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Technology and automation are an integral part businesses. They have had a great impact on the industrial and automation processes and has driven business growth. Automation, machine learning, artificial intelligence in most businesses today, has become inevitable.

One of the greatest advantages of using technology is that it has vastly reduced the amount of time taken to do the same job. Machines are performing far more better in a limited amount of time without any drudgery. The advances in computing power is executing complex, mundane and even huge volume of work within minutes.

As more out of things can be achieved in less or the same amount of time, embracing technology has enhanced the productivity to a large extent. Technology has freed up the person to do more skilled and substantial jobs, as the routine, transactional processes are now automated. This has led to better utilization of one’s skills, which in turn has steered to greater productivity. Businesses can now do the same jobs with less manpower requirement.

Technology and automation has proved to be a valuable insight to business. By turning information and numbers into actionable and meaningful data, businesses have optimised strategic and calculated decisions. Technologies like big data analytics have been pivotal in the decision-making process ensuring business growth.

Revenue and profit determine the growth trajectory of any business, thus technology has played a cardinal role helping businesses grow their revenues significantly.

While many people believe that automation shall replace people, one can hope that it simply means they are going to move into new roles. This has happened throughout the history of industry, and has resulted in a higher average standard of living in the long run. It has given a reason to be excited about the future.

Automation is already a popular manufacturing process, but with advances in AI and remote communication, this practice is likely to explode in the forthcoming decades. It is going to make automation more widespread and even more reliable.

Thus, for businesses looking at using technology and automation, the key is to identify the functions that need tech intervention. For, the efficiencies, results, and the level of disruption it provides, is likely to transform its processes. Once these three variables are accounted for, a business should not hesitate to embrace technology and automation.

Analyzing these trends of businesses and industries in the near future, businesses and industries may almost double their operating profit and margin. The positive change will continue to shape the way businesses work, especially when it comes to organization and relationships with customers.

Today emerging and well established companies are providing businesses with advanced solutions and assistance in unravelling the secrets of all the industries. We at Insights Success have released this special edition titled India’s Best Companies to Work For 2020”.

Within the edition, we have focused on exhibiting the best companies and their portfolios with unique solutions. Considering the same intent, let us introduce you to these exemplary companies.

We have featured a special story of Modern Veer Rays Security Force. It is a sophisticated and intently organized global security firm. The company offers adequate protection to customers by delivering lifestyle-driven solutions via professionally installed mobile apps, and digital-based offerings for residential, medium, small, and micro enterprises, and large commercial customers.

We have also focused on a number of progressive companies and their core personnel who have come up with the most unique solutions like Fusion BPO Services, that stands out in the BPM solutions that suit the need of small businesses and enterprises. Also the magazine has featured Adon System & Solutions Pvt. Ltd into the edition.

This magazine includes a Leaders’ Quest section as well. Vinod Gulvady, the Director & HR Operations specialist of Fynamics Training Solutions discuss the topic “How payroll data can support business decisions”.

Moreover, in the section Leaders Voice, Devansh Chaurasiya, the Manager of Hewlett Packard discuss on the topic, “Asset Turnover Ratio with IT Industry”.

We have an exclusive ‘Interview with Insights Success’. Here, Vivek Kumar, the Chief Executive Officer of Vision India, and Mr. Nishant Pitti, the Chief Executive Officer, of EasyMyTrip talk about their overall journey and the influences made by their firm, service offerings, winning honors, current, and future perceptions.

Moreover, George Zachariah, the CEO of ExTravelMoney, Mike Mattsen and Aarati Kumar, the CEO and COO of MattsenKumar Pvt. Ltd are featured.

The editor’s thoughts are also the part of this magazine where we have made an amazing article based on Blockchain and Business Ethics.

 So flip the pages of our magazine and explore interesting insights into the world of business!

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