Murali Krishna Kunchapu: Revolutionary Excellence of the Trailblazing Leadership Impacting the Globe 

Murali Krishna Kunchapu
Dr. Murali Krishna Kunchapu

Let me ask you a question which you can frankly answer in your heart. How many brands do you remember when you hear the word ‘brand?

“Now, if you’re an entrepreneur or a businessperson, and the name of your own company doesn’t come to mind, you immediately need a visionary brand strategist and growth consultant. They will ensure that not only you but also those associated with you—plus anyone who comes across it even once—will remember your brand whenever they need products, services, or solutions associated with your brand and you.”

Murali Krishna Kunchapu, the Founder and CEO of Brandeas, an international media tech company——along with his team, delivers Omni channel brand solutions— Augmented and Virtual reality, immersive advertising experience, and everything that a brand needs from its inception to becoming an industry leader.

A Multitalented Young Star

“A Multitalented Young Star, Murali is a man of many talents. He is an alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad and has served as a Tech leader for the last decade at multinational corporations, including Fortune #1 Walmart (where he led a $2B business and was the only leader to receive a CEO-level award in his past engagement) and VISA. Murali has successfully built business units from scratch in his previous roles. In addition to his corporate achievements, he is also a writer, a professional ad filmmaker, and an ex-national chess player.”

“Murali holds multiple awards in business and the arts. He was awarded ‘the Best Entrepreneur of the Year 2023,’ making his company ‘the Most Innovative Company of the Year 2023.’ He also received the ‘Bharat Gaurav Ratna from BGRSSC,’ the National Award for his Writings. In addition to his accolades, Murali is a seasoned ad/corporate filmmaker.

He now heads his own International Media Tech company, Brandeas Biz Labs, located at the World Trade Centre. Murali leads a team of former McKinsey consultants who specialize in creating end-to-end brand business strategies and has clients across US, Europe, Australia and India.”

Brandeas Spotlight is a team of truly world-class media technicians and renowned celebrities who create captivating ad films, TV commercials, and corporate films and offer 17 personalized branding services.

Brandeas Creative Studios offers Omni channel digital media advertising solutions from scratch, building an core AI/ML based Tech platform.

The Hero of His Own Saga

Murali shares, “Revolutionary excellence, unconventional creativity, trailblazing leadership, and global impact are our core values. We are the best team! Ain’t a boast.”

In Murali’s Brandeas team, ideas flow like a river of inspiration. They’re problem-solving superheroes, armed with a toolbox full of innovative ideas and a can-do attitude that could move mountains. They brainstorm with the energy of a thousand lightning bolts. At Brandeas, Murali leads a team that produces ideas so ingenious that they’d make Einstein do a double take. “Our mission is to revolutionize the way brands communicate with their audiences globally through our one-stop creative Omni-advertising and business consulting platform,” states Murali.

Praised by People

Let us hear it directly from Murali and Brandeas’ clients, how they do miracle after miracle.

“I had the joy of working with Brandeas for marking administrations and business counselling. They were unquestionably proficient and proficient all through the whole interaction. Their group was generally accessible to respond to any inquiries I had and give accommodating exhortations. They additionally worked rapidly and productively to guarantee that the undertaking was finished on time and to the best expectations. I strongly suggest Brandeas for any of your business and media needs,” says Alex Chivas.

Alexis Paulo says, “Professionalism at its best, I can say. Working with Brandeas was a breeze thanks to their professionalism. From the very first meeting to the final delivery, every aspect of their service was handled with utmost care and precision. They maintained clear communication throughout the project, ensuring that I was involved and informed every step of the way.”

“Great Work. I am thrilled with the ad film produced by Brandeas. Their commitment to excellence, creativity, professionalism, and customer-centric approach make them a top-tier choice for anyone needing ad film services. I wholeheartedly recommend Brandeas to anyone seeking to bring their vision to life through the power of film. They have certainly earned my trust and loyalty as a customer, and I look forward to collaborating with them on future projects. Thank you, Brandeas, for making my vision a reality and for delivering an ad film that exceeded my wildest expectations. You truly are the best in the business,” says Cristiano Grow.

While Mary Lous says, “I had the pleasure of working with Brandeas on my personal branding project. They provided me with valuable insights and advice that helped me create a strong and effective personal brand. Their expertise and professionalism were outstanding, and I highly recommend them for any personal branding project!”

“Exceptional Creativity: Brandeas stands out with its exceptional creative team. They took my initial ideas and turned them into something beyond my wildest expectations. Their ability to understand my vision and translate it into a visually stunning and captivating brand design was truly impressive. The creativity and innovation they brought to the project breathed life into my campaign,” praises Alan Spider.

And Bryan Freeman says, “Timely Delivery is one of the things that impressed me the most about Brandeas and their commitment to deadlines. They delivered the final ad film on time, allowing me to launch my campaign as planned. Their punctuality is a testament to their dedication to their clients’ success.”

Pursuing Paramount Perfection

Murali replies in gratitude, “See, more than business expansion, money, fame, and popularity, we work tirelessly for client satisfaction. It is paramount to us.”

From the beginning, Murali strived to do something for people in a big way. Sharing his inspiration behind venturing into the business arena, He says, “I’ve always dreamt of doing something big in the field I’m in. I’m a person with big dreams and high ambitions.”

Biz Consulting: Murali, from IIM Ahmedabad, and his team of ex-consultants of top consulting firms help organizations define the Corporate or Business strategy and offer strategic guidance to the organizations.

Ads and TV Commercials: Cinematic and High-Production Epic Ads with top celebrities and models, cinematic commercials with elaborate sets, special effects, and impressive visuals to create a memorable brand impact.

Corporate Film Production: High-quality Corporate Documentaries with C suite, investors and leadership teams, promotional videos, external and internal communication videos, Explainer Videos, Product Launch Videos, and Customer Testimonials.

Branding Services: Brandeas offers 17 types of Branding services viz Corporate branding, product branding, Service branding, Personal Branding and other exclusive branding services.

Creative Studios: Brandeas Creative studios tailor digital media services to meet the unique needs of each of its clients. “We consider factors such as industry, market trends, competition,” says Murali.

Brand Marketing Strategy: He adds, “We offer Market Expansion strategies, Market Research, and Strategic Planning for Products for expanding into new markets, regions, or customer segments.”

On the Tides of Challenges  

When asked what kind of challenges he and his team have to counter, Murali says, “I see every challenge is an opportunity to grow. So I can. I had tons of opportunities to grow.” He overcomes all the challenges with his professional values and qualities like professionalism, revolutionary excellence, and unconventional creativity.

Sharing about team Brandeas distinctions, Murali reiterates that they offer Omni channel 360-degree advertising solutions right from the brand’s inception until they position the brand as an industry leader. “We cater to traditional media advertising like TV commercials, corporate films to online advertising, offline advertising to next-generation metaverse immersive experience, and we are into high fashion and media as well.” The core leadership team is highly respected achievers in their own domains.

Growing Pearls of Opportunities

Murali mentions that they work with truly world-class technicians and internationally popular figures when it comes to corporate filmmaking. “By heart, we are problem solvers, could be from a strategic business consulting standpoint or Tech standpoint,” he adds.

As an experienced professional, Murali advises the budding aspirants willing to enter the business world straight from his passionate heart: ‘Many people have amazing business ideas but lack the courage to start their own. Have the courage and Take the first step, and the rest will follow. Remember, all giants were small once.’

Beyond the Game-Changing Reality

On envisioning Brandeas’ operations with the emerging technologies and automated tools that are revolutionizing the business world by enabling innovations, Murali divulges that they are using next-generation Augmented reality and virtual reality to build an immersive Metaverse experience. “This would be a game changer in the advertising industry,” he concludes.

It is this game-changing attitude of Murali that has been spotlighted by BGRSSC. The Bharat Gaurav Ratna Shri Samman Council has bestowed Bharat Gaurav Ratna Shri Samman & Membership on Murali at a young age.

BGRSSC is honouring Murali with the Business Innovation Award based on his professional work and experience. BGRSSC is a national organization,, approved by the Government of India, dedicated to implementing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights at the Local, Regional, and National Levels. Its membership comprises individuals, educators, and groups worldwide who are actively forwarding the knowledge and protection of Human Rights for all humankind.

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