Peak Tach Engineers: Accelerating Digital Transformation Journey

Dinesh Yadav | Director | Peak Tach Engineers
Dinesh Yadav | Director | Peak Tach Engineers

The world is undergoing huge transformation in terms of business safety and profitability. As a result, it’s more vital than ever to save operating expenses, optimise revenue growth, and boost productivity in streamlined and efficient manner. Increasing income, boosting efficiency, and lowering costs are all achieved by deploying cutting-edge technology that is purpose-built to address the issues that are holding your business back. Technology enables industrial organisations throughout the value chain to create outstanding results for themselves, their customers, and the globe. One such company enabling various technology advancement is Peak Tach Engineers.

Peak Tach Engineers has over 30 years of cumulative expertise assisting customers in resolving major business issues and achieving their objectives through digital solutions in real-world applications. It excels in helping its customers solve key business challenges and to achieve their goals with digital solutions in real world application.

Boosting Software Solutions

Peak Tach Engineers are one of the leading engineering software solutions providers for design, manufacturing, simulation, and reverse engineering segment. The company believes to boost R&D segment in India by providing software solutions, critical engineering solutions, and hybrid engineering solutions.

Indian industries are currently under technology transference stage and its solutions are bridging this gap to accommodate a variety of technical parameters. It is directly related to enhance design capabilities, develop precise manufacturing concept, and deep understanding of quality of product.

Dynamic Leader

Dinesh Yadav, CEO of Peak Tach Engineers has a 15-years of vast experience in engineering industry as a technical sales expert with various renowned companies. He also works as a mentor for various complicated projects with billion-dollar companies.

Inspiration to be the Best

There is huge technical gap between OEMS and Tier one suppliers, and most of the time no product is manufactured under the defined timeline. So, the team decided to bridge this gap and provide solutions to industries to make them enter the market in faster time and efficiently achieve a controlled timeline to product development without having a lot of hustles.


  • Engineering software reselling
  • Engineering solution providing
  • Training, and staffing

Overcoming challenges

There are major challenges the team is facing about the industry that small businesses are not ready to adopt the current market trends. It is having a lot of issues and barriers that are created in terms of investment, but the company’s unique and flexible model allows it to break these barriers and become a success engine for industries.

Challenges because of COVID-19

The company is facing a huge damage from COVID-19 due to industrial shut down and between this time it cut down all its physical visits and increase virtual meetings. Since the work purely lies into technical solutions the company is revising its earlier working framework. It allowed employees to work from home keeping in mind the government initiative.

Future Insights

Peak Tach Engineers wants to become an expertise company delivering solutions to various industries. The company basically caters manufacturing and R&D domains, but it is partnering with multi-level disciplined companies to increase its solution ready for all kind of industries. The firm is also planning to provide technical competencies from education level that helps industries to get industry ready candidate.

Industries are under huge pressure to enhance their capabilities into international level, so it’s time to switch to right and sustainable technology for future.

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