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Ashis Sen | Founder | Chairman | POWERCAB[elevator services, Powercab solution, Elevator Industry, escalators services, smart cities mission]
Ashis Sen | Founder | Chairman | POWERCAB

According to market reports,India’s marketplace for elevators and escalators is expected to reach $2 billion by 2023.Besides the urbanization, the enactment of the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 (RERA), a growing number of high-rise residential and commercial buildings across the country have contributed to this rise. In addition, government initiatives such as the Smart Cities Mission and Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (Urban) and the increasingly adoption of smart, efficient, and environmental-friendly elevators are expected to contribute to the growth of the Indian lift and elevator market during the forecast period. Further more,the increasing demand for Automatic Rescue Device elevators is expected to fuel the market for domestic elevatorsin the coming years. This advancement and development in the lift and elevator industry would have never been feasible without the contribution of dominant industry players. Among them, Insights Success feels privileged to bring forth a tale of one such player, which came into operation when the industry and nation’s people needed it severely. We are talking about POWERCAB, an industry-leading firm, which is a prominent name when it comes to offering adequate lifts and elevator services in India. Established in theyear 1991 with headquarters in West Bengal, the firm has been serving the nation for 29 years. With over 5556 elevators currently running, the pioneer has installed different types of elevators in the major states of India including West Bengal, Jharkhand, Orissa, Tripura, Assam, etc. as well as in some of the major cities such as Ranchi, Cuttack, Bhubaneshwar, Puri, Siliguri,Alipurduar, Jamshedpur, Agartala,Seuri,Rampurhat (Tarapith), and many other locations including some of the SAARC countries (for example, Bhutan, Nepal etc)

On Right Time

According to the firm, during the initial days of establishment, the lift and elevator industry was in the hands of multinational developer companies. The services were good enough, but the corporations used to charge a hefty sum for the services. Consequently, with the service charges being high, the accommodation of new homes and flats became unbearable for common people. The establishment of Powercab came into being to provide for these common people. Founder and Chairman, Ashis Sen introduced the firm with the belief to serve with the commitment of supplying lift and elevator services at a reasonable and bearable price for society. He asserts, “At that time, due to the bad economic condition of India and people neglecting to purchase properties, culminated in the real estate business performing inadequately and simultaneously, the lift industry being affected badly. We just realized; it was time for us to step in and provide for the people in need.” Being a welltrained technical person with having wide knowledge in the electricals and electronics field, Ashis set up his mind to do something right by society.

Uplifting the Society

Twenty-nine years ago, POWERCAB began with the most conventional single-speed lift. However, the vision was to go beyond and bring a modern trend in the industry. Subsequently, the organization quickly hired a group of Engineers in Research and Development for product development. POWERCAB’s this zest to modernize lift and elevator segment has resulted in its present position of being a market leader. With its massive efforts, today the firm has enabled itself to build high-speed lifts with all the latest features. Presently, the firm provides high-end lift and elevators including Manual Collapsible Door Elevator, Manual Sliding Door Elevator, Manual Swing Door Elevator, Manual Telescopic Door Elevator, Center Opening Auto Door Elevator, Scenic Elevator, and Escalators. Since inception, POWERCAB has provided lift and elevator services at reasonable prices with quality, prompt deliveries, and manageable service rate. “This affected the business ofother lift companies and as such, they tried to damage our company’s reputation. However, we were very strict about our commitment to the clients in regard to delivery and completion we were able to overcome all this hindrance.” says Ashis. The firm’s employed experts and experienced Engineers provide distinct solutions to diverse lift owners on their request. Lifts under POWERCAB’s maintenance have zero-to-none breakdowns and the firm claims to respond to calls within 5 pm and the rest in early hours the next day. Presently, the company is said to keeping its keen eyes on the industry and has set up a team of Engineers to look out for the latest market trends and innovations to be in line with all big and multinational companies.

Stepping into the Clients’ Shoes

Recognizing the needs of clients and competitive market, POWERCAB never fails to offer the best of services at acceptable prices when compared to other companies. This is accompanied by early deliveries and prompt

fulfillment of the client’s requirements and a promise of advanced backup assistance as and when requested by the  client. POWERCAB being a people-centric firm has been concentrating on quantity and accordingly regulating nominal profits. This benefits the company to obtain the largest AMC coverage every year. Ashis states,“Due to this AMC coverage, we have a substantial number of maintenance clients for our own products, however, we never maintain other brand elevators. “He continued,” POWERCAB is happy with POWERCAB USERS. The essence of the elevator business is to achieve a maximum number of maintenances which generates maximum revenues per month, which is a great support to run the business smoothly with all overhead expenses.”On the other hand, the profits brought about from the formation of new lifts are added to the capital every year, which according to the firm,are utilized to finance  new productions.

Industry Acknowledgements

POWERCAB, an ISO 9001:2015 accredited firm, has received numerous awards from organizations such as the Institute of Economic Studies and other esteemed bodies. Some of the awards earned by POWERCAB include the Udyog Ratna award in the year 1999-towards industrial development in West Bengal; Trans world gold star award in the year 1999- New Delhi-towards highest achievement in selling the product in the metro city Kolkata; Excellency award in the year 1999-towards designing and production;Gold Medal award in the year 2001-towards services and production; and Excellence award for extra ordinary achievements in India’s Development.

Shaping the Industry

The company will continue to deliver the best of lifts and elevator service and uplift the society. Talking about future endeavors,Ashis told us that the firm will maintain International Standards of products and keep up with its competitive price and solid support of maintenance. With a visionary mindset and perceiving the industry needs and

setting up milestones, the firm targets to achieve:

  • Center opening doors and other elevator/escalator spares, and manufacturing all the items and transactspares parts to other local companies of nearby states with a much-reduced price in comparison to the suppliers of Ahmadabad, Mumbai, Pune, etc.
  • Plans to install more sophisticated machinery at the earliest by December 2019 for mass production and quality of the products, matching that of Multinational companies
  • Revamped elevator cabins styles with more attractive designs and features compared to multinational companies
  • Addition of features to the microprocessors control panel for easy location of faults and better performance
  • Training technical staff everyday by well experienced and efficient engineers
  • Improvement of marketing network bythe establishment of franchisee within and outside the states in eastern part of India
  • A plan to open four showrooms for elevator products like car dealers, etc. by 2020 in Kolkata
  • Plans for change in shift timings for 24hrs maintenance network
  • Reducing AMC costs compare to multinationals

Passing the Path of Excellence

Revealing the secret mantra, Ashis guides upcoming young entrepreneurs by stating, “Have at least 8/10 years solid technical experience in this field and capable to develop the product time to time as per market demand with a sophisticated production unit equipped with modern automated machine, etc. and solid marketing network and solid support of maintenance.” Not only this, but a whole lot of entrepreneurship, commitment, and responsibilities towards society can be learned from Ashis and POWERCAB.

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