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PEC Greening India

Endorsed with the ‘Best Smart Green Business Award 2018’ by ET Now, PEC Greening India is one of the nation’s most prominent Green building consultancy company and a total sustainability solution provider. The company was established with a perceptive vision that facilitates the developers to build resource-efficient and sustainable building structures. It also holds a resolute aim to transform existing buildings and large developments into green and sustainable communities to achieve the goal of ‘Responsible and Smart Development’ across the country.
PEC Greening has an array of the topmost clients such as Raheja Universal, K Rajeha, Rustomjee, Omkar Builders, Larsen and Turbo (L&T), Hiranandani, ICICI Bank, GIFT city, NTPC, Gujarat Pollution Control Board (GPCB), State Bank of India (SBI), and many more. With its vast experience in the industry, PEC Greening India has been recognized multiple times for its proven credentials in Green Building Consultancy and monumental contribution in converting building and industrial developments into Green.
The Luminary of PEC
Born and raised in Himachal Pradesh, Mala Singh is the influential Chairperson and MD at PEC Greening India.  She is India’s leading Green Entrepreneur who is an Environmental Scientist (M.Sc., MPhil) from IIT Roorkee as well as an Environment & Sustainability Strategy Expert for Green Building Projects & Smart City initiatives. She keenly believes that Smart City Mission is not feasible without foreseeing the existing buildings and cities to be resource efficient and is consequently playing her leadership role as an Author and Co-Chairman of IGBC (Indian Green Building Council), Green Residential Societies (GRS) Rating System and an Advisory Board Member – (HPMF) Hospitality Purchasers Managers’ Forum of India.
Ms Mala Singh is currently associated with the ‘City & Industrial Development Corporation (CIDCO)’ and ‘Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC)’ as the Member of Environmental Cell to appraise building proposals for sustainability aspects. She is also an Executive committee member of the Indian Green Building Council and a Core committee member for various Green Rating Systems in India. Under her splendid leadership skills, PEC Greening India is transforming more than 2000 million square feet of construction footprints and the existing developments into ‘Green’ across the country.
Awards and Accolades
Ms Mala Singh has been awarded the ‘Best Smart -Green Business Award 2018’ by ET Now. She is also recognized by the ‘Top 50 Green leaders in 2017’ by World CSR Congress and the ‘Best Woman Entrepreneur of the year 2016’ awards. She is not only an accredited Green Building Professional but has also been bestowed with the title of ‘IGBC Fellow’ for her outstanding contribution to the Green building movement in India in 2016.
A Cluster of Unique Building Solutions and Services
PEC Greening renders resourceful solutions for each project along with a better understanding of the uniqueness of its geographical location, functionality, and climate, etc. The company is a certified, premier consultant for IGBC and holds the best credentials to provide Green Building certifications under GRIHA (Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment) and the globally recognized standards like LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design), which promotes green movement at large scale. It also deals in Green Building Design Consultancy, Climate Responsive Architectural Analysis, Smart City Advocacy, Sustainability advisory for Large Townships & Industrial Parks as well as IT Parks. PEC Greening India is a certified partner for Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) and also India Credit Rating Agency (ICRA) certified company.
PEC Greening India also deals with energy-concerned domains such as Energy Modeling & Building Simulation Studies to achieve high performance in buildings and building commissioning services for achieving the energy efficiency. It also has prowess in Energy Audits, Water Audits, Waste Audits, IAQ Audits, Sustainability Reporting, Advisory for Green Products & Technologies, and Consultancy for Environmental Regulations.
Laying the ‘Green’ Foundations by Confronting Tough Challenges
It has not been an easy task for PEC Greening to break the myth – ‘Green Buildings are very expensive and claims an additional 10-15% cost’. This notion threw a negative impact on constructing the green buildings and was considered as a major hiccup in the path towards sustainable building technology. For them, convincing the client/developer that Green buildings were actually the better choice was a major challenge.
The present environmental regulations are an integral part of the project design and green products are easily available in the market at a low-cost, nowadays. The green building incentives provided by the Government in most states of the country presently are definitely giving the boost to promote green buildings, even to the builders with a conventional approach mindset. A few prominent builders undertake the green initiatives as a part of their social responsibility towards the environment. Being a green building consultant, PEC Greening strived hard to allay all the client fears by proving the cost efficiency of green buildings. The cost of adopting the Green building principles in the residential sector is negligible. “Even though the capital cost of efficient technology is higher in commercial buildings, we now have analytical proof that operational cost ensures payback within a couple of years and savings for the rest of the building’s lifetime”, asserts Ms Mala Singh while explaining the challenges.
PEC’s Distinctive Strategies Beating the Diverse Building Disciplines
Besides the standards that are currently in place with the diverse building disciplines such as fire-safety, security, building automation, lighting, and so on, there are separate directives to govern the sustainability of any project. Today, the perception towards the environmental sustainability has drastically changed; which was considered as least important initially. Also, nowadays, people are becoming more aware of the climate change due to environmental degradation and are driven towards green construction.
PEC Greening India offers a universal as well as an integrated design approach from scratch to provide Green building services to the customers, and leading to the ample amounts of energy and water savings to achieve sustainability. “We provide continuous support to our customers from project planning stage through passive design approach, vetting of green construction materials & technologies through ROI approach enabling them to comply green construction management practices to conserve natural resources”, says Ms Singh. This approach observes the sustainability parameters throughout the entire development of the project to achieve the target of green building certification with set credentials.
The company also implements capacity building programs and green education for all stakeholders associated with the project, validation process of green standards, and regular green audits to attain the objective along with the successful delivery of certification program and customer feedback. It works consistently to make better inventions each day and to provide the best services that could be offered in the green consultancy. Its expert team of professionals, consisting of sustainability architects, engineers, energy managers, and auditors who always think beyond certification and give their consistent efforts to provide the best services that could be offered in green building consultancy.
Words of Inspiration for the New Entrepreneurs
PEC’s success mantra lies in imbibing green compliances along with recognizing the feasibility of innovative technologies that would guarantee optimum savings and an enhanced quality of life. “Absolute integrity towards our work and belief in our potential to change the future would be the key drivers in the path towards impending development. Integrating sustainability in our lives is not just a beneficial strategy, but a moral obligation towards the generations to come. Green professional services must be your passion and not just a profession”, asserts Ms Mala Singh on advising the young entrepreneurs.
Expanding the Horizon with its Innovative Services
PEC Greening India is the foremost green-building service providers in the country which is also focused on providing green products like solar energy rooftop systems and eco-friendly wastewater solutions. The company is an authorized MNRE channel partner for the solar energy services and have partnered with the International company BioCleaner to bring the alternative technology for providing effective wastewater solutions in India. This technology has been proved as the first eco-friendly STP technology in the world having a green patent by EPA.
Currently, the company is setting up pilot models in its on-going smart city projects in Maharashtra.
We, at PEC Greening India, intend to continue our upward transition in the field by persistent efforts at delivering the most viable solutions to all developers, new and established”, says Ms. Singh while articulating the future plans of the company.
Source :-The 10 Most Prominent Building Solution Provider Companies

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