Rajnikant Ajmera: The Forerunner of the Real Estate Renaissance in India

Rajnikant Ajmera

A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it.
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Home is the only place where the entire universe gets unified for us. Thus owning the perfect home is the dream of every individual. Real estate is a business which is above the profit and services in general. It is something that is truly too close to the soul of its customers as it comes with the reality of the ‘dream humble abode’. A dream home or a long-awaited business establishment or a well-designed office comes holding the hands of the strong foundation of real estate merchants. India is currently seeing the boom in this sector with its strong economic growth. One of the most prominent names of the real estate giants, Ajmera Realty is the brand that needs no introduction and Rajnikant Ajmera is being the flag bearer of the company. Over the last 50 years, it has successfully established itself as a leading real estate company in India to fulfill the dream of a peaceful retreat.
Where Dream meets Reality
With headquarters in Mumbai, Ajmera Realty is engaged in building a range of, residential properties such as integrated townships, residential hi-rise towers, exclusive and premium apartments and ultra-luxurious villas among others. The company provides a world-class experience to its customers with the aid of superior quality, innovative technology, on-time delivery and high value for money. Architectural and structural excellence along with the acquisition of a robust and strategic land bank at the premium location is the signature strategy of Ajmera. It has enabled the company to develop masterly crafted homes and truly grand lifestyle statements. It has a strong presence in metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Rajkot and Bengaluru as well as London and Bahrain, in the International market.
Forbearer of Ajmera Realty
Ajmera was founded by Chotu Bhai Ajmera in 1968 with a vision to create a company which would be a pioneer and a trendsetter in the industry. This took the company where it stands now. Though the beginning of Ajmera was humble; however, Chotu Bhai was not a person to be weighed down by limitations and had the courage to take unlimited risks and face challenges head-on, a trait that played an important role in his success. The band of seven brothers, also fondly called as ‘seven pillars’ of the company, Ishwarbhai Ajmera, Late Shri. Chagganbhai Ajmera, Rajnikant Ajmera, Late Shri. Bhogibhai Ajmera, Shri. Natubhai Ajmera, Rasiklal Ajmera and the Late Shri Chotu Bhai Ajmera have their immense contribution to the company to help it reach the zenith of success.
A Civil Engineer by qualification, Rajnikant Ajmera is currently holding the chair of Ajmera. He is the Chairman & Managing Director of the Ajmera group of companies and the mainstay behind the growth of the brand. Trailing on the same path of the Founder Chairman, Late Shri Chhotubhai Ajmera, a large number of housing colonies have been successfully completed under Rajnikanth’s eagle eye, in the shortest possible time. The group has also attained ISO 9000-2000 certification. He served as the President of MCHI (Maharashtra Chamber of Housing Industry) and has also served CREDAI (Confederation of Real Estate Developers Associations of India) as their President and Vice-President. During his tenure, he was very active in bringing the amendments to various rules governing this industry. After diversifying in Steel Industry, he served CORSMA (Cold Rolled Steel Manufacturers Association of India) as their President for many years.
Alacrity to Stay Ahead
The company’s vision is to be the most preferred and trusted name in the industry that enhances the quality of life through sustainable growth of all the stakeholders. Rajnikant Ajmera adds, “Our Mission is to fulfill the growing aspiration of our customers, for which we create innovative and world-class complexes for every stratum of society. Our mission is to preserve affordability with a superior outcome which is aligned with our motto of ‘less is more’.
The Voyage of Triumph in a Favorable Socio-economic Vagary
The real estate market has changed a lot in the last 2-3 years. The main reason that could be attributed to the change is the introduction of regulatory policies along with flagship government schemes like Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) and other developments such as granting of infrastructure status to affordable housing and the implementation of the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act of 2016, or RERA can be considered as one of the biggest growth drivers for this industry.
RERA especially has been a potent instrument in addressing some of the pertinent issues afflicting the sector. Amongst them, the impact is most visible in terms of completion and deliveries of projects. It is by which they have managed to increase consumer confidence making the fence sitters an active player in the market.
Respecting the Sentiment
Demand for real estate is driven solely by economic growth. As industries grow and purchasing power of individuals goes up, new homes, offices and shops witness an increase in uptake.  Indian buyers are price sensitive regarding the purchase of their homes, with expectations of great design and amenities along with it. Rajnikant believes that, developers have to plan and create a perfect balance so that they meet the expectations of the buyers while meeting the price point for the projects.
Herald for the Newcomers
While discussing about the current market situation, Rajnikant Ajmera talked about something that is very enlightening for the entrepreneurs of the same sector. He says, “Discipline is the word that comes up as the most virtuous quality in a world of distractions.” The multitudes of digital distractions that surround to chip away the attention affect the goal of ours. For the entrepreneurs, getting distracted can lead to outright failure. “It’s easy to get caught up thinking through every detail and yet it can prevent one from putting out a minimum viable product. In short ‘Keep Your Eye on the Prize’” adds Rajnikant.
The second important factor to stand in the competitive market is to ‘Know Your Industry and Your Numbers’. When, one pitch to an investor or a client, the one must know the business, the industry, and one’s numbers. There’s no substitute for that knowledge. “Believe me when I say that people will know quickly if you don’t have it,” says Rajnikant, and adds “Go through the different aspects of your company from an investor’s perspective. That way, you’ll have answers in advance. There’s a world of difference between an answer you give to an anticipated question and an answer you have to think up on the spot.
And last would be to Work hard. “Work sincerely, do your best and leave the rest to God’s grace” clarifies Rajnikant.
Looking Back at the Glorifying Past
This year, the company is marking its 50 years in business after completing construction on 27 million sq. ft. of land in India. Over the decades, Ajmera Group has achieved many milestones like constructing India’s first ever dome theater, building the first ever mall are some of the examples of their foresightedness and innovation.
Curving a Promising Future
This year is very special for Ajmera, as it’s the Golden Jubilee Year. Ajmera is planning to develop ‘Land Back’ of approximately 30 million Sq. ft. Rajnikant sounds too determined while talking about the future plans of the brand, “We are all set to create ripples by entering into new markets internationally in the coming months with launches planned in Bahrain, and London”. Apart from that, the company aims to diversify in other sectors as well, and have launched a 15MW sun-borne energy plant at Kutch. The brand is also coming up with the Ajmera Global School which will be situated in Wadala region of Mumbai in association with Jamnabai Trust. All in all, their aim is to “keep expanding and keep exploring new challenges that will continue to push us to our limits and enable us to keep innovating”.
Trail of Achievements
This year Dhaval Ajmera (Director) individually secured an award as the ‘Young Entrepreneur of the year’ in the Construction Week India Awards.  The company has also won the awards for ‘Top Brands and Leaders’ in the World’s Greatest Brands and Leaders 2016-17 – Asia & GCC by Price water house Coopers at The Meyden Racecourse, Dubai on 21st May 2017 out of 1200 entries. Ajmera Realty bagged an award for ‘The Best Brand in the Realty Space’ and Mr. Dhaval Ajmera was awarded ‘The Best Leader Award’.  Ajmera Realty won ‘Luxury Developer of the Year’ at Real Estate Business & Leadership Awards 2017 By Realty Fact.  Casa Vyoma, a project of Ajmera Group won ‘Best Project’ in the mid-segment category at 11th Real Estate Award by CNBC Awaaz (2016). Ajmera Group has also been finalized as ‘Luxury Developers of the Year’ and Top Challengers of 2017-2018 in Real Estate category in Upcoming Quikr Realty awards and Construction World Awards 2018 respectively.
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