Web Research Services: Online Marketing Experts

This company is certainly the answer when thinking about comprehensively marketing your business online that will ensure increased traffic, increased site conversion, pre-selling your products or services and managing online relations. Web Research Services has proven online marketing strategies that guarantee to give these desired results as they specialize in digital marketing services that will help you relax while you watch your online sales soar.
Pioneer behind Web Research Services
Siddharth Samel, Founder Director & Chief Marketing Strategist is a serial entrepreneur. He is qualified in PGDBA and Masters in Marketing Management from Pune University. Siddharth is certified as ‘Marketing Strategist’ from United Kingdom. He started his venture in 2004 with Web Research Services and then later diversified into other streams. He is also a guide, consultant, business trainer, and mentor to over 35,000 people globally. Siddharth started doing business at a young age and now has an experience of over 15 years having built many profitable ventures.
Web Research Services is a winner of ‘Business & Service Excellence Awards’ in 2012 for the Best Internet Business Marketing Company, Siddharth was awarded the title of ‘Excellence Guru’ in 2010 and now once again his company has earned the Title of ‘10 Most Valuable Outsourcing Companies 2016’.
Services Web Research Services Provides
Web Research Services operates majorly in the US and European markets. It takes the credit of providing ‘Online Business Consultancy’ to more than 400 companies across the globe. The expertise of the company is in the areas of business consulting, digital marketing, online brand reputation management, affiliate program marketing & management, social media marketing, search engine marketing, viral marketing, digital advertising and much more.
Not many Indian companies are able to retain their clients for long term without any contracts but Web Research Services boasts of retaining their overseas clients for several years together. WRS not only provide services to its clients but also trains local candidates in new age online business promotion techniques.
Company’ businesses come from varied industries like Web Research Services into online business consulting, Siddharth Samel Institute of Entrepreneurship Development dedicated to creating and supporting new age entrepreneurs, Vive Institute which helps in providing education to the unqualified professionals and Doctorlogy Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. (DHPL) which is into healthcare software and mobile app development. Their Healthcare Software development company is the first one to offer a solution of ‘Online Instant Doctor Consultation Service via Live Video Streaming’. Companies in India and abroad outsource their healthcare software development requirements to DHPL.
Strategies of Web Research Services
Siddharth adds that there can be no better competitive strategy than winning the hearts and developing trusted relationship with the clients. WRS has gained that winning edge by delivering performance and results that not only wins the customer’s trust but also develops strategic business relationship.
To ensure that you are in the fast paced environment, it is important to be proactive. By habit Web Research Services team work on a proactive basis than being reactive. This is another important aspect which helps them edge over competitors. The company is proved that in the end, it is important to be really good at work and performance that no competitor can beat.
Key Values to Overcome the Roadblocks
Online business and digital marketing are dynamic channels. WRS has always believed in continuous learning and enhancing the customer experience to overcome the business challenges. There were downtimes faced by WRS but their determination to give a great customer experience got them back to the upstream and also earned accolades.
Siddharth says, “Regular communication with the customers is very important, especially, when the customers who outsourced the work to you, have never seen you. WRS has a policy of answering all emails in less than 24 hours and that has helped them a great deal. It really keeps the clients happy.”
Commitment with Clients
Clients say that WRS does not believe in sustaining the competition but they create business plans to beat the competition right in the face to create a winning edge. Web Research Service’s clients are most fascinated by their 5 services which include reliable service, radiant team energy, rewarding business strategies, reporting and result generating ability.
Prospective of Web Research Services
Internet is an ever changing technology. On top of that, the way people do business has changed from time to time. Clubbing both, business on the internet adds to the dynamism. The team at Web Research Services loves this dynamic environment. Siddharth adds, “What is most exciting is that you are responsible for creating brands and ensuring business growth using internet media that changes every day. Internet will see many changes in the future and will even change its form. All this is so exciting!”

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