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PQube Business Solutions
PQube Business Solutions

The biggest revolution brought upon by the Information Technology (IT) era is that businesses are no longer confined to physical boundaries. The ever-enhancing computational power, techno-upgrading electronic devices, and seamless digital connectivity made it possible for the smallest companies to cater to the widest numbers of global consumers instantly in real time.

The comfort and ease of doing business on eCommerce platforms mean anybody from anywhere can offer products, services, and solutions to international customers. The wave of digitalization transformed every industry, each sector, and all enterprising activities in its wake.

The increased digitalization also made it imperative for businesses to compete in the constantly evolving dynamic scenarios where client expectations are sky-high. Such a hyper-connected digital marketplace demands the highest quality IT-managed business solutions and services provided by PQube Business Solutions.

Because “Quality is measured as the degree of excellence. To achieve quality in our technology solutions, we strive to understand the business in detail, plan and cover risks to the last mile and execute to perfection. Whether it is a brochure website or a complex eCommerce platform, the approach will be the same!” says Supreeth Bhat, the Founder & Managing Director. 

The Qualitative Excellence of Patience * Perseverance * Perfection

PQube is a leading business solutions provider in India, offering a wide range of services to help organizations achieve fast and high-quality growth across various sectors. While many companies prioritize quantity, PQube emphasizes quality in its IT solutions, providing only the best to its customers.

Prasanth Rana, Executive Director, adds they are a trusted IT-managed service provider, prioritizing quality and customer satisfaction. Their skilled team leverages advanced technologies to monitor and manage clients’ smooth operations. They value communication and collaboration, building strong relationships with clients to understand their goals and provide regular updates. “Our dedication to helping businesses leverage technology ensures they stay competitive in today’s fast-paced digital landscape,” he says.

Let us hear what PQube delivers from the highly impressed clientele of the company:

*Mr Ambarish, the Director of Operations at IncepBio – a Pharmaceutical Service and Consulting firm, says, “We support the pharmaceutical companies with their CQV and compliance services. We had a website that was developed three years ago. As the performance of the website had come down, and as we wanted to give a new feel and look to the website, we hired the PQube team to get the job done for us. After launching our new website, we saw improved performance on the website. Specifically, the website’s speed had improved a lot, which helped load the pages quickly. Also, they optimized the website across all devices. Our clients loved the website’s new look, not just that it provided them with a better understanding of our services. The team was very professional with their approach. Mr Supreeth always gave us viable options and explained what worked better. They were transparent and accommodating at the same time. Five stars for their excellent job done.”

PQube is focused on providing top-of-the-line Cloud Managed Services, which includes comprehensive cloud environment management for its clients. It offers expert support for M365/SharePoint and Dynamics 365, popular cloud-based software solutions businesses use worldwide.

*Shivam V., the Digital, Data & IT Project Manager at Novo Nordisk, shares, “PQube Business Solutions developed our mobile application forms from scratch. They followed our company guidelines and policies, listened to our principals, and adhered to our standard operating procedures. Since we needed the app to work for patients and doctors, PQube Business Solutions ensured the app was compatible with iOS and Android. 

Timely delivery and complying with company processes and regulations are crucial for us. PQube Business Solutions has really met our expectations in all of those. Also, the quality of the work they deliver for the money we’re investing is top-notch.

Now, PQube Business Solutions provides ongoing maintenance and support services. Their team also provides some cloud hosting services, and we plan to extend the partnership to include web development and IT Managed Services.”

The Quantum of People * Principles * Prosperity

PQube’s strong focus on Azure and AWS is one aspect that sets it apart. The team of certified experts led by Aron and Raj provides customized solutions designed to meet each client’s unique needs. They are committed to helping businesses leverage the full potential of cloud technology to achieve their goals.

They understand the importance of fast and reliable support and offer ticketing SLAs for L1, L2, L3, and L7 support. Their support services are available 24/7/365, ensuring that their clients receive timely assistance whenever they need it.

*Brett G., the CEO of Grand Slam Designs, says, “We’re an embroidery design and graphic arts company. Our website was created and running on an outdated eCommerce platform that needed to be replaced. Our goals were to retain the functionality of a custom-built e-commerce website and carry the features, customer accounts, and order history to be migrated over without any bugs or issues. We also wanted to make sure during this upgrade and revamp to make our new website mobile-friendly. PQube completed this massive project with just four resources. We had a project manager, two lead developers and a graphic designer. 

We were working within a very short timeframe for the size of the project, and they worked crazy hard to meet our deadline. We were able to meet our phase one launch, which, to be honest, I did not think would happen to go into this because of the size of the project and all that was included.

I was most impressed with the drive and dedication their team had with regard to working to complete this project, and that included taking on some custom applications that are extremely unique to my industry and, at times, even go against the common ideas that come along with eCommerce.”

Trusted by Fortune 500 Companies

In Cybersecurity, PQube offers various services to help businesses protect their data and assets. Supreeth shares, “Our team of experts can help identify and mitigate risks, and we provide regular security updates to ensure our clients’ systems are always protected.”

*A Network Security Director of a Network Security Company says, “We ensure that cybersecurity is up to the industry standards for our customers. Our organization lacked some technical skills, and PQube Business Solutions came to the rescue, providing the required technical skills for our security infrastructure. PQube Business Solutions has successfully delivered what we need. Their team rectifies tickets within 24 hours; before hiring them, it would take two days to rectify a ticket. Their team has tight timelines and budgets, but they’ve been able to deliver within those constraints. Typically, we communicate through Microsoft Teams. PQube Business Solutions’ management is their biggest strength — they manage their time and resources well. They’re also technical experts.”

PQube’s offering stands out in the cutthroat competition due to its focus on Cloud Managed Services, expertise in M365/SharePoint and Dynamics 365, strong emphasis on Azure and AWS, 24/7/365 support, cybersecurity services, state-of-the-art data centres, and reliable infrastructure.

The organization also operates state-of-the-art data centres and provides reliable infrastructure services. This allows it to provide its clients with high-quality hosting solutions that are secure, scalable, and efficient.

“We are committed to providing exceptional services that meet our client’s unique needs and help them achieve their goals,” insists Supreeth, who has over 18 years of experience working in multiple areas and numerous roles, starting as an Application Developer, Database Administrator, Project Manager and Business Consultant in a wide variety of business applications.

Supreeth is particularly interested in client/server and relational database design using MS-SQL Servers. He says, “Always interested in migration projects, especially complicated/complex migrations, I personally take great pride in being challenged and delivering beyond expectations which are realistic and sometimes unattainable.”

His numerous specialities include eCommerce Architecture, team portal systems, XML, ASP.NET, HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, SQL, MS Office, Product Management, Project Management, and Agile/Scrum Team.

Passionate about Building People to Build Businesses

Sharing the immersive benefits of digital strategy solutions offered by PQube to its clients, Supreeth says that with their solutions, clients can gain a deeper understanding of their target audience and their behaviour, enabling them to develop more effective marketing and branding strategies.

“They are designed to help our clients stay ahead of the competition by providing them with the tools and expertise they need to succeed in today’s digital landscape. Whether developing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, optimizing their website for search engines, or enhancing their social media presence, our solutions deliver tangible results and help our clients achieve their business goals,” he informs.

Being an experienced leader, Supreeth opines how adopting modern technologies like AI and ML impacts the IT services sector and how PQube is adapting to the change. He says, “We believe AI&ML are transforming the industry. Our organization constantly adapts our services to incorporate these technologies, such as developing sophisticated eCommerce and Digital marketing strategies and optimizing clients’ IT infrastructure. We remain committed to providing advanced solutions to help clients achieve their goals in today’s fast-paced digital landscape.”

Overall, the adoption of AI&ML is revolutionizing the IT services sector, and PQube is at the forefront of this transformation. The company remains committed to providing its clients with the most advanced and effective solutions possible, helping them stay ahead of the competition and achieve their business goals.

Together, We Defeat Every Challenge

Speaking about adversities, PQube team says that in today’s industry scenario, they face numerous challenges, including rapidly changing technologies, increased competition, and evolving customer expectations. To overcome these challenges, they prioritize innovation, collaboration, and flexibility.

They invest heavily in research and development to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends, enabling them to offer cutting-edge solutions to their clients. “We also foster a culture of collaboration, encouraging our team members to share their expertise, and we encourage hybrid work environments where our team can work from home or office and keep it practical and flexible,” mentions Pushpa, Operations Director.

Additionally, the team remains flexible and adaptable, recognizing that the needs of their clients are constantly evolving. They are always ready to pivot and adjust their strategies to meet these changing needs, ensuring their clients always receive the highest quality services and solutions possible.

“Overall, by prioritizing innovation, collaboration, and flexibility, we can overcome the industry’s challenges and remain at the forefront of the IT services sector,” reveals the top Management.

In his advice to budding professionals who aspire to venture into the IT-managed service industry, he says ‘to prioritize continuous learning and staying up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends. It’s essential to have a deep understanding of the industry and its various technologies and a passion for innovation and problem-solving.

A Nuclear Fusion Team to Transform Your Future

Additionally, developing strong communication and collaboration skills is critical for success in the industry, as you’ll be working closely with clients to create solutions that meet their unique needs.

And it’s always important to be adaptable and flexible, as the IT-managed service industry constantly evolves. By staying agile and open to change, you’ll be better equipped to handle any challenges that may arise and deliver the best possible solutions to your clients.’

On envisioning scaling PQube’s operations and offerings in the future, Supreeth divulges that they are doing it by continuing to innovate and expand their services to meet the evolving needs of their clients. They plan to leverage emerging technologies like AI&ML to develop even more sophisticated solutions, such as personalized digital marketing campaigns and data-driven eCommerce strategies.

They plan to expand their geographic reach and build strategic partnerships to enhance their service offerings and provide even more value to their clients. “By scaling our operations and offerings in these ways, we hope to continue providing best-in-class IT-managed services that help our clients achieve their business goals and thrive in the ever-changing digital landscape,” he concludes.

For more information, please visit https://www.pqube.in/ or Email info@pqube.in or contact @ +91 97312 49009 (India).

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