Neeraj Shrivastva: An Infiniti Leadership Exceeding Excellence

Mr. Neeraj Shrivastva

Influence is the exemplified aura of an exemplary leadership. It flows like pure water into the senses of the thirsty–those who aspire, admire, and could grasp the phenomenon of magnificence that influential leaders innately and distinctively exhibits–quenching their thirst and enlightening their souls.

Awe-inspiring business leaders develop their impactful personalities through patience, perseverance, smart and hard work, and a never-ending dedication, commitment, compassion, and devotion to their ultimate aim–transforming their fellow individuals and professionals positively. So that everybody could contribute their hundred percent into the building of prospering societies and developing nation.

Being a leader par exemplar Neeraj Shrivastva–the CEO of Infiniti Projects–very accurately states that influence and leadership can’t be gained through intimidation or duress. It comes from within–from a person’s ability to persuade and motivate those around them. It’s about how you engage with others and how your vision rallies people to you.

The best leaders generally tend to give credit to the people who helped them become who they are. He says, “According to me if you want to be great, start by acknowledging the people who helped you get to where you are today. Another thing I value is authenticity. I believe in being real. One needs to be honest about who they are—with all their strengths and weaknesses.”

He further elaborates that do not allow yourselves to become stuck or incapacitated by an unforeseen situation. Take action, move forward, and find a way around roadblocks. As an influential leader, you wield the ability to spark change in those around you.

A Dynamically Evolving Leadership Personna

Neeraj is a dynamic and self-driven learner equipped with a professional experience of 23 years in overseeing real estate projects, mega townships, banking, and insurance. A Master of Business Administration (MBA)Business Administration and Management, General, from the University of Pune, Neeraj joined ING Vysya Life Insurance Company Ltd as Branch Manager in November 2006. Then he became Divisional Manager at Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company Limited till June 2010.

After that he lead Jaypee Greens as Resident Manager till October 2018 and Ansal Properties & Infrastructure Ltd as AVP(Sales, Strategy, Collections, CRM), before joining Infiniti Projects Developer Pvt Ltd as a CEO in April 2021.

Thus, having worked in various industries from banking to insurance, eventually he decided to direct his energies towards the real estate sector. “Why?” he asks, and answers, “Simple, I am a person constantly seeking progress in life, and at that time real estate was growing unorganized industry.”

His first step in this industry was through Jaypee group, where he had to handle 5000 acre township, a vast and commercial project consisting of buildings, villas, and residential structures.

Passionately Striving for Perfection

From there began his journey into the world of real estate and he never looked back. Working there he learned a lot about the sector and found himself wanting more. “Hard Work, passion, striving for perfection and delivering best results have been my success mantras,” shares Neeraj.

There are many professional qualities and values Neeraj thinks his clients, colleagues, and employees admire in him the most. Every day is a new day for him because each day he gets to interact with various people. Be it government officers, architects or even industry leaders, few things that all of them admire in him and praise are his sense of self awareness, dedication, integrity, and honesty. All the qualities must for an influential business leader.

Along with all this Neeraj believes in constantly aiming for betterment. “Another key quality that keeps me and my colleagues rooted is my self-confidence. As Rosalynn Carter rightly said, ‘You have to have confidence in your ability and be tough enough to follow through,” states Neeraj.

Ensuring a Sustainable Future Real Estate

Briefing about the firm Infiniti Project’s USPs that helped the firm position itself as one of the best realty solution providers, Neeraj says that Infiniti Projects is a new young firm that was initiated in June 2021.

After having an experience of working with the major real estate enterprises, Neeraj realized that the big players aren’t focusing on small communities. With the right experience, he saw this as an opportunity and decided to focus on two cities where people have money and desire to live a good life.

Neeraj conveys, “With highly talented team members and the right amount of determination we plan on bringing a better future and more efficient real estate. Our projects are surrounded by greenery, we have a four acre green park. With unique infrastructure meant to last another 100 years, we believe in creating a sustainable, clean, and safe environment.”

Serving the Nation by Enriching Quality Lifestyle

Neeraj says, “Our endeavour is to design and create space to live quality life style & space to work by the highest standard of real estate development.”

At Infiniti the team faithfully believes in the motto, ‘The quality of having no limits or end.’ As an enterprise, Infiniti Projects is having the quality of being infinite.

He adds, “We started this company as an initiative to cater to people of two different cities where projects are not always done professionally. We aim to deliver best in class residential and commercial projects in multiple cities of India. We believe to serve the nation by proving best quality projects that enrich the quality lifestyle.”

Adopting Real Tech Innovations

Being an experienced leader, Neeraj’s opinion on adoption of modern technologies is highly positive. He says that with new technologies like AI and ML emerging, the way real estate works is bound to change and become more enhanced. “We at Infiniti plan on availing this change and putting it to our best interests,” he informs.

According to him, with the help of AI tech, conducting a valuation of an existing property and foreseeing its future market value would become trouble free and more efficient. AI in real estate can also allow companies to know when’s the best time to acquire or sell a property and prognosticate future sale or rental prices. It can also employ a regression algorithm that considers property features like size, age, number of rooms, and home décor to arrive at a viable price range.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) programs appear to be gaining traction daily. “While it is impossible to predict where innovation will usher us in the future, we do know that we can now use it to assist real estate agents and investors,” believes Neeraj.

Reflectively Cultivating the Best Version of Self

As per Neeraj, challenges are there in every industry, at every position. “They are what make us who we are. They cause inconvenience but in the end they groom us into a better, more cultivated version of ourselves,” adds Neeraj. In his 23 years of experience he had faced a lot of challenges and learned to fight them and make the best out of the worst situations.

As for current challenges in Indian real estate, there’s limited land availability for construction, outdated building technologies, overpopulation. Indian real estate has been facing multiple issues.

The Indian real estate sector accounts for 13 per cent of the country’s Gross Domestic Product. The market size of the real estate sector was poised to reach $1 trillion by the end of 2030. But then came COVID-19, shattering the entire sector’s revenue.

Neeraj reveals, “I often tell my team to buy the most intuitive option, the one that most easily amalgamates your current data and workflow. Then train and train. We at Infiniti work using the ‘five-year lens’ tool. We apply five years of growth with reflection to a scenario. We ask ourselves ‘Will something that happened today have some impact five years from now?” And then the team work accordingly. According to Neeraj this is the best way forward.

Ascending the Sphere of Success

Neeraj’s advice to budding entrepreneurs who aspire to venture into realty space is astute. He recommends that calling on your sphere of ascendancy, projecting a professional image, and utilizing today’s real estate tools and technology can help you build a thriving career in real estate.

The final goal can be fragmented and made into smaller realistic pieces which are facile and easier to tackle. Consistently accomplishing smaller targets will induce confidence amongst the agents and will lead to higher agent productivity.

Building a routine into your daily operations, defining a process workflow, prioritizing, doing regular workload analysis are some of the things anyone should keep in mind if they want to succeed.

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