PNJ Hub: Revolutionizing the Indian Service Industry

Paras Mittal| PNJ Group| Professionals Network Joint
Paras Mittal | Founder | PNJ HUB

In the service industry, many of the professionals as well as corporate clients have big non-utilized office spaces. There are many new entrants as well as freelancers, who struggle for office space due to the increasing and expensive pricing of real estate. There are a few companies giving options for space sharing to the clients and service vendors, as a result of which a big pool of existing inventory of the same is on the verge of rising. It is all for the use of new entrants and freelancers. With the help of such an approach, people share offices and save power, fuel and natural resources required to construct big offices.

One such organization with a similar approach, Professionals Network Joint (PNJ) Hub is an aggregation platform of professionals into the fields of merger acquisition, legal dispute, corporate governance, real estate advisory, and taxation, especially GST. The venture is on its way to bring a new revolution in the service delivery space with patent applied processes and features like chat with experts, C-suite hiring, E-certification programs, Office space sharing, and Discussion forums. This enables the clients to chat with GST experts for 5 to 10 minutes and resolve all of their technical queries.

For now, the venture is already web-live and providing lifetime business opportunities to freelancers and entrants in the professional industry. The enterprise’s portal is enabling services like Franchisee, Business Association, Vendor System, and Client Referral System.

A Market Differentiator

PNJ is operating a portal that is first of its kind with the feature of restoration of client services from the point of dispute or conflict. The portal provides an option for the vendors to discontinue from the assignment which is also a feature that has been introduced for the first time in the market. “No e-Commerce portal can guarantee this unless the team behind it holds specialization in the field of service,” says Mr. Paras Mittal, Founder of PNJ Group.

Mr. Paras (FCA, ACS, NCFM) is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountant and Company Secretaries of India. He has a vast experience in the fields of Legal, Tax, Audit, Finance, and Corporate governance for more than fourteen years. He has contributed his services to many multinational companies such as Intercontinental Hotels Group, Hilton Hotel Management Services, Chaudhary Group, and Galaxy Commercial in the past as Finance and Legal Head. His last corporate assignment before venturing into PNJ Group was as the Head of Corporate Affairs for Chaudhary Group with a turnover of the US $ 3.2 billion.

PNJ Legal Consultants is a branch of PNJ Hub and it is about to bring a revolution in the service(s) sector of India by implementing the four milestones which are divided on a work basis. The following steps are then monitored on the basis of service delivery of these milestones:

1. Service Restoration: PNJ Hub will give people thе сhоісе of restoring ѕеrvісеѕ аt any time of collaboration.
2. Continuous Feedback: PNJ Hub will request regular feedback from the people of the country to ensure the utmost quality of service.
3. Regular Payment: The venture will charge people of India on a regular basis for the status of work and relieve ѕеrvісе providers from the tension of tracking the payments.
4. Termination of Contract: The enterprise will enable service providers the freedom to discontinue the work with remuneration for the tasks completed.

Struggling Ahead

For PNJ Hub, the major challenges have been acceptability and funds. The enterprise worked on seed funding and managed to make the portal live with its own funds in the initial stages. Currently, it is looking for investors to take it to new heights. For starters, the company only received queries on GST, Tax, and Accounting. Now, it is exploring and solving a good number of queries and handling clients of various other fields.

The list of clientele includes profiles like corporate governance, dispute settlement, merger acquisition, and HR & strategic consulting. Another huge challenge Mr. Paras encountered was technology and its dynamics. “We were cheated thrice before getting good vendor for making the portal web-live,” he shares.

Since the venture is driven by Mr. Paras, the team of PNJ Hub considers its achievements in alignment with him and the portal. He was awarded as HR Leader for the year 2017. Also, he bagged the award for Banking Financial Services Insurance Leadership for the year 2017. Mr. Paras has published books on real estate advisory, corporate governance, legal dispute settlement, and merger acquisition. He has four patents published on the e-Commerce service delivery method of services for third party opposition. He has also launched India’s first YouTube channel, enabling videos on complex legal topics for better comprehension.

For the future, Mr. Paras has a broad vision for the growth and expansion of the company. He and the team at PNJ Hub are looking forward to the funding to make the portal more visible. The enterprise wants to impanel more vendors to provide the clients, services that are more cost-effective and reasonably priced in the market. Moreover, it wants to include an informative section on the website and very soon looking to launch a mobile application as well.

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