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msg Global Solutions India Pvt Ltd | Mr Jaideep Chatterjee | Executive Vice President & Country Manage
msg Global Solutions India Pvt Ltd | Mr Jaideep Chatterjee | Executive Vice President & Country Manage

Technology adoption in the insurance industry has been happening for a long time, and it continues to evolve every day. Moving from legacy applications to enterprise business solutions that have evolved to a cloud-based architecture creates better resiliency and lowers the cost of operations.

With pressure on insurance companies to improve profitability and reduce the cost per transaction, it is natural to adopt cloud-based technologies to support operational efficiency and business growth. msg global is one company that counts on giving supportive and robust business solutions for its growth. The company focuses on employee growth and customer satisfaction. Mr Jaideep Chatterjee, Managing Director of msg Global Solutions India, is a seasoned technology executive with widespread experience in digital transformation, modernization, drives business and revenue targets, and has successfully set up global competency centres.

Solid Functioning

Jaideep has over 25 years of experience in SAP consulting, management, and leadership roles, in some of the world’s most admired IT organizations and has had customers which are Fortune 100 companies. Therefore, it is not a surprise that Jaideep decided to be associated with  a company that has been tightly connected to SAP since its beginning in 2008. msg global solutions is a systems integrator, software development partner, and managed services provider focused on SAP solutions for accounting, finance, regulatory reporting, performance management, and customer experience.

Operating from offices across 28 countries globally and growing, its expert team helps customers achieve operational efficiency and improve decision-making capabilities. While the heart of msg global expertise is in the financial services sector, its solutions are utilized in a wide range of industries.

Experience That Brings Progress

As an experienced industry specialist, msg global is a knowledgeable partner for all insurance companies. With strategic consulting, established standard software, and other intelligent IT (Information Technology) solutions, the company helps its clients with information management and networking, customer-centric customization, as well as the standardization and digitization of their processes.

With broad global experience, its consultants are ready to support customers in insurance, reinsurance, and functional areas such as finance and risk, technology, and analytics. The teams help customers evaluate their current landscape and provide technical and functional guidance around SAP’s end-to-end insurance and reinsurance solutions. As an SAP co-development partner, msg global creates industry-specific solutions that are marketed exclusively as SAP Solutions Extensions. It also develops and offers the industry solutions to complement an SAP strategy or work as a stand-alone solution.

msg global’s Offerings

msg global supports the entire SAP Business Suite for the insurance industry, from the front office customer solution to the middle office work engine to the back office operational systems. Working in close cooperation with its customers and industry partners, msg global delivers implementation and consulting services to help Insurers achieve operational efficiency, meet regulatory standards, and achieve digital excellence.

Ambitious Goals

“Our company tagline is Passion. People. Performance. and it accurately summarizes who we are. Passion is how we approach our work – loving what we do and joyfully delivering on our promises. People make it all possible. Our people are the best in the business and provide the power to deliver our mission and vision. Performance and specifically ‘superlative  performance’ is our ultimate goal,” says Jaideep.

With these taglines in mind, the company is working towards its 2025 goals. Its focus on the insurance industry is ready to support local customers on their digital journey with its global expertise and skilled insurance professionals. As the company grows, it will further strengthen its relationship with SAP and ensure the two decades-old relationship continues to serve its customers.

Fulfilling Demands

The challenges that financial institutions face today are highly complex. Most insurance companies are unable to fulfil high market demands due to a lack of timely knowledge and resources to modify existing digital solutions to suit the constantly changing customer expectations.

Organizations are continuously evolving, demanding innovative solutions in core business and user experience. A more data-centric approach is becoming the new norm, in which integration, consistency, transparency, and real-time access to financial data are the foundations.

The key to success is identifying the best solutions and consultants to help navigate through the path ahead. This is where msg global comes into play with  it’s complete insurance portfolio.

Enhancing Growth

Dynamic. Fun. Innovative. Creative. Challenging. These are some of the words people frequently use to describe their careers at msg global. The company encourages people to be innovative and create fun at work. msg global offers a high degree of freedom for independent work, individualized training, and lots of growth opportunities.


With technologies like Big Data, Predictive Analytics, AI, and ML (Machine Learning), Internet of Things, BlockChain, Telematics, Chatbots, and other emerging technologies, insurers can  custom tailor offers to individual users. It will gain higher ROI (Return on Invest) and grow its customer base. With growing databases and financial information, cybersecurity also has a vital role in making insurance technology safer to use without any data breaches.

“Insurance industries are migrating from legacy systems to enterprise models to improve efficiency and customer experience”

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