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Rachel & Sam Media & Entertainment

Media and Entertainment companies have changed the way advertisements, marketing and campaigning are executed.  Taking the note “Seeing is Believing” to new heights, branding has had a visual makeover. And with Digital Media ruling the charts, there’s more visibility for brands and companies than ever before.
Rachel & Sam Media & Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., a Mumbai based Corporate Media Company is a pioneer and innovator in Indian Media & Entertainment space. It acquires co-produces and distributes some of the most recognized and successful Media & Entertainment Services in India. It specializes in religious albums, Media, Advertisement, Casting, Print Media, Events, Promotion, Licensing and branding of corporate brands in India and aboard. It globally distributes its services with most of the top brands in India. Its considerable distribution capabilities enable it to target most of the population in India which is a flourishing market that is demonstrating significant economic growth.
Providing Superior Entertainment Value
Rachel & Sam provide a bouquet of services as an offering for its client. It makes Religious Music Videos along with Electronic Press Kits, Behind the Scenes, Religious Documentaries and Religious Event Filming, all at an affordable price. It also deals in Licensing, Branding and Merchandising brands and solutions. Its model is based on convincing brand owners to go straight into the distribution model via their licensing agency. It suggests them to manufacture the product, sell to distributors with healthy margins, and push the product with little (or no) marketing and works for commodity products such as innerwear, grooming, and hygiene products. On Media services front, the company is one of India’s largest media conglomerate planning to power pack Thirty-Three TV Channels with the reach of more than 95 million households in India. Its channels can be viewed in 27 countries including U.S.A, Canada, Europe, Singapore, Malaysia, Srilanka, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.
It is one of India’s leading independent full-service advertising agencies with wide capabilities providing advertising through all means of communication, print media, design, media planning and buying, market research, digital and public relations services to hundreds of its clients. The company also diversified itself with Rachel & Sam Casting Company incepted in 2016, which has evolved to become one of the premier casting companies catering to a worldwide clientele.
Rachel & Sam also handle event management with a focus on corporate events, festivals, weddings, promotions, and Government and Institutional events. Its Film Production division delivers effectual and captivating world-class films with an underlined intention to lend a hand to Independent Filmmakers & New Talent. It promotes and distributes Short films, videos, independent films online and is a sought-after channel for those who want to make it big in Bollywood & TV Industry. With its strong presence on the small screen, its production house founded in 2016, creates personalized experiences across the realms of video production & broadcast services. With strong industry alliances, in-house production and post-production facilities, it is capable of delivering international quality service with more production value.
The Fountainhead of Creativity
Behind Rachel & Sam’s meteoric rise is the hard work and dedication of Sam Daniel, the Founder and CEO of the Company. He sums up his act of putting together the company and taking it to its current position at the top as follows:
Being True to oneself is important because when people and client know the company is being real, they want to be a part of it. He says,” We are super fans, and once we decided to incorporate that into our pitches and company image, the company really started to take off.”
Learning to say no is essential by not trying to win every piece of business presenting itself. He made a decision to cut a significant portion of its sales network and focus on three key projects. It was a daunting task which ended up strengthening its remaining relationships and increasing revenue.
Talking to customers has been the best way to learn about their problems and to determine how much solutions are worth to them.
Building a solution to somebody’s problem instead of starting to build something in search of a problem to solve has been the key differentiator for Sam. He reversed his thinking for his business and focused singularly on delivering a simple solution to a specific problem that people have.
Networking with other business owners and like-minded people has been instrumental in his personal and company’s growth. It gives an opportunity to learn from someone who has already experienced what one is about to undergo for one’s own business.
Taking timely Vacation was and continues to be important to keep the enthusiasm and unique point of view that Sam originally brought to his company.
Establishing Market Presence
The Indian Advertising Industry has evolved in a big way and is projected to be the second fastest growing advertising market in Asia. Companies are spending more on advertising and the government has given tremendous support to the industry. Print media contributes the highest portion to the total advertising revenue, followed by TV, Digital, Outdoor, Radio and Cinema. The Internet’s share in total advertising revenue is also growing.
Keeping up with the robust demand, while being an opportunity, is also a challenge that Rachel & Sam have had to tackle on its way to success. They kept updating their working principles and policies in order to meet the changing demands of the market. Companies and individuals, recognizing the power of advertising are now making higher investments which are letting the company to go more creative and deliver quality services.
Acknowledging the technical advancements in the corporate media industry, the company is now providing mobile and cloud solutions too. With changing consumer base and preferences it has done customer segmentation to cater to the client’s needs in a better manner with increased functionality.
Building Unrivalled Reputation 
Sam sums up his company unique offerings in the following six points:

  • Well defined target audience
  • Industry know-how
  • Describing what makes the company’s product unique
  • Listing the benefits of the product
  • Offer proof to the client
  • Convert the information in minimum words.

Those who make it Happen- Employees
The company considers its creative staff as vital assets and harnesses their potential to the fullest. It also cares for and enables their holistic growth and development by looking into and supporting their needs including personal, professional, psychological and academic.
It empowers the work environment that helps individual and group development. It provides them with world-class facilities and an invigorating work atmosphere which translates to better productivity. It gives equal opportunities, promotes fairness in the workplace, has a grievance redressal committee, and skill enhancement programs.
Mentoring Newbies
Sam believes that bits of advice are helpful as long as one gets it from people who have been there and have faced the struggles in real. So for the entire budding entrepreneurs who yearn for a mentor and an able guide, he shares some essential tips to get going. He says- “entrepreneurs have only one option; they must test their concept; take the leap without wasting time; take time to build a team and hire people with passion.”
Building the Future
For Rachel & Sam Media & Entertainment the future beckons with growing demand and splendid opportunities. Sam is confident that “As India starts on its high-growth journey to double the size of its economy by 2025, I assure you that the size of Rachel & Sam Media will more than double in the same period. Our businesses will contribute nearly as much to the overall earnings of the company as our Media businesses.”
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