Prof Dr Parin Somani: The Quintessential Force of Eternal Wisdom

Prof Dr Parin Somani

Legends are made of cosmic depths of timeless infinity, universal force of boundless eternity, and living serenity of the ultimate wisdom. All the biased definitions in ‘Man’s thesaurus of patriarchy falls pale in front of these legendary and mighty leaders abundant in the quintessential charisma of immortal energy, today coming in the form of Prof Dr Parin Somani, a multifaceted, multitalented, and mightily monumental personality. She is the Director of the London Organisation of Skills Development (LOSD) and an Independent Academic Scholar, TEDx Speaker, Educator, International Motivational Speaker, Author, Writer, Banker, Humanitarian, Philanthropist, Multi-International Award Winner.

Of course, the sky is not enough. Prof Dr Parin Somani has eight Doctorate degrees, recognized five times in the World Book of Records, twice in the India Book of Records, Asia Book of Records, Karnataka Book of Records, and Golden Book of World Records. All her experience has allowed her to help global societies in Education, Women Empowerment, and Youth Development. She has travelled to more than 117 countries, published 41+ educational papers, newspaper/magazine articles, and 19 books, and featured in 100+ videos and 177+ newspapers/books.

During COVID-19, she has educated 100,000+ people globally, delivered research at Harvard University, and has been invited by the Governors of India. Having survived life-threatening aggressive cancer twice, one decade apart, she has realized the importance of education, knowledge, and, most importantly, skill development in a continually changing world.

Through her vast knowledge and diverse skill set, Prof Dr Parin Somani has driven LOSD to great heights to help global societies excel in their personal and professional lives. She possesses an array of diverse qualities that are most admirable, from professionalism to integrity, compassion, and motivation to succeed together. Her actions within LOSD reflect her two mottos as she works tirelessly to help humanity progress unitedly.

LOSD’ s slogan ~ ‘You Can Reach Your True Potential!’ is exactly the service it provides. London Organisation of Skills Development LTD (LOSD) has been created to usher the world toward a united, prosperous future. The organisation is helping humanity through education, women empowerment, and youth development, facilitating specialized skill acquisition in multidisciplinary subjects and improving quality of life. An all-inclusive organisation passionate about education despite backgrounds, LOSD offers free online classes. With a global outreach, LOSD publishes research through Global Research Journal (GRJ) and offers podcasts to appeal to diverse individuals. LOSD believes in equal opportunities to progress in lifelong learning and the importance of knowledge acquisition in contemporary life. Through LOSD, 100,000+ individuals have been facilitated in developing their skills.

The LOSD Excellence Awards recognizes outstanding contributions by individuals and organisations in numerous categories. LOSD has contributed to the skills development of 100,000+ individuals globally. This has been possible through 256+ webinars and live and virtual conferences where Prof Dr Parin Somani has been instrumental in sharing her knowledge and mentoring individuals.

In addition, GRJ has been pivotal in bringing global researchers on one platform to share information, identify challenges, and find solutions to a multidisciplinary topic globally.

Prof Dr Parin Somani, through LOSD, has utilized technological advancements to create learning content imparted to interested learners within interactive video conferencing software. In addition, her Global Research Journal (GRJ) provides a platform for global researchers, educators, and academics, despite their backgrounds, to present their findings through the key values of Free Global Knowledge Acquisition, Complex Language Made Simple, Attractive Visuals, and Global outreach and representation.

Technology has enabled each core value to administer, adding value to societies globally to find solutions to challenging contemporary issues. Within LOSD conferences held at world-class higher education institutions globally, people are empowered to think critically and contribute toward helping society embrace advanced technologies.

The world is continuously changing, and technological advancements are growing rapidly. Individuals are facing challenges in employment, education, personally or professionally. There is a continuous need to bridge the skill gap that stops individuals from excelling.

Prof Dr Parin Somani recognizes these challenges and provides a global platform through which individuals can acquire the necessary skills to reach their goals. The LOSD courses are available for individuals to enroll in numerous classes, develop the essential skills and apply them in contemporary life. Hence, lifelong learning is vital in an ever-changing world.

It is important to learn from previous mistakes, understand the current challenges, prepare for the future, and set goals for success. Strengthening existing skill sets and learning novel skills will give budding entrepreneurs positive results.

In her advice to budding entrepreneurs aspiring to venture into the knowledge industry, Prof Dr Parin Somani says, “Education and skill development are essential in contemporary life; therefore, we welcome budding entrepreneurs to learn the necessary skills to flourish.”

LOSD is a multidimensional firm eager to continue growing from strength to strength to facilitate skill acquisition. LOSD has numerous courses available for individuals to enroll in.

GRJ provides a platform for global researchers to share their papers and articles with international audiences. It ensures scientific rigour while combining colour and visuals appealing to the senses. This makes knowledge acquisition more relatable to a diverse range of readers and researchers.

In addition, GRJ allows all interested individuals to participate in listening to the GRJ podcast. “This facility enables readers to select an article of their choice and listen to professionally narrated research articles that give research more character, bringing it to life through another sense,” she says.

According to Prof Dr Parin Somani , a strong vision, a series of goals, and the ability to bring the team together to achieve success are the traits any influential leader must have. “They must also possess a positive motivational drive, compassion for others, critical thinking, and integrity,” she concludes.

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