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MRSS India
MRSS India

In order to stay tuned with the changing market trends and to retain the competitive edge, there is a dire need of conducting a market research. It is the effective market research that can gain invaluable information about the competitors, economic shifts, demographics, the current market trends and the spending traits of the customers. Let it be a startup or a well-established business, market research is vital for understanding the critical characteristics of your target market to increase sales revenue, profit, ROI and overall business success.
To help businesses, when it comes to decide in which area they should focus, MRSS India, is offering a wide range of Qualitative and Quantitative Research Services both nationally and internationally. The largest independent Market Research Agency in India, MRSS India relies exhaustively on the usage of technology for data acquisition thereby ensuring reliability, validity checks as also faster turnaround time.
MRSS India, Creating a Digital Revolution
The 1st and only listed Market Research Firm in BSE – SME platform with greater vision, greater commitment, MRSS India is revolutionizing the digital platform of India. MRSS India promises a higher standard of service, delivery and transparency. The company has received highest possible credit rating from SMERA-D&B.
The company has its presence across Pan India. The researcher team at MRSS India has a rich experience of working with both domestic as well as global majors. MRSS India is a member of MRSI and DIN (Digital Insight Network – Global).
MRSS India does not believe in following only the traditional methods of research, but it believes in using advanced digital techniques in its research. They are working with the new techniques like Brain Mapping, Eye Tracking, Neuroscience, etc. which assists them to get exact and accurate data from respondents in its research. This is what makes the company stand out with flying colors, while differentiating them from others.
Mr. Raj Sharma, Craftsman of MRSS India
Credited with his innovative initiatives in conducting market research in India, Raj Sharma, Chairman of Majestic Research, is now re-writing the history of Digital India through market research.
Almost a decade and a half back, Raj Sharma was the then force behind the introduction of the first CATI set-up in India i.e. Computer Assisted Telephonic Interviews. With increased penetration and mobiles phones CATI has now become the most preferred methodology to conduct market research in India of which Sharma is considered as the pioneer.
Academically equipped with a Diploma in Industrial Electronics followed by Post Graduation in Electronics and Telecommunications followed by an MBA, Raj Sharma in his professional voyage has seen the evolution from manual typewriters to electronic machines that included photocopiers and fax machines.
Starting his career with Godrej and then joining a Dutch photocopying company name `Oce’, Raj never looked back as he then moved to Tata Nelco where he led marketing communications before joining MRSS India Ltd. MRSS India is now India’s 1st and only listed Market Research Company that is a subsidiary of Majestic Market Research Support Services Limited, – One of Asia’s largest full service market research firm. MRSS is also a member of MRSI and DIN (Digital Insight Network – Global).
At a time when India was struggling with 9.6KBS modems, Majestic under his able leadership introduced video streaming in India, which was then unheard of in the segment of market research. Video streaming facilitated in market research investigators being location agnostic and be in any part of the world and see and listen to their consumers in India real time. Going further, Majestic launched ‘Ethnostreaming’ which basically connected Boardrooms to Bedrooms and Bathrooms thus giving the global companies to further customize their offering for the Indian consumers.
At Majestic, the quest for introducing newer methodologies and technologies has become a norm than an exception. This was further built upon with tools like SMS Research; Online Panels; Eye Tracking; Online Communities; Mystery Shopping; Digital Tracking. Today, the firm is talking about new innovative tools including Neurosciences, Indoor Audience Measurement Systems, and Sensory Sciences and aiming to revolutionize the Digital Landscape of Insighting in India.
Regarded as a thought leader in the field of Market Research, Raj has served as the International Features Editor for QRCA VIEWS, a publication of QRCA (Qualitative Research Consultants Association). He has also been associated with various organizations such as ESOMAR, AEMRI, MSPA, WAPOR, AIAI, UPA, ePHMRA, MMA and AQR. He is on the Management Committee of MRSI (Market Research Society of India) and also has recently been appointed as the first ever official Media Spokesperson of MRSI.
Voyage of MRSS India through Ups and Downs
Well, the first step of success is a challenge! And when it comes to face them, MRSS India has the best team that has the ability to draw an answer from difficulties. Major issue with market industry is to get Correct and Accurate feedback from the respondents, as output is purely dependent upon the data provided by respondents, sometimes customers may not express their true opinion, so in this case, the accuracy of the data get hampered. To overcome this major challenge MRSS India started using different digital techniques which help it to get exact data through expressions and emotions of the respondents, also the movements etc. which do not need the respondents to give verbal answers.
Being, a niche industry, market research industry is now growing up rapidly with the time. “We are actively updated with all new digital and advanced techniques of research, which will help us to progress ourselves. Also, we already have a good presence in international markets like Asia, Middle East, Latin America, through our parent company, Majestic MRSS, now we are also expanding our business in European markets too,” asserts Raj, while questioned about the future of MRSS India.

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