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Mr.Subhakar Alapati| Director | Mr. Srikar Alapati | MD | Global Tree

In today’s competitive world, every individual aims to hone their skills and build themselves to transform into the leaders of the business world. Some plan to carry out their education overseas and pursue their dream career. Accordingly, they are always at the lookout for the best overseas educational institutions. This is where the leading overseas career advisors have a very important role to play. They provide updated information about the most promising overseas institutions, which students can opt for.

One such distinguished player in the arena of international career growth is Global Tree Overseas Careers. Conceptualized as a global career advice and assistance firm in the year 2006, it provides advice and support to aspiring students as well as professionals who aim to go abroad for a better life.  What started off as a single office in Hyderabad, providing services for a single country, soon grew to a behemoth with more than fourteen branches all over India.

Today, it provides services for career advancement, including both, overseas education and immigration all over the world. Global Tree is expanding its presence into other Asian countries as well, and is planning to engage more manpower across the continent and the world as well. The company has also launched a number of CSR initiatives and takes pride in keeping all of its offices as eco-friendly zones.

Offering Peerless Services

Global Tree provides students as well as working professionals with comprehensive visa services. Each and every branch of the company boasts of well-ventilated and comfortably furnished counseling rooms where clients can meet with their advisors on a one-to-one basis.

The coaching department employs well trained faculty, latest researched materials, and dedicated coaching rooms with sophisticated equipment to ensure success for the clients. Global Tree also features an in house research team that is on the constant watch for any changes or developments in immigration policies and updates its current and prospective clients regarding the same.

In-depth research and analysis by the company showed that many students were unaware of their options for universities and ended up applying to institutions that weren’t as renowned as the academic qualifications of the students. As a result, they would often have to waste their precious time in running from pillar to post to fulfill all the mandatory conditions for pursuing their education abroad such as filling out application forms, writing personal essays, and making sure they have their transcripts and references in order.

Global Tree was born out of a desire to fill this gap. It was conceived as a one-stop shop that would provide support to students through the services of education counselors, who would advise them on universities and colleges to apply to, guiding them through the application process, coaching them for successfully completing the required gateway exams like SAT, GMAT, GRE, ACT, IELTS, and TOEFL.

Focused Leadership

Global Tree confidently marches towards excellence in career-development initiatives under the ardent stewardship of the front runners, Mr. Srikar Alapati, the MD and Mr. Subhakar Alapati, the Director of the company. They have worked together dedicatedly and have built the company from scratch, while supporting each other constantly.

The Alapati brothers have played an equal role in bringing the company to the level it is today and have constantly come up with innovative practices to best serve the interests of their clientele. They have relied on their strong educational background, and traditional familial ties to build a company that focuses on employee satisfaction as much as customer satisfaction and profit margins. They believe that the company’s success could be attributed to the fact that all the employees of the company, whether big or small, consider themselves to be a part of the Global Tree family.

Noteworthy Accomplishments

The company has won many laurels throughout its journey of building bright career pathways for aspiring students. Global Tree’s greatest accomplishment has been the trust it has earned over the years from its clients and patrons. This has, in turn, earned the company the title of the most trusted overseas education firm in the country.

Global Tree, as a brand, has been gaining recognition from all around the world. It has won the prestigious Times Icon award for excellence in overseas education for the third time in a row. The company was also recognized as one of the top 10 international career advisors in India by Silicon India Magazine. The company was also awarded the highly prestigious India’s greatest brands and leaders award for the year 2017-2018, and was recognized as the most promising company for offering international career advice to students and professionals by the Silicon India Magazine for the year 2017.

The Director, Mr Subhakar Alapati, is considered as one of the leading experts on the subject of overseas education & immigration and has been invited to write many guest articles in reputed publications on the subject such as Forbes, US News, Eenadu and many more. He has also been invited to share his expert views on various topics related to international education opportunities by various channels (ETV), to participate, in televised debates and discussions.

Providing Quality Assistance to Students

Global Tree offers complete and comprehensive services ranging from assisting students as well as professionals in taking the all-important decision of where to study, while guiding them about the all-important task of gaining admission to the college of their choice and successfully applying for student visa. It takes care of all their documentation process as well as assists them every step of the way in making sure no stone is left unturned in making their dream of studying abroad come true. For professionals, Global Tree provides them advice and assistance on immigration opportunities as well as immigration laws in different countries across the world.

Global Tree provides pre-departure and post-landing support to Indian students and professionals who receive employment opportunities in different countries through the firm. These include seminars and one-to-one counseling on how to adjust with and to embrace the new climate and culture at the destination country, as well as guidance on steps that the student needs to take on landing at the port of entry.

The company provides guidance to students regarding what they can and cannot carry on the flight as well as how to answer the questions that could be asked on arrival. Additional facilities include air ticketing and foreign exchange services as well as airport pick up and transfer, and accommodation in the city where they intend to study. Global Tree also has a network of alumni in different cities in the world, who provide much needed support to newly arriving students and immigrants

Commendable Collaborations and Accreditation

Global Tree has been constantly evolving and reinventing itself from the days of its conception. It has adopted initiatives such as exclusive partnerships and tie ups with the most prestigious educational institutes, including Ivy League universities all over the world.

The company has received accreditation from a number of international educational authorities, such as the Education UK, American International Recruitment Council (AIRC), ICEF agency, and others. It is an authorized registration agent for IELTS and PTE examinations and is a member of international educational co-operatives such as the NAFSA.

Emphasis on Attaining Excellence

The prime objective of Global Tree is to ensure that students and professionals receive the best overseas opportunities. It regularly conducts spot assessment programs as well as university seminars, where students get the opportunity to interact with university delegates and learn more about their prospects of studying abroad.

The company has been the center for education excellence and overseas immigration information for students and professionals  from all over India, and has conducted various international education expos & workshops in multiple cities across the country. In the current year itself, it has conducted Australia Education Fair, across various cities in India to give students access to information about studying in Australia.

The company has also conducted Global Education USA & Canada Expo to provide students with the opportunity to learn about the admission process in these countries. Moreover, these educational expos provide an excellent opportunity for students to know more about the universities abroad where they wish to study, and to get information directly from the university delegates. Global Tree also conducts various spot admission drives, where students can come in with their credentials and get admission on the spot, after consultation with university delegates.

Future Footsteps

Global Tree has been growing from strength to strength and is planning to expand its presence Pan Asia, in order to assist the students from other Asian countries as well. Going forward, the company also plans to provide immigration services for many more countries.

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