Social Media App to have a Parent Safety Feature.

Social Media App

At this point in time it is no surprise how famous Tik Tok has become.  Sensor Tower had stated that Tik Tok had become the most downloaded non-game app worldwide in such a short span of time. This survey was conducted in January of 2020, where Tik Tok was leading the downloaded apps trail with over 104.7 million installs with more than 34.4% of them being from India.

The popularity credit for this app could be given to the youngsters who find this app as source to amuse themselves. Tik Tok has issued warnings for users and has opted for controlled environments for the parents to monitor the safe usage of the app by their kids. Tik Tok has installed a family safety mode on the app which allows safety of the kids on the app.

Using this Family Safety mode, parents would be able to link their Tik Tok account to that of their kids and could conduct a process called “Digital Wellbeing”. This process is inclusive of 3 things: screen-time – which would allow parents to monitor the amount of time their kids spend on the app. The second one being Direct Messages – this could be used by the parents to monitor who their kid is talking to and they could also turn off the dm’s completely. The third one being the restricted mode – this mode allows the parents to restrict content that they feel is unfit for the audience to see.

Tik Tok stated that when people would use their app, there would be a sense of safety and privacy with the content they share and view and this also could help parents keep a check on their kids.

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