded in the year 2009.
Inventus Law represents high growth startup companies, founders, angel investors, incubators, accelerators, and venture capital. The law firm advises private equity investors based in Silicon Valley, New York, India, Europe, Southeast Asia. It also caters East Asia, the Middle East, Latin America and, increasingly, Africa. It has close affiliations with legal, tax and business professionals in multiple financial centers of the world.
Inventus Law is Anil’s entrepreneurial venture. It intends to provide experienced legal counsel to start-up companies. It seeks to counsel in a cost-effective, responsive and founder-friendly manner than any of the “big” law firms out in the market.
The company works with some of the world’s most respected accelerators and companies which include Y Combinator, 500 Startups, Tandem, Fabric, Let’sVenture, BootUp, Unshackled, Spinta Global Accelerator, Start-Up Chile, and Startup Mexico.
Imparting Wisdom
Establishing a good clientele was crucial and challenging for Anil as clients approach only a counsel who has the right experience and knowledge.
Anil shares: “It is very challenging due to immense competition from the number of incumbent and emerging lawyers and entrenched law firms, and technology advancements. However, law as a profession is very rewarding for those driven by intellectual challenges over monetary goals.”
Enlightening the Newcomers
Concerning the budding entrepreneurs willing to make career in the legal field, he slates: “Understand whether this is the right profession for you and for the right reason. Always be willing to work hard, learn new business and social skills and create a business network.  It’s a long game and every bit of hard work will pay off with larger dividends in the future”.
In the future, Anil plans to focus on start-up companies and founders across the globe in order to provide opportunities for startups in various jurisdictions to replicate and adopt the silicon valley model of structuring and operating a startup venture.

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