Open Mind: Outsourcing Solution to All Knowledge Processing Needs

As the knowledge powered economy is taking over the old-world businesses, there is an acute shortage of people who can understand brand new models and business ideas, and provide support in explaining them to users and prospects. This is the precise space Open Mind Services Limited fits in like a T. Open Mind delivers excellence in outsourcing services like Remote Patient Monitoring as part of Tele Health, Appointment Management Services, HR Help Desk, HR Shared Services and Customer and Vendor Helplines for consumer-centric businesses.
Artisan behind Open Mind
The dynamic and self-motivated entrepreneur Naveen Gulati, CEO of Open Mind Services Limited is the force behind inspiring the Open Mind team to challenge themselves and exceed their potential. Rising from the very bottom, he is well aware of the pitfalls and regularly injects his experienced advice that is helping the company to succeed since 2003.
Naveen’s experience and knowledge of BPO/Call center technology and Process development techniques have seen him successfully installing and operating many BPO/KPO’s from scratch to seamless functioning. Naveen is a quick thinker, but measured decision taker. His dexterity in combining resources, technology and service offerings has seen a small BPO, Silver Lining, established in 2003, flourish into a strong Public Limited Firm, Open Mind Services Limited, with a well-established reputation in the fields of Help Desk Services, Patient Relationship Management, Healthcare Helpdesks, HR Shared Services related KPO’s and BPO Consultancy.
Key Values to Overcome the Roadblocks
Challenges are the milestones on the road to success. Being an outsourcing company, the horizon ahead will always remain crystal clear: Open Mind has to put customers first. Team at Open Mind believes in the philosophy of working for their clients, looking out for their pain areas and working out an appropriate solution for them.
Services Open Mind Offers
Open Mind offer core services to help organizations work better and profit more. They offer Tele Health Services, which are designed to make certain that patients (customers) stay happy with the medical institution. A happy customer is better than a neglected one! The health care KPO takes care of patients on specific therapies, appointment management, helping patients connect with the doctors and much more. The patient relationship helpdesk is a boon for any Healthcare Service Provider. Open Mind’s trained resources with an empathetic approach connects with the patients to help them and enhance the brand value of the Healthcare Provider.
On the other spectrum, their HR services, HR Bridge is engaged in helping companies in building long term relations with its employees, the most valuable of all investments. HR Bridge connects employee with the company, dissipating all the HR related information and furthermore adds value by transferring the transactional workload of the HR managers to their trained resources.
As a part of their HR services, they also offer HR Shared Services for companies who have their offices spread across various locations in India. Outsourced HR shared services from Open Mind have seen a major retail company, saves their core process areas costs in the range of 50-60%.
Strategies of Open Mind
At Open Mind, they have kept transparent communication and empathy in transactions first before anything else. Since their business is built to deliver values to customers and employees, nothing is better than building their culture around the same values they
Client’s Benefit
Open Mind’s services comes with the sublime premise of bringing in savings in time and cost, and enhancing in reputation. The major benefits clients can expect while working with them is their transparent dealings without any deviled details; open solutions for open acceptance, new perspectives from their constantly learning team, significant cost and resources savings and flexibility in hiring process.
Future Outlook
Both, the Tele Health Sector and the HR Shared Services Sector, are still in a growing stage in India. That is what excites Open Mind the most! They are making a positive impact on the lives of so many people that the team is excited every morning by the prospect of making a few more souls happy today. Their excitement for the future stems from their resolve to make a perceptible impact in the HR and Healthcare Industry by bringing in more humane touch between service providers and patients.

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