Park+ collaborates with AarogyaSetu to enhance the safety of its social distancing solutions for malls

Park+| AarogyaSetu

Malls will now be able to monitor and record individual safety status simply by scanning the customer’s AarogyaSetuQR code

New Delhi, June 22, 2020: Park+, a leading smart parking solutions start-up launched by ex-Paytm VP Amit Lakhotia, has become India’s first company to collaborate with AarogyaSetu, amobile application developed by the Government of India to connect essential health services to the citizens of India. Through the collaboration, Park+ will leverage the individual COVID-19 safetystatus provided by AarogyaSetu to enhance the efficacy of its tech-led social distancing solutions created to curb the spread of the virus.

Backed by Sequoia Capital and Matrix Partners, Park+ leverages technology to enable malls to check-in and check-out customers while tracking and recording their temperatures to manage footfalls and comply with government safety guidelines. Customers are required to scan a unique QR code and register with an OTP before entering a store, enabling real-time updates of the number of customers in every store.

The collaboration with AarogyaSetu will simplify this process by doing away with the need for mobile numbers and OTP. Now, Park+ will be able to deploy the open QR code technology powered by the AarogyaSetu app and all customers will need to do is get their AarogyaSetu QR code scanned before entering the mall or a store.

The app categorizes individuals based on different levels of safety including ‘Safe’, ‘Low-Risk’, ‘Moderate Risk’, ‘High Risk’, and ‘Tested Positive’. Based on this status, malls to ensure that each person entering the premises is risk-free. In doing so, malls will be able to contain the spread of the virus and heighten safety within the building.  Moreover, this will give mall visitors more confidence to walk inside the malls and have a positive experience. The enhanced solution has already been implemented across 7-8 malls in various locations.

Speaking on the development, Amit Lakhotia, Founder & CEO, Park+ said, “This collaboration is a major step in our fight against the unrelenting COVID-19 pandemic. The AarogyaSetusafety status of an individual is calculated considering numerous metrics and is a trustworthy measurement of the risk. Relying on the safety status and combining it with our temperature records, we will be able to create the safest possible mall-going experience for Indians. We believe that the Indian government has built a commendable app for community protection, and are proud to be the first brand in our industry to associate with it.”

About Park+:

Park+ is a smart parking solutions start-up on a mission to connect commuters with safe, secure, and digitized parking spaces across the country. The technologically advanced company allows users to discover and book parking spaces online through the Park+ app.  It also enables online payment for parking tickets for a truly digital and cashless experience. Additionally, it provides RFID based security solutions to apartments and corporate setups. Through its unique offering, Park+ helps users save time and fuel spent on looking for parking while helping them find safe and secure spaces to park. The brand’s key clients include frontrunning companies including RBS, JLL, Brookfield, Vatika, DLF, Raheja, and more.

In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, Park+ has launched unique solutions for malls, allowing them to enforce social distancing practices in their premises. The solution allows malls to track and regulate the entry and exit of customers, display the real-time count of customers in the mall, track the number of people inside stores and common areas like food courts, increase customer convenience by helping them plan their shopping trips and even book shopping slots in stores. By helping malls record customer temperatures, manage footfalls, and facilitate contactless parking, Park+ is revolutionizing the mall-going experience for Indians in a post-COVID-19 era.

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