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For any company, customer is the king and maintaining better relations with them leads to success on all fronts. It is important for them to track customer behaviour, actions, and decisions. This way, companies will be able to come up with products, services, and marketing campaigns, which will attract the customers.

This is where, customer relationship management (CRM) plays its part. It helps in building strong relationships with the customers, which, in turn, leads to customer loyalty and retention. As a result, companies get more revenue, which ultimately helps them to earn more profits.

The major CRM companies are playing an important part in streamlining processes, finding new customers, organizing customer and prospect information, assisting them with their work, and so on. They browse through multiple sources and channels and collect information regarding a customer’s website, telephone, e-mail, and social media data. These companies organize all these information and provide their clients with a complete record of individuals and companies, which helps these clients to better understand the relationships over time.

These companies help their clients to manage day-to-day customer activities and interactions. They also focus on engaging the prospective customers of their clients with the right message, at the right time, through the right digital marketing campaigns and journeys. This helps the salespersons to work quickly and smartly, with a clear view of their targets and pipelines.

These forerunners of the CRM industry also connect to other applications, that help the clients to strengthen their customer relationships. Additionally, they provide the option of integrating their software with different business tools, such as document signing, accounting and billing, surveys, and so on. This leads to smooth information flow between both parties, while enabling a 360-degree view to the customer.

Moreover, some of these prominent CRM companies are employing artificial intelligence to automate administrative tasks such as data entry and lead or service case routing. This, in turn, saves more time to carry out other valuable activities. With automatically generated insights, companies can understand their customers better, and can also predict how they will feel and act. This helps them to get the right outreach.

The most celebrated CRM companies are going pillar to post to deliver excellent services to their clients. They are leaving no stone unturned to ensure timely delivery of the services, while bringing a smile on the face of their clients.

Hence, in this issue of Insights Success, we bring forth some of the celebrated CRM companies, which focus on providing the best services to the clients. They also ensure that their clients achieve excellence in their endeavours, while evolving dynamically. Hence, to know more about the spearheads of the CRM industry, browse through the pages!

Ananda Kamal Das



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