Plaxonic Technologies: Redefining Excellence by Delivering Ingenious Services

The outsourcing market continues to grow more healthily in India with smaller deals and a greater emphasis on BPO. The merging of the offshore and onshore delivery models continues and service providers are also continuing the search for more competitive solutions in order to win customers.

By understanding such context, a distinguished IT & BPO company, Plaxonic Technologies was established in 2013, as a fully powered workforce that transforms all the challenges into accomplishment. Since then, their sole aim is to bring about innovation in everything they touch and excel it with pure dedication, making an everlasting impact on the global platform.

The Passionate Leader of Plaxonic Technologies

The fervent and young leader, Shaan Rizvi is the man behind the establishment of Plaxonic Technologies. His passion for entrepreneurship has always made him stand out from others. His zest to follow the dreams was so high that he dropped out of college and with an unfavorable beginning; he failed in making the first 4 startups successful. But as they say, ‘fall seven times, stand up eight,’ he challenged these failures and jumped high with Plaxonic.

Shaan says that he is fascinated by branding and marketing. Being the CEO, he determinedly makes strenuous efforts to strengthen the product line and operations with pragmatic approach and marketing dynamism. To ensure organizational competency, he works with the employees in the best way possible.

Shaan streamlines operations, strengthens the product line, and drives growth for Plaxonic. His major focus is on inventing and innovating new ideas. He capitalizes on driving innovation within the organization on a consistent basis. He lets his people get opportunities to show their potential and enhance processes, business models, and products. His key strength lies in understanding the client requirements and delivering state-of-the-art products and services. He guides and directs the managers to set filters down through the organization to ensure its achievement.

Evaluating the success of the company, he upholds awareness of the external and internal competitive landscape for expansion, customers, markets, and so forth.

Shaan sets the bar for the level of performance to be extended and channelizes every employee in the right direction. He is an expert when it comes to balancing work and social responsibilities without letting either of them suffer.

The idea of revolutionizing the ever-growing field of IT services stuck Shaan Rizvi in the early stages of Plaxonic Technologies. This led him to drive of various customer-oriented services, to dwell with the futuristic approach.

Revolutionary Spectrum of Services and Solutions

As a pioneer company, Plaxonic Technologies occupied wide services of the IT & BPO Industries. The company delivers quality services ranging from IT support to web development to their clients. They keep themselves updated with the emerging technologies to provide state-of-the-art services:

 IT Staffing

The company’s recruiters are known to be sharp-eyed while selecting the potential candidate for a job. Their team has been providing resourceful professionals without upsurging the budget or time due to the proper model of conduct. They ease down the process with their gifted sense and voluminous database of resumes.

Customer Care Support

Plaxonic Technologies generates revenues for companies that show confidence towards their talented team. The glory of having a full-fledged team of customer care executives is that they can be available 24×7 for their audience. The skills of touring clients throughout their company program and services are highly found in Plaxonic Technologies’ business executives. The organization believes, “Customer Care” is not just two words for them but it means entirety for them. The clear conscience of their expert gives them an uniqueness in the BPO sector.


Plaxonic Technologies’ team of experts takes away all the stress to provide an unmatched quality of Inbound/Outbound Call services. Their highly specialized areas are: Help Desk, Taking Orders, Telemarketing, Surveys and more.

Chat/Email Support

Chat and Email Support are known to own maximum shares in collecting customers’ data. This rooted in the organization to provide cost-effective and reliable services to their clients. They provide accurate solution to all customer queries, on time support, excellent data handling and creating opportunities to grow.

IT Support Services

Being the IT Company, Plaxonic Technologies couldn’t miss out this aspect of the business from an all-around view of customer dealing. Their employees feel immense pleasure when they are able to smooth out the worry lines on customers’ faces. Some of their specialized sectors are corporate support, technical maintenance support, software and hardware troubleshooting and most outstandingly they also provide Warranty and Post-Warranty support.

360 Degree Branding

The creative minds of Plaxonic Technologies are the flag bearers of their agenda to provide exclusive designs and development of never-seen-before web & app designs, logo designs, banners, pamphlets, infographics and all the other graphic needs.

Application Development

The reason why Plaxonic Technologies have made their name in App Development industry is that they make use of best software like Visual Basic development, VB.NET development, C# development, ASP, .NET development, Adobe AIR and other technologies.

Website Development

At Plaxonic Technologies, they have confident programmers who transcend every expectation in a good way. They are experts in Web Application Development, Portal Development, E-commerce, Web development & Shopping cart solution and many more.

Digital Marketing

One revolution that changed the marketing world is, going online. Digital marketing is a heaven if you get it right. Most appreciated digital marketing services are Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, Online Reputation Management, Conversion Rate Optimization and Pay Per Click also.

Content Marketing

The company has proved their mettle in all types of content writing. The unison efforts put by the employees are immeasurable and appreciated by all the clients.

Virtual Assistant

In this stream, the company keeps their prices as low as $5/hour for a VA because of one aspiration and that is, gaining customer’s trust. The trend of globalization which enforces cheap labour rates, high-quality skilled work, and drawing global attention is at the peak of its era. Their dynamics and work ethos are unparalleled in the market. Businesses are cutting their cost and the company is a bridge to keep their revenues high.

Ongoing Projects to Evolve the Market

Presently, Plaxonic Technologies is focused on launching their flagship products. Being a pioneer company, they understand the value of authenticity and originality not just for the concerned business but for its patrons too.

Keeping the current concerns in mind, the company is developing an app to remove duplicate and counterfeit products from the Indian market. As far as other projects are concerned, their emphasis lies in innovation. They took the initiative to create jobs in rural areas. They are setting up several offices in developing cities and creating maximum jobs for people. Besides these projects, the company runs a very meaningful program that is exclusively designed to provide education to needy girls. They have taken the initiative to make them capable of crafting a prosperous future where they are not depending on anybody.

Remarkable Aspects that Drives the Company Success 

Every company needs to figure out a purpose that drives an organization ahead. Businesses with strong values are able to attract and retain the customers. To make a positive impact, every employee needs to live and breathe these values on a daily basis.

Moreover, Plaxonic Technologies’ Retention rate is admirable as per IT industries. They believe each employee is a family member who at every step is known for his/her efforts & achievements. The organization highlights some significant points, which helps them to maintain differences from their competitors.

Strengthening Core Values

Capitalizing on the core company strength makes Plaxonic Technologies an unmatched option for clients as well as for employees. Their numerous rewards & recognition from the Indian government for providing ingenious solutions in government IT sector to enhance people’s lives, speak about their working standard.

Investing in the Employees

The company offers a good salary and biannually increments to value the budding talents of the team. They set enough funds for employee development and implement a strong employee-training program. In addition, relaxing cafeteria, recreational activity room, a gym equipped with best equipment, cabs and nutritional meals is made available for their employees.

A Focus on Innovation

Plaxonic aims to invest time in improving their teams in every direction. In this way, they get to scale up and stand out from the competitors. Their never-dying spirit, remain ahead of their competition and flourish in every way.

Driving the Right Culture

As Plaxonic is termed as an employee’s company, the major focus is laid upon thriving culture of the company. Spreading Happiness & PIF (Plaxonic Idea Factory) are some of the programs to motivate people. While the former one is all about a surprise visit to consistently performing employee’s home with gifts; the latter one is about providing a platform where everyone is free to come forward, share their views & thoughts on any topic and boost up their confidence.

Team Building and Motivation

The team building activities play a major role in holding the employees together. These activities guide their business in a direction that aligns with the organization’s mission, vision, values, and goals.

Rewards and Recognition

The organization believes that employee recognition is important for every organization and its people. The feeling of recognition and admiration are no less than a sense of great achievement.

Evolving With Time

Experimenting away from the core business helps Plaxonic Technologies combat any failures. Whatsoever must be the situation, Plaxonic Technologies works on the growth of the company keeping their values intact.

Challenges that Keep People Motivated

Every company in this IT & BPO industry faces challenges and some of these challenges have slowly changed over time, but many of them are perennial offenders. Plaxonic Technologies has mapped their strategies to adapt to most of the challenges and are looking forward to implement them soon.

Social Obligation can Make a Better Future

Plaxonic Technologies’ team comes up with innovative ideas, which could make a difference in the world around them. The following projects have been under consideration for years now but this year onwards, they will expand the horizon through mentioned points.

Daughter of the Moon

The aim of this initiative is to educate and make girls independent. The company believes, “An opportunity to a girl can change the world.”

Advanced Technical Training for Underprivileged

Plaxonic Technologies is devoted to train the underprivileged with advanced technical training to refine their skills and grab good opportunity in their respective fields.

Gift of Joy

Everyone deserves to wear a smile and have a hunger-free night when they sleep. Keeping this in mind, they spread their wings even farther to share happiness and gift the joy to one and all during the festive season.

Future Outlook

“We’re a world of our own where invention and innovation are part of our daily lives. The place is for imaginative minds to come together, get to emblazon their talent and lead a life of their choice. With power pack performances back-to-back, we’re only looking into the future for unexceptional outcomes and pure customer satisfaction. Plaxonic Technologies is here to stay and rise like never before.” – Shaan concludes.