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“Come, experience the world with Mercury”

Mercury – A Luxury Initiative of Ebix Cash: Pioneers Corporate and Luxury Travel

With each passing day, the Business & Corporate Travel is making remarkable changes and evolving as a major contributor to the global travel industry. Now, people have started realizing that technology is not the only way to create history; personal-interface also plays a pivotal role in holding the reins of the Travel Industry. On the other hand, the companies are only focusing on technology rather than offering service excellence says Naveen Kundu Managing Director of Mercury. This is where, Mercury – A Luxury initiative of .Ebixcash
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Company Of the Month

Quality Travel World: Where Life Meets Liveliness

Established in 2013, Quality Travel World Pvt. Ltd. is a one-of-its-kind travel company headquartered at Fort in South Mumbai. The company is genuinely driven by inspiration, imagination and passion to offer luxury holidays, honeymoons and corporate tours to its clientele…
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The 10 Highly Recommended Business & Corporate Travel Companies

Holidays Around World | Insights Success

Holidays Around World: Engaging Journeys, Crafted by creativity

“A Journey is not about the places you visit, but the story you bring home to share” Every part of the world has something new and different to offer in terms of heritage, architecture, and experience. Travel...
MHE Adventures | Insights Success

MHE Adventures: Adding New Colors to the Canvas of Tourism

Imagine standing on a hilltop experiencing the gorgeous views of forests and mountains, breathing the fresh crisp air. Or a challenging river rafting session working together with the guide, making your way through rough...
Wings Travels | Insights Success

WINGS: Innovative and Trend Setter in Corporate Travel Domain

Established in 1994, Wings Travels Management India Pvt. Ltd. is a leading provider of boutique travel solutions with strong presence in commercial hub of Western and Southern India operating in eight major cities including...
All Four Seasons Travels | Insights Success

All Four Seasons Travels: Creating Unforgettable Holidays

“What is this life if, full of care,  We have no time to stand and stare.” -    ‘Leisure’, W.H. Davies Life can be very monotonous if we don’t take out some time for ourselves and our loved...

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Destinations Gateway Pvt ltd | Insights Success

Destinations Gateway: Making Holidays Memorable!

Delivering diversified range of travel services to its customers in innovative and cost effective ways is Destinations Gateway Pvt ltd – a leading Travel Management Company well-equipped with specialists in creating tailor-made holidays. To...

Maven’s Voice

Carlson Wagonlit Travel | Insights Success

Technology Advancements Transforming the Travel and Hospitality Space

Emerging technologies and quantum advances in existing technologies is fundamentally changing the way we go about our daily lives. Less than a generation ago, the words Cloud, Apps, Social Media, Blockchain, AI etc had...

Flying Facts

Flying facts | Insights Success

Facts about ‘Flying’ that might Surprise You

It’s the Safest Form of Travel Although we have heard of many incidents of disappearances and crashes, the chances of you dying in a plane crash are one in 11 million. While that in a...
Future Travel | Insights Success

Travel Beyond Boundaries

 Space Travel Today, nothing is impossible! Humans are looking out at the stars beyond the sun. It is predicted that around 35% of the population in the world strongly believes that space will be...