Pristine InfoSolutions: Securing the Future

The Indian Tech Industry is booming and evolving every day like never before. New technologies and researches are coming up at a faster rate than we imagined and the world is getting crowded with it. But somewhere down the line, the industry is not concentrating enough to enhance the security aspects of the same, leading to the rise of Cyber Crimes. These are the times that will define and create the foundation for the digital infrastructure which will stay uphill for the next century and more. The race for the top has been going on for a while now and is in no mood to stop. Thus, if organizations are to stay ahead and perhaps win the race, then security is not the kind of thing one would want to underestimate. The need for security is not one of the novel topics, as its been there since the dawn of digital era. But the scenario seems to be changing now as many individuals and organizations have started to take ‘security’ as a very serious factor. Enters a leading provider of Ethical Hacking Training and Information Security Services, Pristine InfoSolutions to the rescue.
Embracing Strong Proficiencies in IT Security Industry
Formed in 2010 and Headquartered in Mumbai, India, Pristine is embracing strong proficiencies in IT Security and Audit Services, Cyber Crime Investigations, Cyber Law Consulting and the entire spectrum of IT Security training businesses. The firm is focused on providing smart, next-generation business solutions to help enterprises across the world to overcome their business challenges. Having 4 offices in Mumbai and total 8 branch offices across India, Pristine is striving through the high waves of Information Security.
Pristine’s incomparable experience allows them to give a varied range of IT trainings and services to professionals and corporates grooming them for the heightened challenges of IT Security Industry. The training and service excellence combined with outstanding value has established Pristine as a leading Information Security Training provider throughout the country. As an end-to-end technology services and training provider, Pristine’s capability sets themselves apart as a unique, one-stop alternative to IT self-management. They also conduct Ethical Hacking Workshops, Bootcamps, Cyber Awareness Camps and Seminars to educate the global community on the issues of Information Security, and encourage further development.
Impeccable Range of Services
Their services ensure that their customersare well prepared to deal with the ever-increasing range of cyber threats to the corporate networks.
Information Security
The advancement of technology, the Internet, and information sharing has had both positive and negative impacts. One of the negative impacts is the large increase in new “information” threats. The number of threats and reported computer related incidents are increasing at a tremendous rate. The ability to carry out threats against information systems has been made easier due to a sharp increase in system vulnerabilities. Unauthorized access to confidential information is also the result of weak or non-existent information security practices. Not identifying and mitigating risks is a leading cause of unauthorized access and the exploitation of vulnerabilities. At Pristine, they ensure that the gaps and weaknesses in the ongoing processes, technical configurations and operations are well identified and acted upon in a timely manner.
Cyber Law Consulting
At Pristine, their aim is to contribute to the ever evolving cyber legal jurisprudence and emerging legal issues pertaining to Cyberspace, Internet and the World Wide Web. They provide legal services to appropriate individuals, small start-ups, non-profit groups and government entities regarding cutting-edge issues of the Internet, new technology and intellectual property.
Pristine helps their clients to identify and protect their trademark infringement via cyber squatting, regular monitoring of bad faith domain names registration, etc. The only authoritative way to research UDRP opinions is to read the cases themselves, all of which are published online. However, they make it simple by their expertise in Jurisprudence of Cyber Law. Thus, they excel in cyber law consulting, cyber forensics, IT/Network Security Audit and Compliance, software license piracy cases, trademark and copyright infringement cases, credit card and online frauds mitigation.
IT Outsourcing
IT outsourcing services allow business executives to retain control over IT strategies while benefiting from reduced operating costs and risks without compromising service delivery to end users and their clients. At Pristine, they offer maintenance and management programs that are professional, inexpensive and take care of client’s entire IT infrastructure environment to ensure that client’s business provide a real and measurable return on investment.
They ensure the customer’s IT infrastructure consistently runs at peak performance. Their 24/7 Help Desk is staffed with highly-trained technicians with years of experience supporting end-users on desktops, laptops, servers, and networks. They can be onsite with their team or work from a remote location where they combine their people, process, and remote tools to ensure client’s business operations function as expected. Their team helps you manage both strategic and tactical technology-based initiatives.
Educational Courses and Workshops :
With more than 30,000 + students & over 250+ Corporates, Pristine excels in training the youth and corporates on Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security. Pristine has successfully delivered many workshops on topics like Ethical Hacking, Cyber Security, Forensics and many more.
Rizwan Shaikh: A Man with the Magic Seed
Rizwan Shaikh, Founder and CTO of Pristine InfoSolutions is an Information Security Researcher and Cyber Crime Consultant with more than 9 years of experience in the meadow of Ethical Hacking, Information Security and Cyber Law. He has conducted Ethical Hacking training and provided Information Security services across the globe for the last decade. Many corporate and leading institutions of India have invited him for conducting workshops, seminars, boot-camps and trainings on Ethical Hacking and Information Security.
Rizwan’s area of expertise includes Vulnerability Assessment, Information Security Audits, Penetration Testing, Source Code Reviews, Computer Forensics, Ethical Hacking and Cyber Law. He has revealed numerous critical vulnerabilities, bugs, loop holes and more on websites and networks of major Corporates and institutions. He has also resolved many Cyber Crime cases and is also a security advisor for various reputed organizations.
“Never Back Down” Attitude Paved Way
When looking back at how far they have come, the journey seems interesting and exciting. Though, it was filled with sophisticated & unresolved cases, their “Never Back Down” attitude towards their projects has always helped them crack every case with same enthusiasm and success.
Many startup companies focus and invest their valuable time on thinking how big their competitors are and look-up to their work style, rates or format. But Pristine is an exception. Instead of focusing on competitors, they worked on uphilling their own game. Their focus was working on delivering the best solutions and services when it comes to security and hacking. Their target – assessing and auditing a Website, Network or Application in such a way that it is almost 100% hack-proof, has made them stand ahead of the crowd.
“Rather than watching competitors we invested our time and labor into intense in-house training and making sure to hire the best talent with Pristine InfoSolutions. Yes, the journey was tough with a lot of hurdles, but with our dedicated family of Team Pristine we were able to overcome all the challenges and achieved milestones. This is one of the major reasons, we stand as one of the best companies today to provide Cyber Security to major organization’s in India. There is a very famous proverb that our students and employees are proud of, i.e All Hackers are talented, but only the best works at Pristine,” asserts Rizwan.
Every Project is “The Greatest One”
Pristine has cracked and resolved huge number of highly confidential government projects. These projects varied from spying, tracing and tracking criminals to finding vulnerabilities in a website/server and patching them. One good showcase of their high success is –  list of many successfully cracked cases within the stipulated time allotted. Apart from government project, Pristine has been serving many corporates in planning their IT security. They take care of the end-to-end process in the projects making sure clients are satisfied with Pristine. They have never considered a particular project the greatest one, because they believe every project they encounter is different and challenging, and requires the same zeal and hard work. They always execute every project with a positive attitude making sure they complete it with the same attitude and quality.
Success is “The Entire Pristine Family”
The success of Pristine InfoSolutions is deeply attributed to the entire Pristine Family. All the employees are the key to unlock the door of success for the organization. It is only because of their dedication and support that Pristine InfoSolutions is running ahead in the era of the digital world with uncompromised quality.
Rizwan’s Advice to the Young Entrepreneurs
First of all, we are very glad to see the kind of latest Innovation and Technology that is being created or brought in the market today by young entrepreneur’s. These people are a major factor that is bringing the digital revolution across the globe. My advice for them is quite simple – Growth would be appreciated by the society only if it is secure. Technology and new ideas which are meant to be created to serve us should always undergo rigorous Security Test so that no loop holes are left behind which may lead to big loss of an individual or company.
Looking Beyond the Digital Tomorrow
Pristine has a vision of creating a world free from Cyber Crime. It focuses to train individuals towards the ethical purpose of hacking to start their career in Security of the Modern Age. Apart from this, Pristine InfoSolutions organizes one of the India’s Biggest Security Conference, “HackTech” to guide the youth and the organization to be up to date with today’s technology, cyber crimes, hacks and more which helps an individual to be aware of things happening in the modern age.
“The talent of the youngster’s today shows us great hope that the Digital Security tomorrow looks strong as these youngsters have great potential that just needs to be nurtured. Also the biggest concern that we experience in our professional world is most of these youngster’s knowingly or unknowingly end up doing unethical activity or cybercrime due to lack of knowledge regarding the opportunities they can have in the Ethical World. Pristine InfoSolutions and its entire family march towards not only just providing a safe Cyber Space, but also creating an awareness regarding the career opportunities and giving our nation the best minds to protect them tomorrow,” concludes Rizwan.

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