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Shahid Pasha| Founder | Emsoftware Technology

As the internet is taking a leap over the world, millions of people are switching their preference for shopping. While some may still prefer in-store shopping and some choose to stick to online shopping. While there are some people who like to explore both the options every now and then.

Many customers go for purchasing offline to examine the product and hold the possession of the product just after the payment for the product. In this contemporary world customer’s loyalty depends upon the consistent ability to deliver quality, value, and satisfaction. Various studies show that the tendency of buying goods and commodities online has been increasing. This rise also leads to problems from both ends.

While there are numerous emerging and established e-commerce websites, the companies face various challenges throughout the journey. It has now become necessary for e-commerce sites to resolve these problems through expertise. Emsoftware Technology is one such company that provides accurate solutions.

Located in the IT hub of India, Emsoftware has a dense client network all around the world. Emsoftware is an all in one full-service internet-marketing firm. It provides customized marketing strategy which ranges from digital marketing to mobile application development.

Through the well-planned strategic online marketing, Emsoftware delivers cutting-edge and targeted solutions. This, in turn, helps the clients to convert leads and grow their business. The clients are benefited by the real-time data report that generates, validates and reports online sales leads.

Growing through Ups and Downs

The journey of Emsoftware has been a rough one. The company was started in 2010 in a single room with just two employees. The initial struggle of the company was indeed challenging. At the time of the inception of Emsoftware, the competition was high among the online marketing companies.

In the year 2010 when the market was already saturated, getting clients and providing solutions was not easy. As there were many players in the market offering solutions at unbeatable prices, Emsoftware was facing difficulties to build itself. But again with the help of the team and family, the company came across unique solutions to cater clients with excellent quality work and started capturing the market from local to the global market in just a few years.

It can be said that overcoming the barriers by the company has led the company to achieve great heights. Emsoftware dreamt to provide solutions at a reasonable price to those who can’t afford to take solutions from top companies in the market. This vision made a gateway for the company to enter the market. It further challenged many companies by providing distinct solutions to the customer at an economical price.

Currently, Emsoftware delivers complete IT services that include web development, e-commerce solutions, digital marketing and mobile applications. Depending on the requirements, customized services are provided to both, B2B and B2C clients.

Resolving the Major Issues

Throughout the years, Emsoftware has seen its clients facing numerous problems in the e-commerce world. The major problems faced by e-commerce sites have varied range. One of the major problems is UI/UX. Security is another issue that needs minute attention. Other problems like the technology adopted by the clients are old compared to the current advancements which need to be chosen.

Below are a few issues which are posing major problems in the present scenario:

  1. Generating a target audience.
  2. Generating quality leads.
  3. Converting shoppers into paying customers.
  4. Retaining Customers.
  5. Choosing the right technology and solutions.

Though these are a few mentionable issues, there are various minor issues that cannot be overlooked. With the help of the Emsoftware team, the company has come across unique solutions catering to the client’s needs. Through experience, the company has proved to excel in providing quality services. From just a few customers, today the firm has 1000+ customers across the globe.

Future Roadmap

Emsoftware has received the Best Technology Company award for the year 2019. It is also certified by ISO 9001:2015. Now in accordance with the certification, the team at Emsoftware is dedicated to creating happier communities. This will be achieved by helping organizations analyze, envision, transform, implement and evaluate various processes to achieve the desired goals.

Through the extensive experience of the team, the services are provided to various organizations. Despite providing specific solutions to specific clients, it never restricted itself from exploring various domains. Said that Emsoftware™ has been providing a helping hand to various NGOs, Healthcare, Education, Retail, Hospitality and Public Corporations.

The company further has set a goal to become the no. 1 e-commerce solution provider and digital marketing company in the entire country. Along with this, the company wants to focus on helping new start-ups while keeping the costs as economical as possible. Shortly, the company aims to be the exclusive company in the market to provide the best IT solutions for the health care sector.

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