Sun Dew Solutions: Driving Innovation in Business!

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Inception Story of Sun Dew Solutions
Sun Dew Solutions formally kick started its journey with a small team of 3 people in 2007 to establish its own existence in this global market place. Its initial years were extremely tough but it taught hard lessons of entrepreneurship that slowly made the dreams of Sarbajit Das, Founder & CEO become stronger than ever. The more the failures that came, more the determination got set in him. The challenge was ultimately to overcome all the difficulties and spread the wings someday. It was definitely not an easy path, but the journey gave a lot of learning experiences throughout and made Sarbajit stronger as a person and as an entrepreneur.
6 years later in June 2013, Sun Dew Solutions was incorporated as a Pvt. Ltd. company and the organization began a new journey all together. Riding on a huge market experience of last the few years, the organization was re-energized with renewed passion, ambition and new horizons to grow.
As on date Sun Dew Solutions Pvt. Ltd. feels proud to have worked with 160+ clients across 18+ countries, delivered more than 650+ projects comprising Websites, E-Commerce Portals, Business Process Automation Applications, Mobile Applications, BI & Predictive Analytics solutions and various product developments.
Services Sun Dew Solutions Offers
Sun Dew Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is primarily software development and technology consulting company, offering the following services categorized under two broad sections:
Business Services Vertical:

  1. Custom Application Development
  2. Enterprise Ecommerce
  3. Enterprise SMAC (Social Mobile Analytics Cloud) Solutions
  4. Mobile Application Development in Android and iOS Platforms
  5. Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics
  6. Enterprise Web Development
  7. Bespoke Product Development

Consulting Services Vertical:

  1. Staff Augmentation
  2. Business Process Consulting

Drivers of Sun Dew Solutions
As an organization, they DREAM BIG to ACHIEVE BIG! The DNA of Sun Dew Solutions gets reflected in every sphere of their organization, be that in the work that they produce, the quality of people that they have in the team, the type of projects that they commit and engage with and also the work atmosphere within their organization – it inspires innovation, creativity, passion and precision which helps them to achieve excellence all the time.
The big differentiator against the competitors over the years has been the Value Add that Sun Dew Solutions have provided in every engagement till date. Sun Dew Solutions owns their customer’s objective of any initiative that they might take and strive to achieve the same through thick and thin with them. They always follow the path of being a “Partner” to their customers rather than being just another “Vendor.
Key Values to Overcome Roadblocks
The key values of Sun Dew Solutions are Honesty, Passion, Dedication and Determination to succeed against all adversities. They have been successful in sowing the seeds of their Company Culture and DNA within each and every team member and the same gets reflected in their internal recruitment policies as well.
The dreams were and will always remain BIG at Sun Dew Solutions. The initial steps were indeed difficult, but unless they have faced those challenges Sun Dew Solutions could not have learned the art of combating those and reaching where they are today.
Relationship with Clients
Sun Dew Solutions over the years have earned the faith and trust of each and every client that they have worked with and thus have 95% client retention till date amidst this highly global competitive marketplace. The main USP of Sun Dew Solutions is “Customer First”. They create relationships, nurture it and sustain them on a long term basis.
Sun Dew Solutions’ Prospective
Currently, Sun Dew Solutions is emerging as a promising player in the Travel Retail & the Duty Free Business Sector and is working with global brands to help them empower their IT and online presence. They are also deeply involved with multiple diversified projects that are both technology intensive as well as business critical from other sectors involving global locations.
Sun Dew Solutions has bootstrapped themselves from Zero to cross 1Cr in 2015-2016 and is striving to maintain a sustainable growth to reach their goal of 2 Million Dollars by 2019.
Furthermore, Sun Dew Solutions are seeing areas of Africa, East Asia and the Middle East growing from strength to strength and having a huge demand in the type of services that they provide. They also see a massive opportunity as a company in the vertical of Business Intelligence and Analytics in the coming years. Additionally, IOT is another vertical that excites them to work in, especially technology that involves wearable devices.

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