People Strategists: Enabling Organizational & People Growth through Training, Consulting & Outsourcing

For every entrepreneur, “Failure is Success in Progress.” Likewise, Ravz Wesley has jumped through multifarious hurdles in his life. Both failures and victories taught him to be a successful Serial Entrepreneur, Organization Scientist, Strategy Organization Development, Talent Management & Leadership Solutions Consultant which in turn gave him the courage to find People Strategists in the year 2008, during the peak global recession.
Ravz has studied Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Human Behaviour, and has worked in Marketing, Sales, Operations, & Human Resources. With a constant exposure to technology, he has had multiple experiences and areas of research. This has helped him in seeing problems and their solutions as many; seeing people, organizations and the world as complex systems.
Apart from People Strategists, Ravz has personal and business interests in the areas of Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Healthcare, Fitness & Sports, Bio-Technology, Genetics, Alternative Energy, Advanced Material Sciences, Advanced Aeronautics, and Space Exploration.
People Strategists service delivers Training & Consulting projects across India, Middle East, South East Asia and the USA. They have offices in Bangalore, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Oman and the US.
“Organizations are very complex systems, operating in a very VUCA world. How do then organizations constantly deliver results for all their stakeholders including society? How do organizations address the challenge of sustainability? The equation of success and sustainability is getting complicated with time. Existing variables in this equation are either getting eliminated or are getting more complicated and new variables are getting added without notice. A strong leadership team with a clear & compelling core purpose & vision, a winning & agile strategy, strategic planning & execution through highly aligned culture, structures, processes, systems, technology, analytics and most importantly competent, engaged and aligned external & internal people, are some of the ingredients of success and sustainability. How do you work on each of these and still harmonize different parts of the system to work together? The answer to this is growth, sustainability, and greatness for individual people and for organizations lies in the ability to quickly learn, unlearn and relearn not just know-how, Skills but thought patterns, wisdom from the past, observation, interpretations of the present and foresight into the future. We likewise learn from the past, observe & understand the present and see the future and build solutions that are future ready. Most of us would agree that the solutions of today are usually the problems of tomorrow. What happens if your industry is disrupted? Do you go out of business?” expounds Ravz Wesley, Founder & CEO, People Strategists.
Over the years, they have developed Centres of Excellence using robust Knowledge Management strategies and processes. These CoEs are mapped as functional practices and Areas of Work as given in the figure-
Their special focus has been on the practices of HR, OD & Leadership, Customer Relationship Management, Analytics, Information Technology and Project Management.
The People Strategists team uses some of the most contextually suitable and innovative methods of Service Delivery available globally – from Instructor Led training & coaching, to modern workplace learning methods and tools to results based revenue model of consulting to customer focused outsourcing to strategically aligned technology services and solutions.
People Strategists’ service delivery includes public workshops, short-term in-house training, customized mid-long term Interventions, ROI based consulting interventions, managed learning service model wherein People Strategists leads training through an end-to-end outsourced model.
“Our own core purpose, vision, core values, market discipline and our value proposition are very clear to us – We are passionate to bring growth and greatness to our Clients-We do this through a constant focus on product leadership enabled by strong R&D, customer collaboration, and internal processes – In that order. We have built a culture of gratification on achieving results for our clients. Our services have to converge into results; hence, our training and consulting solutions are tied to movement in metrics and business results, whether it is strategic & tactical mid-long term interventions or short-term offering. We put in a lot of effort analysing needs and aspirations of clients. We observe, interpret situations with careful focus on our own thought processes to give results.” says Ravz.
 “We are heading towards exciting times. We are not ready to compromise on any growth parameters whether it be excellence and innovation, customer and employee delight, our financial books, internal processes etc. – We are looking at a minimum of 2X year-on-year organic growth. There are lots to come. We are constantly learning, unlearning. It is challenging and tiring, but it is exciting.” – Team People Strategists
As far as strategic advantage vis-à-vis competition is concerned, People Strategists has never competed with other organizations. As a philosophy, the People Strategists team only competes with themselves. They have learnt from failures and successes of other organizations but never had the intent to compete. Their US People Strategists vis-à-vis competition would be as listed-

  1. Strategic, Tactical and Operational deployment capability from standard to highly customized solutions.
  2. Strong organizational value to get results for their customers.
  3. Seasoned & Assessed team of consultants and facilitators.
  4. A strong customer focused team which focuses on getting results for customers.
  5. Strong product leadership and innovation focus which lead to Primary and Secondary research specially focused on their core practices.
  6. Strong partnership across the subject matter spectrum to deliver depth and breadth of solutions – This ensures holistic solutions instead of part solutions.

People Strategists has contributed to many professionals and organizations in its journey so far, and they have delivered the results.
People Strategists has clients in most of the industries, some of them being Automotive, Aviation, Banking, e-commerce, FMCG, Infrastructure, Information Technology, IT Enabled Services, Logistics, Manufacturing, Pharma, Power, Telecom etc. Their mid-term Vision is to be amongst the top 3 most admired Consulting firms in India and the top 10 in Asia, by 2020 with a strong footprint across the Middle East, South East Asia, Europe and the Americas Region.

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