361 Degree Market Research: Delivering an Expert Research with an Effective Solution

361 Degree Market Research
361 Degree Market Research

Research is to see what everybody else has seen and to think what nobody else has thought” – with these words, Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Nobel Peace Prize winner in medicine, highlighted the importance of Market Research for a business. The hyper-competitiveness of most industries in the present days and the increasing percentage of successful launching of product and services has helped togrow the importance of market research. This importance is constantly striving the marketing organizations to establish competitive advantage through novel market insight and buyer behavior derived through advances in market research.
361 Degree Market Research (361DMR), one of the most valuable market research company, believes in delivering the best of Market Research to their clients by working in close quarters with them on a long term basis, understanding their business and sector and presenting research inputs customized for the same. 361DMR belives in providing 360 Degree of Market Research with 1 Degree of Business Consultancy i.e. partnering with their clients to achieve their goals. 361DMR is the vision of those market researchers who work with the conviction that ‘Consumer Insight’ is the crux of any Market Research Activity.
The team at 361DMR strongly advocates the ideology of Market Research as a tool, which can help any company to set and achieve its objectives in this competitive and complex market. 361DMR promises high quality conceptualization, strategic thinking, execution and interpretation skills on all its client’s research needs. They believe in getting the maximum output through equal contributions from their researchers, moderators, field and the esteemed clients.
The Pillars of Support and Strength in 361DMR
Mr. Firoz A. Khan and Mr. Parag P. Desai are Founders and Managing Partners of 361DMR. Firoz and Parag are recognized for their unique strengths.Together, they are a ‘Potent Mixture’ for successful execution of projects. Both of them are passionate about Market Research and collectively bring in more than 22 years of MR experience. They came together to bridge the needed gap in the Market Research industry and established 361DMR with the philosophy of thinking beyond the known and adding value to the Research Projects for their clients.
Firoz Khan is a BCS graduate from University of Pune and PGDBA from Symbiosis Center for Distance Learning (SCDL). He is into qualitative market research since last 12 years. He has done moderation for more than 4500 Focus Group Discussions and 3500 Depth Interviews across India. He likes travelling across Rural and Urban places of India, to understand the mindset, life and needs of people
Parag Desai holds a degree of B.E. in Computer Science and has completed his MBA in Marketing from Sydenham Institute of Management.. He has earlier worked with PQR (Probe Qualitative Research), a specialized arm of IMRB. His insight in Qualitative & Quantitative Research has been well appreciated by the agencies and clients he has worked with. His out of the box thinking, yet routed to Market Realities has helped clients in many projects.
 Revolutionary Services of 361DMR
361DMR believes fieldwork is pivotal to the success of any Market Research activity. It is an aspect of research which has been stereotyped due to lack of quality checks & non-upgraded payment structures of field agencies. Fieldwork is the main challenge which any Market Research agency is facing today. So, the Company is focusing more on quality of fieldwork by going out of the way in terms of paying field agencies. They ensure that the desired quality is getting delivered through their field partners, hence the data which is generated through fieldwork is genuine. The key benefits of 361DMR are Senior Researchers in the Industry, Specialists with Sector Knowledge, Multi-Country Research capability, Strategic Marketing Consultancy, International Tools in Specialized Businesses and Strong Field Network for custom research. They are also developing products for specific sectors like Real Estate, Pharma, Agriculture and many more.
361DMR in the past represented Kleffmann Group, a Global leader in Agriculture Market Research, in India. They executed various research projects PAN India in seeds, pesticides, agricultural machinery etc. They continue to play an important role in Agriculture Market Research with their dedicated rural field partners.
361DMR has developed an unique product for the Real Estate market. With their strong work experience of many years with key Real Estate companies & Consultants like Tata Housing, JLL etc,they have identified the needs of Market Research across various phases of a Real-Estate project. With increased competition and volatility in market conditions (due to Demonitisation, RERA & GST) it is imperative for Real Estate companies to have a good hold on the market conditions and adopt accordingly. 361DMR with this product will give the necessary edge to their Real Estate clients by hand-holding them through the project life-cycle.
 Ruling Thoughts for the Future
As per 361DMR,  lot of companies including small scale companies have started appreciating and understanding the need and importance of Market Research. In future there will be a strong requirement of quality researchers for Qualitative and Quantitative research.  However, online market research and research on social media will have  a positive future in the Market Research industry. 361DMR is prepared for the future, with the introduction of sector specific products for catering to all kinds of companies, small scale to big corporate houses. They are also planning to shift towards non-traditional mediums to cope up with the competitive market in the future.

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