Nutriorg: A Leading Health and Wellness Organic Detox Brand

Satish Raghav | Founder Director || Karan Singh Tomar | Founder Director | Rattan Organic Foods Pvt. Ltd. Brand Nutriorg
Satish Raghav | Founder Director || Karan Singh Tomar | Founder Director | Rattan Organic Foods Pvt. Ltd. Brand Nutriorg

Science and technology, in various forms, have always played a significant role in solving human problems and have exclusively been utilized for the development of novel strategies, methods, tools, and products. Advancements in science and technology have shown promise to revolutionize organic food systems and agriculture, and this view has been justified by constant advancement of engineered devices to address major farm problems. Overall, there are large scopes for boosting the role of agricultural technology in organic farming that will potentially improve organic farming productivity.

Defying the common belief that organic production shuns away all types of technology and everything is done in the traditional methods. Organic production uses modern technology in a very judicious manner so that it does not harm the environment and hamper the quality of the produce. Nature and technology, two apparently opposites, have seldom shared such a symbiotic relationship. Organic production should use technology to reduce man labor and the wastage of raw materials, resources and most importantly energy.

Methods like drip irrigation, rainwater harvesting, usage of solar energy for powering up plants and converting waste into bio-waste to be reused again in the production activities also recycling water that comes out as a waste in the production process. Modern technology should be employed to ensure that the production units should be no-waste units.

“Our aim is to reach out to the maximum amount of people with healthier alternatives compared to conventional products which are laden with hazardous toxins”

Machineries should be energy efficient and strategically used to improve the quality and quantity of production of organic products. This shall gradually maximize the production amounts to cater to more and more demands of organic products and shall reduce the expensiveness of organic products. “But one thing to be kept in mind is that quality and purity of the products shall never be compromised to amplify the production amounts. This can diminish the entire purpose that organic farming stands for,” says the team of Nutriorg.

What is Nutriorg?

Nutriorg as the name suggests is the harbinger of the highest quality nutrition that has been organically grown. It is a Health, Wellness and Detox Brand that furnishes the market with products made from purely organic produce in company owned farmlands. Nutriorg accords a range of wellness products which provide the body with the essential nutrients to boost immunity and aid detoxification. Nutriorg rings the bell of the necessity to revamp the sedentary lifestyle, food habits and puts forward the urgent need of detox and a healthy lifestyle in the minds of the consumer.

Nutriorg has an end-to-end farm to kitchen model encompassing cultivation, manufacturing, and marketing of the products. The products are unadulterated, purely organic, and highly nutritious, as it is ensured that the manufacturing capacity also abides by the highest standards of both safety and hygiene. The raw material produce is certified organic and has been cultivated in company owned farmlands spread across 1000 Hectares of land encompassing 7 states. “With 100% ethical and honest business ethics we maintain complete transparency from farm to kitchen,” says Satish Raghav, Director of Nutriorg.

Nutriorg has earned a good name as a leading health and wellness organic detox brand in the industry in the past few years at very brisk rate. It works rigorously towards furnishing the market with a range of wellness products grown organically in company owned farmlands under careful supervision and guidance of Rattan Pal Singh, Satish Raghav and Karan Singh Tomar, Founder and Director of the company with their abundant knowledge over agriculture. The entire range of these products is intended towards the improvement of immunity, aiding of the detoxification process, and replenishing the nutrients of the body which is the need of the hour.

The products are made available in their purest form and are highly effective due to their organic nature which acts as an USP of the brand. The processing unit is located at the farming premises itself to make the instant utilization of fresh produce in the manufacture of all Nutriorg products which is a common demand of the consumer.

The company is working towards spreading awareness about the downsides of the fast-paced lifestyle that the generation has taken up and preach the importance of detox and un-adulteration. Nutriorg has been successfully catering to 70,000 families across the country with a 20% growth rate every month, selling 1.5 lakh units per month which fall under various categories such as juices, breakfast cereals, and cooking oils etc.

With more than 80% customer retention rate monthly for repeat purchase including more and more of such products in their diet and lifestyle. The company is anticipating of creating a benchmark with the launch of dedicated Nutriorg Wellness Stores in the nation that will be one of a kind. “We envision of building a sustainable future together with the nation where there is plenty to eat nutritious and pure,” states Karan.

Dynamics of Nutriorg with the Pandemic

Due to the pandemic situation, the worldwide economy has faced a major setback and we cannot deny that this event has been quite historic. But even amidst such a drastic situation of the market this has acted as a boon for organic products industry and brand to be specific.

“Immunity was the need of the hour and majority of our products cater to immunity and overall wellbeing. People took a lot of interest in our products as they vehemently wanted to strengthen their Immune System to keep themselves safe from Covid-19,” says the team of Nutriorg.

For the first few months, the company’s team worked from home except its factory and operations department. In the factory, safety and hygiene became more vigilant. In the operations, masks, gloves, and sanitizers were made a mandate. Nutriorg’s logistics department warriors were the stars as they did not back off from their duties due to the pandemic situation.

Due to their dedication and fearlessness in a time when the entire world went behind the doors of their homes and the company was able to deliver its products to the thousands of doorsteps during the hour of need.

After the lockdowns were eased up by the state governments, Nutriorg’s team started working from office with alternative days of staff attending their work in the premises. “All in all, we were able to host our business exceptionally very smoothly even during the pandemic,” states Satish.

Advising budding entrepreneurs, Karan concludes, “Our suggestion to the young entrepreneurs who are trying to make a name in the organic industry would be that they should always choose quality over quantity. Never compromise on quality standards to sell more or to fit into a certain segment.”

The Face Behind Nutriorg

In 2010 Mr. Karan Singh Tomar realized that all that bad eating had demolished his health and was taking a toll on his body. He decided to completely discard this previous unhealthy diet and take up a healthy and fit lifestyle while he was successfully entrepreneur in the engineering industry. But as an entrepreneur he never wanted to keep that ‘good health’ just to himself. He wanted to address this huge problem area that had taken the shape of a grave issue across the nation.  He started his research in the area and finally with the earnest and strong backing of Mr. Satish Raghav and mentor Mr. Rattan Pal Singh with his abundant knowledge on agriculture. They worked vigorously towards their vision of transforming the health of the nation and that’s how Nutriorg was born.

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