New eCommerce policy to curb Chinese imports

eCommerce companies

India could soon allow eCommerce companies to clearly display whether or not a product being sold in the country on its website is China-made or not, as the government is trying to curb Chinese importations.

The clause will probably be part of the eCommerce policy drawn up by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

“We will mandate eCommerce players to display whether a product is made in India or not. We are actively looking to enable that. This will help cut out Chinese goods,” said an official.

The draft National Ecommerce Policy, floated last year by the Ministry of Industry Promotion and Internal Trade, mandated e-commerce companies to provide the sellers’ details of all products on the marketplace. The Commission had proposed to include the full name, address and contact information of the legal entity.

Experts said it was a positive move to clearly label products on the market, and to support the Bharat Atmanirbhar mission, as well as offering consumers the opportunity to buy products made on a local basis.

A regulator with the power to penalize those who spread misinformation will also be expected to draw up this draft policy. The policy is intended to promote eCommerce, jobs, rural productivity, and exports.

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