ARTH: Making Personalized Health-Tech Accessible to All

Doctor discovery is easy today, but patient engagement is extremely difficult. Imagine a healthcare provider (private doctor, polyclinic or a hospital) wanting to engage patients or have their own digital presence. Their only options today are to either:
a) Invest a lot of resources to build a custom technology solution, b) Use 3rd party listing solutions that compromise patients’ security & privacy and dilute providers’ brand & patient relationships or c) Engage patients via phone calls or messages that are difficult to control access or monetize.
Since none of these options are attractive, patient outcomes continue to suffer due to late interventions, patchy adherence to treatment, needless travel, lost/incorrect records, manual data sharing and more.
To address these problems, 1Health, a company built by ISB & IIM alumni, developed an innovative platform ‘ARTH’ that instantly provides healthcare providers their own personalized, simplified & powerful technology solutions in a secure & affordable manner.
Uniqueness of ARTH
ARTH enables healthcare providers to easily launch their own customized health app for patients in under 15 minutes.
Each customized patient-facing health app comes with web & app interfaces for providers. The powerful out-of-the-box features include appointment booking, video consulting, chatting, record sharing, article publishing, bulk messaging, medicine ordering, treatment tracking, online payments & more.
In an industry-first, the built-in virtual assistant allows all users (including doctors) to give voice commands to manage appointments, inform about delays, store/retrieve health readings, order medicines etc.
Thanks to its SaaS model, included support & feature upgrades, ARTH helps providers engage patients, enhance brand, monetize services and manage operations in an easy, secure and affordable manner.
Leading Lights of 1Health
1Health was founded in mid-2014 by two ISB & IIM alumni – Jainam Shah & Naitik Vyas – who have over 20+ years of experience in executing large-scale transformation projects, setting up healthcare e-commerce operations, building & leading B2B sales teams & automating complex processes nationwide. Their initial platform was a B2C integrated primary care platform which made them learn first-hand the challenges healthcare providers & patients face in adopting health-tech despite its many benefits. This experience led them to launch ‘ARTH’ in 2016 – a platform that would make it easy, quick & motivating for any healthcare provider or patient to adopt personalized health-tech in a meaningful manner.
Four Levers of Growth
ARTH can apply its expertise in high-speed personalized solutions on 4 growth levers.
The first lever is personalized health-tech solution for providers (e.g. provider-branded patient-facing apps) in India. ARTH already powers patient apps for healthcare providers such as private practitioners (diabetologists, psychiatrists, oncologists, cardiologists, gynaecologists etc.), polyclinics & more in over 15 states and sees plenty of room for expansion.
Second is the company’s ambitious plan to help improve patient outcomes by providing personalized health-tech to individual patients. For e.g., when a patient is discharged after a month-long hospital treatment, the patient would receive a self-named health app preloaded with the patient’s treatment team & consult modes (video, chat, clinic), treatment reminders, nearby pharmacies, relevant health articles and a smart virtual assistant. This would help the patient stay motivated and treatment compliant during post-op recovery.
Third is entering global healthcare markets where health-tech is still underpenetrated or immature. 1Health’s vision is to mass-deploy personalized health-tech solutions in such markets at a high speed, thereby leapfrogging and standardizing an entire country’s healthcare ecosystem within weeks or months, while retaining individuality for providers and patients alike.
Their fourth growth lever is horizontal expansion into services, medical device integrations and security solutions for the broader healthcare industry.
Reasons behind Growth
One of the prime reasons behind the company’s success is having a clear vision of how an ideal healthcare ecosystem should be and following necessary steps towards translating that vision into reality. For e.g. Security and privacy is built into all custom solutions powered by ARTH. Records, video consults and chat messages are encrypted, accessible only to doctors and patients and stored on servers within India.
Another key reason for their growth is developing a track record of bulk-producing personalized health-tech solutions within hours. On more than one occasion, thanks to their proprietary, automated app-building engine, ARTH has provided over 150 doctors their own custom-branded health apps in a single day.
Finally, continuous product innovations like the voice-enabled health assistant (an industry-first), handwriting recognition, instant video consult with real-time doctor availability check, treatment adherence tracking, automatic coupon generation etc. has helped them stay ahead of the competition
Future Endeavour
Looking ahead, ARTH will soon support built-in integrations for medical devices, local languages, AI-powered decision support systems, analytical tools & more. From a market perspective, 1Health will partner with leading healthcare institutions to target new segments and geographies with mass-deployable personalized health-tech solutions.
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