Public Media Solution: Providing Seamless Services Ranging from Public Relation to E-Commerce

For any company, there are various factors for growth. Ranging from maintaining the public relationship to digital marketing, a company needs to maintain an upward graph. While it is important that a company constantly capture new clients from the desired market, it is also essential to retain the customers.

Maintaining goodwill among the already established clients as well as the future clients is necessary for any company. Public Media s is one such company which has encompassed all the solutions that help a company grow continuously. The company exclusively focuses on delivering scalable and high-performance services. It mainly provides services like public relations, mobile apps, web apps, software solutions, blockchain, and SPN services.

Public Media s caters to diverse industries in Pune and globally as well. It provides expertise in creating, managing, and supporting prosperous software products. Along with this, it is also helping its customers by providing exceptional solutions for social networks, marketplaces, real-time business analytics, E-Commerce portals, composite sync, and associations.

Established in 2014, Public Media s began its journey by forming strategic alliances with leading IT companies. The head office is located in the Magarpatta City in Pune. This location benefited the company to recognize, communicate and connect with the multi-cultural and multi-lingual audience.

Inspiring Personality

Ravinder Bharti is the Founder and CEO of Public Media s. With his insightful vision, he has been able to lead Public Media s to success. Through his extensive experience in the IT field, he manages to constantly contribute towards the growth of his organization. He is an expert in search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, marketing consulting, brand marketing, digital marketing, social media marketing, and public relations

Customized Solutions

Public Media s provides a range of services that enables its clients to expand their footprint. The company creates, promotes, and supports its client’s reach through different software, web, and application development. This ensures that the clients receive high adaptability, visibility and personalized training to generate an effective outcome.

To enhance the digital delivery of clients, Public Media s has been providing exceptional services. As it is important to positively represent the client to the entire world, the company provides public relation services to amplify its network. It includes media relations, reputation, management, corporate branding, corporate communication, internal communications, media monitoring and analysis, crisis management and visibility management.

Today, it is known that web development plays a vital role in the outreach of the company. Public Media s provides services which are industry-specific and customized to the current market needs. It ensures that clients are provided with a highly engaging, effortlessly operable system as well as user-friendly web applications.

Digital marketing is as important as owning a company. Having said that creating an impact in the online space is vital. That is when digital marketing comes to use. Various factors are considered while offering digital marketing services such as local SEO, enterprise SEO, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, SMO services and so on. Along with digital marketing, the content of the website also affects the retention of any prospective client. Public Media s takes care of all these factors and offers effective services. The E-Commerce solution is another aspect that the company is currently providing.

Customer Oriented Services

Innovation is a major aspect of Public Media s. Through innovation and open culture within the team, transformations and expansion are regularly promoted. While keeping innovation at its core, the company also focus on communication as it helps everyone to function smoothly and deliver services on time.

Public Media Solution has a very simple goal – strengthening the customer experience. This is done through broad domain expertise, aptitudes, and collaboration. Technology has always been aiding the company to improve its user experience.

Keeping up with industry trends is mandatory as it helps the team at Public Media s to provide up to date services to its clients. It actively participates across corporations and deals with bodies such as DSCI, NASSCOM, and STPI. It also offers insights on software quality, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), infrastructure development, and human resources training, etc

Through its enthusiastic team and their efforts, Public Media s has been able to meet the expectations of its clients. It accomplishes this by:

  • Continuously enhancing the administration policy
  • Managing the environmental impression of the ventures and assistance
  • Conducting out procedures to advance equal possibilities and to guarantee gender impartiality
  • Strengthening local inhabitants by life culture maintenance and socio-economical activities
  • Accomplishing its own objectives and goals
  • Complying with judicial needs, coordination and company’s systems

Attaining Excellence

Public Media s works on 5 main principles perfection, reliability, faith and support, honour and willingness. It is explained as:

Perfection: Our business solution differentiates privately by the active engagement & commitment to enhance and stimulate user experience.

Reliability:  Our solutions dedicated to satisfying the requirements of individuals, the curious multitudes and the environment by its superior productivity, boosting the resources of the travel company.

Faith and Support: Our solutions are responsible and reliable in all associations of global businesses with their valued clients.

Honour: Our solutions promote compatibility and affection among persons, acknowledging human heterogeneity.

Willingness: Our diverse ranges of solutions are careful, proactive, impassionate and quick in complying with the duties and responsibilities of travel agencies.

Furthermore, Public Media s will continue to work towards providing excellent services to its clients through these values.

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