IFF Lab: Reinforcing Cyber Security by Predicting and Mitigating Cyber Threats

In a world where data is gaining importance, and companies are leveraging big data analytics for business decisions, growing number of organizations are also employing big data analytics to monitor security threats, to quickly respond to incidents and audit and review data to understand how it is used, by whom and when. Greater outreach of telecom companies and affordable data charges has made the internet available to far-flung areas of our nation as well as the world. The nation’s visionary step towards a ‘Digital India’ has resulted in a massive increase in the online presence of individuals. However, the challenge here lies in making their digital presence “secure” as cyber criminals are also getting smarter by the day and are harnessing newer ways to harass and cheat the innocent in the virtual world, especially women and children.

The Criminal Justice System in India is faced with a crucial challenge – the mammoth number of cases awaiting investigation versus the shortage of resources. The aim is to relieve and unclog the currently overburdened forensic landscape with their commitment to quality and speedy delivery of reports. Incognito Forensic Foundation has been a prime partner in deploying and implementing cyber and homeland security solutions with various law enforcement agencies and organizations across India. IFF partners with leading OEMs across the globe for the deployment and commissioning of cyber and digital forensic solutions. The approach of keeping themselves abreast of the latest in technology and the incumbent cyber security threat landscape enables IFF Lab to channelize their knowledge for assisting Law Enforcement Agencies and other organizations.

Esteemed Cybercrime Investigator Leading the Organization

IFF Lab is headed by Ganesan Kaliyan, who is a venerable Certified Ethical Hacker and a Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator. He strives towards making IFF Lab a leading organization that provides the necessary technical support and training on cyber defense and forensic investigations to law enforcement and government agencies and the society as a whole.

The team at IFF Lab consists of certified CHE (Certified Ethical Hacker) & CHFI (Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator) professionals along with forensic experts from different disciplines who leave no stone unturned in predicting and mitigating cyber threats and engaging in a meticulous investigation of cyber-crime cases involving hacking, phishing, financial frauds, online matrimonial scams and the like. Having a repertoire of forensic experts handpicked from premier forensic institutes across India, IFF Lab always strives to stay a step ahead of the rest.

Incognito Forensic Foundation is a private forensic lab that provides forensic analysis and investigation services to the government, law enforcement agencies, corporates, and individuals. It offers services pertaining to Computer Forensics, Mobile Forensics, Cyber Forensics, Audio/Visual Enhancements, Questioned Documents, Fingerprint Analysis, Incident Investigations, Corporate Frauds, Financial Frauds, Data Theft, Advance Fee Scams, Online Matrimonial Frauds and many such intelligence-led investigations. Additionally, it also provides solutions that cater to Homeland Security, Dark Net & Social Media Monitoring, Secure Transcripts, and Cyber Security Analysis and Assessment.

Awards, Achievements, Recognitions

 IFF Lab is a name synonymous with trust and faith in the forensic domain and the organization considers that as their biggest achievement, award as well as recognition. They have supported law enforcement agencies in solving some really complex cases of high-profile murders, financial frauds, and sexual harassment, and also in tracking terrorist activities. IFF Lab has successfully deployed their surveillance and homeland security solutions at the National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS, Bangalore) and Mazagaon Dock, to name a few.

Placement of Cyber and Digital Forensic Solutions

 There is an incumbent and dire need to have more and more cyber and digital forensic centers that can predict and mitigate cyber threats before the damage is already done! It is essential to create more awareness among individuals about cyber-crimes and the ways to ensure cyber security. At the same time, there is a need to have a cyber-forensic center that can be approached easily by the common man and that’s what IFF Lab strives to do.

Believing in Constant Evolution and Envisioning a Cyber-safe Nation

IFF Lab’s futuristic cybercrime and digital forensics center combined with their rigorous experience of working with a wide range of enterprises enable them to assist organizations in reinforcing their cyber security by predicting and mitigating cyber threats. Their approach towards assessing and addressing vulnerability involves a thorough and methodological analysis of the actions of competitive organizations that help them identify potential cyber threats. In the years to come, IFF Lab envisions to partner with more government and private agencies along with various state police departments to build an India which is seen as the epitome of a “cyber-safe” digitally progressive nation.