IntelliMed Healthcare Solutions: Redefining the Healthcare Ecosystem with Innovation and Growth

Dr.Anish Desai | CEO & Founder | Intellimed Healthcare Solutions
Dr.Anish Desai | CEO & Founder | Intellimed Healthcare Solutions

Medical affairs play a vital role in the healthcare ecosystem in overcoming barriers by providing real-time, unbiased, and transparent medical information. Current data shows trends towards outsourcing medical affairs, such as field-based medical teams, medical information, and medical publications.

IntelliMed Healthcare Solutions was conceptualised keeping medical content development as its core. The company is headed by an experienced medical director who has been associated with the healthcare industry for more than 30 years. An expert medical affairs team works under his guidance to provide tailor-made knowledge relevant to the intent of medical content with a cost advantage.

Crème de la Crème 

IntelliMed Health Solutions, as the name suggests, is one of the experienced players in the healthcare ecosystem to provide pragmatic solutions. Its objective is to provide innovative and practical solutions in the area of medical affairs and market access, clinical and economic evidence, regulatory services for pharmaceuticals, medical devices, nutraceutical, and digital health companies.

IntelliMed Healthcare Solutions has the expertise and experience to ensure that the medical communication has the scientific edge. It helps for a better connection, communication, and convincing stakeholders. IntelliMed Healthcare Solutions helps in differentiating the product in a crowded, competitive environment and deliver value added services.

The objective of IntelliMed Healthcare Solutions is to help healthcare organizations achieve superior patient outcomes, as this is the core of every innovation or research. Intellimed Healthcare intends to make innovation a success. It understands the need for research, innovation and the purpose behind it. This objective must be conveyed to the stakeholders, measured, and recorded for improvement from the stakeholders.

IntelliMed Healthcare Solutions, through a patient-centric development strategy, helps healthcare organizations leverage an integrated analysis of all data sources. It supports medical information requests (MIR) or product-related queries from stakeholders. The company provides opportunities to explore customer relationship management, new indications, understanding data sources and their importance, and improving care management services.

The Gem of IntelliMed

Dr. Anish Desai MD. FCP. PGDHEP is the Director, Intellimed Healthcare Solutions. He is an honorary professor of pharmaceutical medicine, Maharashtra University of Health Sciences. He was the Chief at Expert Medical and Scientific Advocacy Board, Expert Nutraceutical Advocacy Council (ENAC).

Dr. Anish Desai is a trained Clinical Pharmacologist and Pharmaceutical Physician with three decades of experience in the Academia, Research, and Healthcare industries. He has exceptional leadership skills, strong business acumen, and a deep understanding of the healthcare system. It includes the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and medical device industries.

He is recognized for driving positive change, delivering solutions, developing talent, and nurturing strong relationships with external stakeholders.

Dr. Anish Desai has been associated with leading Indian and multinational healthcare organizations. He has been responsible for setting up medical, clinical, regulatory affairs, and pharmacovigilance teams.

Dr. Anish Desai has been a board member of several organizations. He makes business decisions for portfolio introductions, product, and service strategy, and providing vision, leadership, and direction.

Dr. Anish Desai has a broad therapeutic expertise in Diabetes and Cardiometabolic; Oncology; Dermatology; Infectious disease; Women’s Healthcare; Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery; Orthopedics and Trauma; Wound Management; and minimally access surgery.

He has more than 180 publications and abstracts that are presented in International and Indian peer-reviewed journals and conferences.

His most significant contributions to the field include registering and launching nearly 50 new molecules in India across various therapy areas. Dr. Anish Desai has also worked in Drug Development and NCE Research with two molecules in Phase II Clinical Trials. He has capabilities in Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) and Health Technology Assessment (HTA).

Dr. Anish Desai has been a reputed member of esteemed organizations such as American College of Clinical Pharmacology (USA), Royal Society of Medicine (Lon.), Society of Pharmaceutical Medicine (UK) and Clinical Research Professionals (USA).

Given his passion for education, he has had the pleasure to contribute knowledge as a visiting faculty at acclaimed institutes like Maharashtra University of Health Sciences (MUHS), KEM Hospital (Mumbai); NMIMS-School of Pharmacy and Technology; Pune University; Shri C. B. Patel Research Centre (SVKM); and K.M Kundnani College of Pharmacy (Mumbai).

Dr. Anish Desai is a recipient of the prestigious Charles R. Ream Award of excellence; and the ‘UK. Sheth award’ for his stupendous work in the area of research at KEM Hospital.

Thinking Before Time 

The healthcare industry is poised for a paradigm change in the Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Nutraceutical, and Digital healthcare sector. The healthcare stakeholders comprise of the “4Ps” – the Physician, Patients, Providers (Hospitals, diagnostics labs, etc.), and the Policymakers/Payers.

It is important to look out for solutions to drive the healthcare ecosystem by improving Awareness, Adoption of healthcare systems and newer technologies, Accessibility to healthcare, and Affordability: the 4As. This can be achieved by the 4Ds – Data (clinical and economic), Differentiation of services, Dissemination of knowledge and information, and Diligence in achieving these goals.

An Array of Services

Medical Research and Communication: 

Intellimed Healthcare Solutions has the expertise in publishing articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals, presenting at scientific conferences, supporting the development of guidelines and managing round table meets (RTMs) for effective communication and dissemination of data related to the specific therapeutic areas and products to all stakeholders.

Data Generation and Differentiation

IntelliMed Healthcare Solutions has experts, trained extensively to generate clinical and economic evidence.

In today’s challenging and dynamic healthcare environment, though the data is immense, it is critical to get the right and precise information to support clinical decision making. It will be critical throughout the product lifecycle, to impact development and commercialization activities, and help shape treatment paradigms and reimbursement programs.

Contract Medical Affairs Services

Intellimed Healthcare Solutions provides contract medical affairs services to Pharmaceutical, medical devices, Nutraceuticals and digital healthcare organizations. It limits liability exposure by working with a well-trained outsource company, reducing operational costs, minimizing regulatory compliance risk, and preventing process delays.

Regulatory Service 

IntelliMed Healthcare Solutions has an expert team to support the regulatory needs for pharmaceuticals and medical devices. The team helps to develop a regulatory strategy for a successful and timely product launch. It has the capabilities to enable efficient compilation and submission of dossiers with an effective regulatory liaison.

The Integral Challenge

The current healthcare environment is quite complex thus it is an inherent challenge to integrate healthcare stakeholders for a coherent change. The regulatory framework, pricing pressures, innovation, talent management are all very intricate. So, it needs to be handled carefully in order to provide outcome-oriented solutions.

Overcoming the Pandemic

There were some critical challenges at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, but Intellimed Healthcare Solutions has successful maintained efficiency and expertise, to offer the quality solutions to patients and physicians. It engaged in several educational and awareness activities aiming towards stronger immunity and good health of the population.

Even in the critical times of Covid-19, Intellimed Healthcare Solutions has been able to efficiently deliver quality solutions. It has engaged itself in several health awareness activities. Embracing digital solutions have paved the way for implementing several innovative ideas to achieve its goals.

Inspiring Advice 

“The Gen Z have a huge advantage on their side; they have the digital capability as a part of their DNA. They have seen the rapid pace of innovation and understand that everything can become obsolete within no time. However, they must develop basic capabilities in the New normal as the skills need to be achieved differently in a non-traditional method,” says Dr. Anish.

“The new generation needs to maintain soft skills in the times of digitalization. Gaining the appropriate experience is critical to success. Agility is important considering the pace of innovation and learning new skills will be crucial. Lastly, Attitude is everything. Right attitude is the core of any success,” adds Dr. Anish.

The Future Quest 

IntelliMed Healthcare Solutions is the best-in-class organisation to deliver patient and physician-oriented solutions to the health care industry. It has the capability unparalleled in the industry to provide specific outcome-based solutions in Medical Research and Medical communication and digital healthcare.

The team is the most important asset IntelliMed has. Its endeavour is to create the winning team and equip them to handle the changing paradigms in the healthcare industry.

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