Rechner: An Enterprise Solution Provider

ERP forms the technology backbone for your entire requirement throughout your organization where it connects every layer of the business and helps in building business relationships. From supply chain management to sales force automation, to customer self-service and e-commerce, every business operation needs to integrate seamlessly into your ERP Solution.
Leader in the ERP Market
Headquartered in New Delhi, India, Rechner Infosystems is a leading provider of value added products & services to companies. Their technology solutions and services cater to both International and Indian clientele. Rechner is a software development firm, delivering cost effective and high quality solutions. Whether you’re a start-up or an established player in your domain, Rechner services will help you to grow your business, increase conversion and retain customers. They aim at establishing long-term relationship with their clients through intelligent use of design and technology.
Artisan behind Rechner
Vikas Bahri, CEO & Founder of Rechner Infosystems is an ERP Specialist and Business Management Consultant. He is a Techno-Commercial and has more than 25 years of experience in Software Development. Vikas has successfully handled more than 25 ERP Implementations. He has a sound knowledge of Steel Industry, Paper Products, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Disposable Products, Food Industry and functional knowledge of all departments of an organization. Vikas has an ability to thrive to troubleshoot the problem in less time period, solutions driven approach while exercising sound judgments and can develop systems and procedures for improved business practices.
Services Proffered by Rechner
Rechner is a product company and has a bouquet of products including ERP / CRM/ HMS & DMS. Rechner’s services are a combination of creativity, innovative and effective solutions that has made it a major player in this competitive environment. The organization provides technology solutions and services imparting information and knowledge to their clients. At Rechner, they develop comprehensive ERP, CRM, and Internet marketing solutions for companies. They offer highly innovative, flexible and cost effective solutions tailor-made for client’s requirements. Rechner focuses on shortening product development life cycle and increasing the functionality of the software. They have worked with virtually all industry segments and have been streamlining their operations too.
Strategy & Key Values of Rechner
Rechner’s strategy is to develop niche in a segment and then move on to the next vertical by gradually covering verticals one after another. And their major key value to overcome challenges was their Personalized Customer Service. They recognize that each client’s unique needs and offer customized value added services to fulfill them. Their aim is to provide highest quality of service at every phase. Rechner’s team regularly incorporates new systems to improve the product functionality while keeping its focus on new innovations and market needs.
Rechner’s Relation with Clients
Rechner’s experience in domestic environment has edge to others. They help their customers in reengineering their processes. The company today enjoys a mutually rewarding relationship with all its clients as the commitment deepens with passage of time. In other words, they just don’t provide the software but they are also helpful to their customers in optimizing their processes. Rechner works in close collaboration with its clients and enjoys a good reputation for providing holistic software solution that meet exacting demands of its clients.
Uniqueness of Rechner
Rechner provides several benefits to their clients like it Optimizes Inventory Level, Improves Production Efficiency / Reduce Downtime, Speed Up Order Processing, Bird Eye view of Your Business, Bringing in total Transparency to the top Management, Eliminating chances of human errors/ manipulation. It also reduces the Redundant and Overlapping activities that waste time and money by standardizing core procedures. Rechner simplifies Data Management in which it eliminates data silos by creating a single, centralized repository of timely, accurate business data.
Furthermore, it enhances control over business operations, facilitates more efficient completion of day-to-day tasks, streamlines business process, compresses time cycles, and increases efficiency of people by providing all information under restricted environment. Project based accounting and costing gives you an excellent control over project costs and budgets as well as access to real time central repository of critical information for making knowledge based decision is provided by Rechner.
Foreseeing Future
Rechner’s extensive experience and unmatched expertise in Steel, General Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, and Food Processing Industries has made them one of the fastest growing product development companies in India. They have established products and growing list of satisfied customers. Their main objective is to develop products that are self-sustainable, required least hand holding and customer support. With this they are aiming to increase the list of customers’ many-folds in the coming years.

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