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Tapan Parekh,Founder, Dot Solutions[World Wide Web, internet services, Internet Marketing, Marketing automation, Social media marketing services]
Tapan Parekh | Founder | Dot Solutions

Creating websites have become easier than ever. Most entrepreneurs and businesses can create their website from a plethora of online platforms that are available on the World Wide Web. Of course, implementing industry best practices along with exceptional user experience and interface are important but they don’t always meet the necessary goals that drive the growth of a business. Traffic, conversions and helping the site meet its crucial objective, sales are paramount for the success of an E-commerce solution.

In a developing country like India, where competition is intense, having an e-commerce website optimized for unrivaled traffic is essential. It increases the chances of conversions and can help organizations thrive in their endeavors. Hence, companies across the nations are taking initatives to create websites that will help businesses attain their desired target. One such company, which is helping organizations make steady progress towards their pursuits with its ‘customer first’ approach is Dot Solutions.

Dot Solutions is a Mumbai based internet services firm providing end-to-end web solutions. Established in the year 2002, the company has developed a loyal customer base and claims to be grown as an organization solely on recommendations.

Services that Drive Innovation

Being an Internet-based company, Dot Solutions offers services from domain registrations to web hosting, designing and development of websites and web-based solutions. It also provides Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services, web-based solutions and project-specific consultancy. The company is also known for delivering Internet Marketing/Advertising, Email marketing, Marketing automation, and Social media marketing services.

Dot Solutions is authorized partners with Google, Microsoft and Zoho and resells their entire cloud portfolio including their Email/Messaging/Collaboration solutions. The company is also a Shopify partner and helps its clients create E-commerce websites that deliver promising results.

‘Not’ Reinventing the Wheel

Dot Solutions spends a lot of time understanding its client’s needs, expectations and constraints to formulate solutions that are both sustainable and economically efficient. To speed up the time to market, it works with existing market solutions customized to suit its clients’ requirements. This results in saving the client’s time, effort and money.

The company utilizes best practices by developing mobile responsive sites. These ensure the sites are compatible across a variety of browsers and screens. Dot Solutions offers in-depth search engine optimization services and helps clients to implement their digital strategy.

The Industry Expert

Playing a pivotal role in the growth of Dot Solutions is none other than its Founder, Tapan Parekh. Mr. Parekh is deeply passionate about entrepreneurship and solving real-world problems with technology. With his extensive experience, Mr. Parekh helps Dot Solutions’ clients attain their bottom lines effortlessly.

He is an internet solution expert in web development projects and social media marketing since 1999. Over the years he has worked extensively with SME’s, Professionals and Non-Profits helping them create and leverage their online presence.

Mr. Parekh is also a visiting faculty at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, where he teaches a course on website design to 2nd year MA students. He holds a BSc (Physics) from the University of Mumbai, an MBA from the University of San Francisco with a focus on Entrepreneurship. His thirst for learning also encouraged him to pursue an LLB from the University of Mumbai along with a Diploma in Cyber Law from NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad.

Putting Principles Before Profit

Dot Solutions says keeping up with the dynamic evolution of the internet has always been a challenge for the company. However, by constantly updating its portfolio of skills and adapting to the best practices, the company has been able to stay ahead of the curve.

The company encourages its staff to attend seminars, workshops and conferences, besides conducting a few for itself. It helps Dot Solutions to stay at the cutting-edge on the internet world and in the process, helps its customers to stay relevant.

Views on the Industry

According to Dot Solutions, In today’s busy lifestyle, people seldom find the time to visit physical stores. The hassle around finding a desire store, visiting it personally and then purchasing the required product on MRP, put a lot of barriers for the average internet-savvy consumer.

The company adds, as the internet has evolved, people can now sit in their comfort and buy products from different merchants, with assurance, at a reasonable price. For them traditional ways of purchasing are inefficient. But this has resulted in losing the meaningful relationship between buyers and merchants. Hence, the E-commerce sites must understand and offer services to their customers that will help to maintain this meaning.

A Vision for the Future

Even though it has become easier for customers to create an intuitive website using a vast amount of resources, they still struggle to deliver the results. This is where Dot Solutions helps to add value. For the company, the future lies in moving up the value chain from simply being an infrastructure (domain & hosting) and service (website development) provider, to a solution provider.

Dot Solutions is planning to create a division which solely focuses on helping customers drive traffic and increase their sales both online and offline. It is also looking to establish a cyber law and cybersecurity consulting practice. This will help its clients to mitigate online risks and meet compliance requirements when it comes to their online presence. The company plans to keep on innovating and provide services that will help to enhance and pave a path of success for its clients in their endeavors.

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“We help companies understand their top three audiences online and then create a website which is customised to meet the needs of these individuals by making it easy for them to find what they are looking for.”

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