Sevate Software Services: Analyzing and Extending the Customers’ Business Case to Incorporate Long Term Cost Benefit’s

‘Innovative Business Transformations’ Brilliance in business domains, passion for cutting edge software technology and attachment to quality are some of the best assets of Sevate Software Services. Delivering only the best-in-time consulting services, Sevate Software Services is highly committed to its customer satisfaction.
Established in June 2007, Sevate Software Services is an India based global IT services & consulting company, recognized as the preferred service provider to many customers in the North America, EU, Middle-East and India.
With a mission to enhance quality of ‘IT service delivery’ –‘through innovation’, Sevate Software Services operates on globally recognized software consulting standards & is ingrained with compliance, in every IT service process.
Sevate Software Services is nurtured with strong commitment towards its people, processes, culture & values.
Experts of the Field
Sevate Software Services offers several categories of services working with its business customers, to accomplish their Information Technology (IT) objectives.
The core divisions of Sevate Software Services are IT Services, Consulting & Software Products. They offer varied levels of engagements in these segments in order to accomplish the customers’ objectives.
Their Consulting services division includes subject-matter expertise, market research, evaluation & comparison of optimal software solutions for its customers.
Their IT Services division offering includes varied levels of engagements in the categories of Conception/Architecture/Design/Development/Testing/Implementation/Customization/Changes/Modifications/Support/Maintenance/documentation&Full SDLC services of ERP/CRM/Custom software requirements or for COTS.
The Software products division owns ERPress – The Ultimate Print Management ERP & offers highly skilled, innovative & talented teams to materialize a customer’s software product. Customers can choose any level of engagement right from conception to release.
Characteristics of Sevate Software Services
Sevate Software Services offers IT Software Services in the ERP/CRM space. The company has an IT Products division, and is the Owner/Vendor of ERPress- Print Management software.
Here are some of the best characteristics of Sevate Software Services which are the bet reasons to choose them.
Information Security Standards, at every process, Sevate Software Services adheres to the ISMS/ISO 27001 – Information Security Compliance framework (PLAN-D0-CHECK-ACT processes), along with following the standard ITIL guidelines for Data management. For a customer, they can enable 3’rd party data security audits, at regular intervals
Certified Skills, Sevate Software Services hire and retain only certified consultants unless; a potential associate can justify experience in lieu of an internationally accepted certification. They have business relationships with leading recruiters across India, apart from having a huge database of potential consultants.
Standards Compliance, Sevate Software Services accommodates global technology standards including ISO, IEEE & Six-Sigma, along with infrastructure standards like HL-7/HIPAA, SOX, as required by the customer. At their costs, the customer processes will be strictly audited and guided by world renowned external agencies, to ensure standards compliance and maintenance.
One-Culture, Sevate Software Services’ consultants have worked and lived in the US, Europe & other parts of the globe. Their team has a great understanding of the cultural aspects of communications. They will clearly understand client’s “Yes” and “No’s”.
Guided Teams, having been in positions where the importance of a software delivery makes the difference, Sevate Software Services’ consultants and associates fully understand every aspect of the software delivery processes.
“We Won’t Learn On Your Dime”, Sevate Software Services’ consultants are seasoned professionals having the best technical skills. Their team building processes are transparent and usually involve their customer in assessing each team member.
Brain behind Sevate Software Services
Sevate Software Services is founded by Mr. Bhanu Vanukuru, a veteran global IT services consultant, possessing 25+ years of professional services experience. Accomplishing intricate IT services for Fortune rated customers like Royal Dutch Shell –IT division, Manugistics, Allstate Insurance, Ameritech, Citibank, HP & Sprint, Bhanu has innate knowledge & experience in building teams, designing & delivering complex IT requirements for several customers.
Through this deep comprehension of the IT service processes, Bhanu designed several process-improvements, and established Sevate Software Services to offer improved & innovative business-to-IT transformations.
While elaborating Sevate Software Services, Bhanu says, “At Sevate Software Services, we believe that a customer’s business domain & processes should be well understood, so as to extend a quality IT service. To meet the specialized needs of customers from the Banking & Financial Services, Oil & Gas, Insurance, Healthcare, Telecom, Manufacturing, SCM & Government sectors, Sevate Software Services has invested in consultants having extensive knowledge of Industry-specific operating processes.”
In addition to their technology consultants’ expertise, Sevate Software Services engages distinguished subject matter experts to work with project teams to append the quality of their delivery.
Marching towards its future, Sevate Software Services will be the Niche 3’rd party ERP service provider in several markets. ERPress-The Print Management ERP will be the best go-to Print management ERP in several global markets- These goals excite the team of Sevate Software Services.

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