Naraiuran Controls: Shaping the Automation Arena by Delivering Smart Industrial Automation

Naraiuran Controls

The automation industry paradigm is shifting towards more customized and flexible production. Automation has its own pattern of high production volumes where the production and the products are always kept changing. While global production volumes remain high, automation now has to be flexible enough to deal with rapidly changing product configurations.  Co-operation of Human–Robot as a hybrid team is the collaborative method towards enhanced flexibility and Intelligence.
As every industry is active with the Industry 4.0 strategy, the manufacturing industry is getting ready for smart factory where automation and data exchanges has big role to play in manufacturing technologies. IoT and cloud computing plays a vital role in designing that will reshape the culture of manufacturing process flow.
Headquartered in Chennai, Naraiuran Controls is one of the leading Turnkey automation companies in India which provides end-to-end engineering solutions from the conceptual design to buy off support. Naraiuran specializes in designing, engineering, manufacturing & integration, and consulting of a complete plant and has more than two decades of vast multi-industry experience. The company has been splendidly working with the functional knowledge of the diverse spectrum of industries which offers quality deliveries to the customers. Naraiuran has been evolved from a small startup to an established technology partner of various renowned clients across the world.
A Leading Light of Naraiuran
Ravi Shankar Natarajan is the Managing Director of Naraiuran Controls who established the company in 1997 with his inherent potential and a solid mission of building integrity and innovation. Ravi Shankar is a dynamic entrepreneur who thinks beyond himself and his team believes him for his strategic vision. He has a rich experience in all verticals of the industry which has made the company as a path-breaking organization in delivering the finest and advanced engineering solutions for the industry.
Ravi Shankar is an influential leader who believes in growing consistently and regarding this, he says, “I am gaining experience as I take up challenges of facing high winds, low altitude, mental and physical fatigue, and I keep going as I believe that organization has no age.” For him, business is ‘Beyond Making Money’. Under his leadership, the company is shifting to the next spectrum of growth and enduring both geographical and domain expansions.
Delivering Substantial Industrial Automation Solutions
Naraiuran focuses on all segments of the automation industry and marvelously combines them with its powerful technology team and delivers a sophisticated portfolio of engineering services.
The industry paradigm is shifting towards more customized and more flexible production. Automation has its pattern of high production volumes where the production is changing and the product is changing. While global production volumes remain high, automation now has to be flexible enough to deal with rapidly changing product configurations.  Co-operation of Human – Robot as hybrid team is the collaborative method towards enhanced flexibility and Intelligence.
As the manufacturers need to achieve shorter time-to-market and reduce product life-cycle costs, including energy consumption, while ensuring quality, reliability and economic efficiency adapting Robotic automation and Data Integrity will support to meet Industry 4.0. Our expertise and our team ability to identify opportunities in the production give us the ability to deliver automation solutions meeting Industry 4.0.
The Active Work Culture and Stout Team of Naraiuran
A healthy working environment is the most pivotal requirement for every organization which influences its employees and makes them feel valued. Naraiuran offers an interactive environment where each employee is treated as a family member and it also arranges various employee engagement activities. The company provides an open door policy, professional infrastructure, and diverse opportunities to explore their talent. These policies facilitate the employees to improve their crucial factors such as better quality of work, strong team work, and decision making ability. The prime motto of Naraiuran behind organizing such activities is to encourage the organization’s atmosphere which makes it more energetic and apparently increases the overall work performance of employees. It also believes that the pivotal aspects such as long-term trusting relationships with every employee and encouraging their contributions as well as their personal development are the rock pillars of the company’s success.
Naraiuran firmly believes in the power of teamwork and it largely invests in team building as well as on the infrastructure for long-term exploration. The company has a robust team in the Electronics, Mechanical, Robotic, Automation, and IT domains which build innovative ideas for the industry. Its competency team delivers the value proposition to its customers, from design engineering to production. It is an efficacious organization which sees through the gaps as well as the opportunities for the improvement of productivity in discrete or process manufacturing plant. The company’s sturdy team is all focused on maintaining their existing customers through ongoing sales, and encourages referrals to the new and potential clients through their high quality service, product, and price.
Unique strategies to Accomplish Customer Satisfaction
Naraiuran associates with its customer as a technology partner on the board more than an integrator. The company believes that its experience and expertise makes it capable of building customized solutions as per the needs of the customers. While elaborating the distinct tactics the company implements, Ravi Shankar assert, “Our project team is well-trained to provide the specifications that we agree. The foremost pivotal differential we offer is our approach to new projects, attitude to nurture the relationships.” He further adds, “Understanding the concern at the time of execution and being with the client even after the execution until we see the smile on client’s face brings us real happiness.
The Future Advancements of Naraiuran
Naraiuran is heading with a vision of continuous improvement in providing high customer satisfaction and maintaining its supreme services and solutions. The company is all set to apply Industry 4.0 strategy which would assist it to build innovative systems and solutions. Articulating the future of the company, Ravi Shankar says, “We are transforming towards Smart Industrial Automation meeting Industry 4.0. Our infrastructure is getting transformed to stimulate the client requirement in-house and becoming smarter and more interconnected with every passing second.
A team with “Centre of Excellence” is formed to analyze industry gaps and opportunity for automation technology to meet Industry 4.0 standards. With the functional expertise, Naraiuran is working towards building “Industrial Digital Ecosystem”. Naraiuran is also increasing its breadth of reach to the client from turnkey control & automation with Robotic Automation, cloud integration, IoT for tracking system & monitoring, and Augmented reality for the manufacturing industry.
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