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Our exploration of cyber threat defenses shifts from establishing baseline security postures to determining the types of cyber threats and other obstacles to security that concerns today’s organization the most. Organizations can afford to stand still when it comes to maintaining effective cyberthreat defenses. IT security teams must keep pace with the changes occurring around them whether to the business, technology, or threat landscapes- by making changes of their own. NetConclave Systems is a 10+ years old company headquartered in Pune and having offices at Bangalore & Dubai (UAE). It provides business aligned security services and trainings to create and strengthen the security posture of client.
In an interview with Insights Success, Niranjan P. Reddy, Founder & CTO of NetConclave Systems gave some insightful answers highlighting the influences made by his company to take wellness programs to a new level.
Kindly brief us about the company and what kind of cyber threat solutions/services the company provides to their clients. 
We are an Information Security firm providing cyber security services and consultancies like Web Application, Mobile Penetration testing, Infrastructure & Network Audits, Compliance Audits like ISO:27000:2013,HIPAA,Real Time Threat Monitoring, ECCouncil Authorized InfoSec Training along with customized tailor made courses to clients as per their requirements, Digital Forensics & Cyber Crime Investigations.

  1. Briefly tell us about your journey since inception of the company?

The journey has indeed been a tough one beginning from scratch. We began with InfoSec Training courses for various corporates then slowly moved into Consulting and providing various services like Vulnerability Analysis and Pentration Testing. We followed a unique funda of firstly getting an written Authorisation from the client and then show them with a POC how vulnerable they mostly with their web applications and other areas. We offered it as free service by highlighting 1 Critical flaw after which we used to get to do the entire Pentest activity as a paid service.

  1. Tell us something about the CEO/founder/MD of the company?

Niranjan Reddy the CTO and Founder of the company an Electronics graduate from Pune University with 14 yrs+ of hardcore InfoSec experience had worked previousely with numerous Corporates and then started up his firm Netconclave Systems. He is an InfoSec Evangeist with numerous international certifications like MCSE, CCNA,ECCouncil’s Certified Ethical Hacker(CEH),Computer Hacking Forensics Investigatior(CHFI),ECCouncil Certified Security Analyst, ISO 27000:2013 Lead Auditor,OSCP,CISSP.

  1. Mention some of the awards, achievements, recognitions and clients’ feedback that are notable to you.

ECCouncil Global Award Winner as Best Instructor & Circle Of Excellence for Contribution in InfoSec Trainings for corporates 8 years in a row in the South East Asia category.

  • Member of Nasscom & Core Member of DSCI, Pune-India Chapter.
  • Chair Member for National Cyber Defence Research Centre (NCDRC)
  • Founder of National Information Security Summit (NISS)
  • Assisting Corporates as an Advisory & Consultant in cyber forensics & cyber security globally.
  • Featured recently twice on Radio Mirch 98.3 FM on e-wallet security and Blue Whale game risks on teens.
  • Speaker at various International Hacking Conferences at Ground Zero-Sri Lanka, ISSACON, NASSCOM, DSCI, ISACA Pune Chapter, International Cyber Security Summit-Colombo- Sri Lanka, Hackon 2016, Hackersday – Lucknow, NISS, Digital Investigators Conference & Exhibition(DICE), ISACA – Pune Chapter, Symbiosis(SCIT) ,Gujarat Forensics Science University (GFSU) and many more.
  • Official Cyber Crime Expert – Pune Police. Speaker at various Security related Conferences.
  • Best instructor & Contributor to the Infosec community Award at Hacker Halted, Miami-USA for 8 years in a row 2009 – 2016 held by ECCouncil, USA.
  • Also honored with the Commendatory Certificate by the Police Commissioner of Pune for solving 3 critical cyber crime cases in 2010.
  • Also featured in various newspapers and news channels coverage on my achievements in the IT Security domain can be viewed by clicking on the below mentioned link :

  • Continuously contributing to the media by writing various articles on security and creating general awareness to the common man in cyber security.
  • Published many Articles in International magazines like Hakin9, e-forensics, & Gulf Times, India Legal,Digital 4N6 Journal & popular Indian News Papers like Times Of India, Pune Mirror, Financial Express, Sakal, Mid-day etc.
  • How do you work on your long-term relationship with your clients? Kindly brief us about the most satisfactory experience with a client.
  • We believe in giving much more than expected to our clients. This means our clients get into an Annual Security Maintaince Contracts with us so that we take care of all their Info sec issues and maintain it along with their technical teams. We had implemented HIPPA Compliance for a client along with their web application pentest. It was valid for 1 year. They came back to us for the 2nd year also as they had options to go with another vendor but they continued to have us do the gap analysis and re-testing of the web application.
  1. Share with us how the company is contributing to its sector in the industry

Cyber Awareness Trainings & Workshops on a regular basis is the key way to minimize the curbing rise in Cyber Crimes and Cyber Attacks. We do perform these kind of trainings on a regular basis for our clients. Besides this we do free sessions for certain Schools and Colleges. Recently we have done a few with Hindustan Times Security Awareness sessions for various schools and colleges in Pune.

  1. Share your point of view towards current scenario of the cyber security industry.

With so much advancement in Technology we would be advancing to the maximum use of technology like smart homes, smart cities, IOT, Artifical Intelligence etc.
All this will also give rise to more Cyber Attacks and Threats.  Hence we as users of all these should keep ourselves updated about various threats and countermeasures to have minimal risks and cyberattacks.

  1. Kindly brief us about your strategies to tackle the competition in your sector. What steps are you taking to ensure that you continue to grow and develop?

Competitors are the key to our growth. If there is no competition then there are no challenges. I have seen many startup companies coming up in many numbers and charging peanuts for InfoSec services and do not survive for long in the market. But quality and experience matters in this domain. Hence we assure quality and our experience of more than 15 years and the legacy of our clients speaks about us. We hope to keep this trend and acquire more clients in the future.

  1. What can be expected from your company in the upcoming years?

With a lot of SME companies using IT not aware of Cyber Security and falling prey to cyber criminals we intend to have Security Assessments and awareness trainings to help them combat cyber attacks. Further we intend to have periodic Compliance audits and Gap Analysis audits minimum once yearly to see they are adhering to the Information Security Standards as mentioned in the ISO 27000:2015 manuals.

  1. What are the benefits gained by your clients while doing business with you?

Incident Response and Management Managed Security Service (MSS) we have already started catering to few of our overseas and domestic clients offering Services like SOC implementation. The fact of being Cyber safe and secure is not just about one time audits or yearly gap analysis. We need continuous monitoring of traffic of your networks.
Hence real time monitoring and 24*7 monitoring of networks we tell our clients would help combat cyber threats and attacks in a better way.

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