Shezartech: Providing Game-Based Learning Platforms for Enterprises to Learn & Improve Performance at Work


The gaming industry in India grew at a healthy pace, on account of the increased adoption of advanced gaming technologies, rising income levels, changing game preferences among consumers and growing demand of mobile based game based applications.
Gamification is all set to gain its rightful significance in the corporate enterprise circle with some really impactful applications in behavioral training.
Gamification is moving from simple novelty to a valid pedagogical approach that can deliver powerful learning experiences .Increasing gaming platform options, such as mobile, console and PC are attracting users to play different genre of games such as strategy, casual, action, sports, education etc.
Now here’s a close look at Shezartech an award winning organization awarded as the “Top 20 learning gamification companies in India”.
Shezartech being one of early players in the field of Gamification in Learning and Resource Development
They identified the potential of Gamification as a tool to drive home various business needs ranging from improving employee performance to customer acquisition and engagement.  Here they made a mark partnering with many Fortune 500 companies across the World to create Standalone Game Based Applications.
A Strong Leader of Shezartech
 Dhananjay KumarCEO is an acknowledged business leader and a seasoned professional, with over twenty-five years of experience. Dhananjay has a B. Tech. degree in computer science and engineering from IIT, Kanpur, and MBA from IIM Ahmedabad. He completed several certified courses in Leadership and Executive Management from premier institutions such as the Warwick Business School. He has held senior executive roles in technology and finance. He has worked across multiple geographies and has a strong track record of building and leading great teams whilst delivering exceptional results.
Prior to joining Shezartech, Dhananjay has given his fruitful contribution to some of leading companies like Tata Telecommunications, secure meter limited and BASG(USA) where he was the part of a development team which works on cutting-edge technologies to improve their competitive position. He was part of the government of India for several years handling a senior role in taxation in the department of revenue. Over the last eight years, he has played a key role in senior leadership positions in Shezartech. He is dealing with unique business criticalities which led the organization to realize its potential values.
Improving Business for a Better Tomorrow
Shezartech has built a suite of Serious Game based products for different genres that range from areas such as Leadership Development ,Product Introduction and Complex Process Simulations.
A closer look at one of their projects outlines a clear framework that builds the gamification solution that syncs business needs with the target user’s goals.
Shezartech has been a long term partner with The Good and Green Division of Godrej and have been managing their Digital Ecosystem . Shezartech manages their Programs across 15 states and more than 2 lac members as  the members of the thriving community .
Godrej Salon – I is a CSR initiative to bring in Marginalized Women workforce and provide them with a means of Livelihood and Respect in the Society. This project enabled in creating an Ecosystem for women where they could be a part of the community that supports them through the journey of the actual Business processes and also trains them for various aspects of a Beauty and Spa Entrepreneurship training. The challenge-based goals can be fielded online via the mobile and tablet devices with Standard gamification features that include leaderboards, goal setting challenges.
Future Ahead
While this is just the beginning, gamification in India will continue to evolve with improved formats, concepts, components, mechanics and aesthetics. Game Based Application and Serious Gaming is set to gain its rightful significance in the corporate enterprise circle with some really impactful applications in behavioral training and resulting ROI. As the #edtech sector continues to see rise in growth with the #DigitalIndia initiative, it remains to be seen how well this translates into adoption of gamification across India.
Source :-10 Leading Gaming Solution Provider Companies in 2018

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