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In 1838, the first telegram was sent across just three km away in the US! Almost a century later, Arpanet – the early version of the internet was invented in the year 1967. The onset of technology discoveries and advancements is noticeable since the advent of the 20th century. While it has changed at a swift pace, today it’s changing even faster to cope with the demand from the mankind – both at an individual as well as at the business level.
Out of the numerous inventions, the evolution of the internet is nothing less than a ‘landmark’ achievement that has created a platform for innovations. A mail that required months and lately days reaching a destination got instantly delivered by a click of a button when the first email service started in 1970’s. The internet had a global impact as mostly everything was related and integrated with the technology to attain maximum outcome!
In today’s fast-paced world, technology has been one of the driving forces that have fuelled the economic growth over the last few decades. Though technological transitions have accelerated, it has still not reached the optimum level. Leaving behind the information revolution, as the world stands on the turf of the 4th industrial revolution, technology has a major role to play in the transformation of human life.
The Indian Bioscope
The canvas of the Indian tech domain is heavily filled – companies are engrossed on leveraging technology for innovative products and services that give them the edge to fight the fierce market and keep them ahead of the competitors. The in-roads built by the major IT giants; the emergence of new players, alongside the evolution of startups has taken the tech-industry to new heights. As India continues to extend its dominance to establish itself as the global technological hub, the contribution of the skilled tech professionals can’t be overlooked. The abundance of ‘industry-ready’ skilled specialists are embracing innovative technologies and are defining new solutions for the IT industry.
With so much of the activities happening in the frontend, the spotlights shifts to the IT infrastructure that needs to be ready and equipped to support the latest technologies within minimum time-frame. Traditional setups with servers, storage, network components – routers, switches are undergoing a paradigm transition as legacy architecture are paving the way to offer flexibility and agility in the new era.
The Global Giants
The IT sector values the current disruption in the IT infrastructure segment as the start of a new era. The emphasis is on the key areas of the enterprise networking market as there is no shortage of quality players in this segment. One name that is a synonym for leading the global enterprise network is Cisco that was founded in 1984 as Cisco Systems and was later re-christened as Cisco. The networking giant is the pioneer in commercializing networking components and a numero uno in providing Ethernet switching and enterprise routers for the global market.
The entry of numerous global players in the networking sector has ignited the war to maximize their customer base. The list includes big players like IBM, VMware, Juniper and more; however, Cisco continues to be dominant across the globe in networking technologies. In the Indian perspective, Cisco commenced their India operations in 1995 and their office is the largest delivery center outside the US territory till date.  Driven by the increased spending from the telecom operators along with banking verticals, Cisco is the biggest single player in Ethernet switch and router market in the Indian sub-continent.
Unveiling Road Maps
Enterprises are swift in adopting the latest technologies related to high-speed Ethernet switches, SD-WAN (software-defined), intent-based networking and much more! The surges in demand for cloud-based applications along with higher bandwidths are rapidly changing the ecosystem. The VideoGuard CA and DRM technology from Cisco have already gained a lion’s share in the digital pay–TV homes in India.  Acting as a catalyst for the future, ‘cloud-first’ approach is all set to disrupt the market. As the strategies and technologies of the yesteryears become obsolete, the market strives forward to embrace network services with a futuristic approach. The biggest stride forward is to design the cloud-based infrastructure and creating the platform of core technologies that can enable the transformation to take place. Going forward, automation and agility are the buzzwords that are going to determine the success of any company.
Both in the wired and wireless zone, network remains a pivotal piece of technology that needs to be modernized with time. Hotspot-enabled & smart cities, Telco’s introducing 4G and LTE technology, the rise in investment from traditional establishments and piercing into the tier II cities are few of the areas that have broadened the demand. Innovative concepts and technologies are the epicenters through which the networking industry looks to surpass the horizon.

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