NGFT: Stepping into the Futuristic World of Advanced Gaming and Technology Services


Now in this digital world, Gaming has been an important part of most of one’s life, and everyone wants to achieve their goals, be it various companies or individuals. In the era of advanced technology, companies have started to adapt technologies like Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR) and Motion Sensing. Thanks to these evolving solutions, nowadays organizations are providing gaming and technology solutions.
In today’s technological era, organizations are providing all the possible gaming solutions to their customers and NGFT is one of them. It stands upright by penetrating the market, to provide the best possible solutions to companies to increase their sales and productivity.
Nilee Games and Future Technologies (NGFT) is a primary a Game Development Company founded in 2011. Basically, the company is focusing on Game Development for platforms like Android, iOS, STB and other Smart Devices using technology HTML5 and Unity 3D for the leading clients across the globe.
Intuitive Leader behind NGFT
Anand Jha leads Nilee Games and Future Technologies, as the CEO/Director. He has chosen a different path and decided as not to be a part of fully game publishing company, instead he has devoted himself to understand the market trends. However, as in gaming industry, today, everyone is spending money to create products and launch on various platforms to become successful.
Prominent Products and Services of NGFT
NGFT offers Gaming and Technology services all together under one roof. However, the organization also works on many different verticals like Gaming, Future Technologies, Animation and Game Zone etc., which provides Game and Application Development Solutions for Online, Offline, Android, iOS, Gaming consoles, Handheld and Desktop to game publishers and Studios, e-Learning companies, Advertising companies, Film & Series production houses, and Corporate companies around the world.
In the past few years, Nilee Games has realized that corporate companies are more interested in using gamification as a learning tool. Where, gamification is basically a process of seeding important information and mapping competencies psychologically into user’s mind. Eventually, which will increase the productivity within the company and sales from customers that can be achieved through specially designed Mobile or PC games.
The Nilee Games has successfully gamified many brands and companies, where Gamification works differently for employees and customers. However, the team of Nilee Games, works on product and services in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Simulation, Motion Sensing, Embedded Systems, Robotics, and Custom Made Technologies. These solutions are offered to all sectors like Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Health Care, Entertainment, Real Estate, Engineering & Construction, Information Technology, Media, Game Zones, Pharmaceutical Companies, Housing Company, Consumer Goods, Education, Banking, Hi-Tech, Automobile Industries, Theme Parks, etc.
Many giant gaming companies have already entered this Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) segment of future gaming, whereas other industries are accepting it as learning, entertainment, and marketing tool. AR is one of the cutting-edge technologies, which is changing the world rapidly. Even in other sectors, AR shares equal importance, by changing the world of Education, Retail, Medical, and all other industries.
Nilee Games talented team plays a very important role in providing quality graphics and VFX for all the projects. Along with this they also work on other 2D/3D Assets Development, Animation and VFX projects and provide services all over the world. Especially for Game Zone, NGFT is helping individual and companies to setup their own Virtual reality-based game zones, and also to engage their employees and customers for their corporate events. Even, NGFT also provide Virtual Reality system and Simulators on rent for various events.
Strategizing the Success by Overcoming the Challenges
Anand stated –“The major challenge is to understand customer’s requirement and provide end to end solution”. Mostly customers come with their own customized requirement, which becomes more challenging, because company need to accommodate with the client’s requirement.
By keeping in mind, the old saying—Failure always to leads to success, NGFT started with early stage of HTML5 technology. Anand mentioned that they have gone through the challenging days, when team of company is used to test games over more than ten mobile devices with different screen sizes, where the browsers were not updated enough to run games on all phones.
However, the NGFT’s core USP is HTML5 Gaming Technology, but now as per the increasing industry demands; the company is also working on other technologies like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Motion Sensing and Mixed Reality.
Quality Services for Client Satisfaction
As working across all over the world, the client approaches NGFT for custom requirement in Gaming and Technology. However, the organizations approach is simple, to provide quality within timelines. This makes client happy, which is main reason of getting recurring business from many of the clients. Even many of these happy clients have been associated form long time with the company.
Focused Wide-Ranging Future
Nilee Games is a growing company, who is adapting upcoming technologies to grab maximum market share. NGFT is aiming to provide gaming services and products, with his broad future, by majorly focusing on Virtual reality, Augmented Reality and Upcoming technologies in entertainment sector.
Source :-10 Leading Gaming Solution Provider Companies in 2018

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