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Thiyagarajan Deivasigamani | Founder, CEO, MD | Redleaf Technologies
Thiyagarajan Deivasigamani | Founder, CEO, MD | Redleaf Technologies

With the mission to break the boundaries for the industry customers, Redleaf was planted in 2010 to achieve efficiency with lowest carbon footprint through intelligent software and hardware technologies. And, today the company is growing at a rapid pace.
The Man Behind the Idea
Thiyagarajan Deivasigamani is the Founder, CEO, and MD of Redleaf. Passionate about problem solving using Science and Technology from a young age, Thiyagarajan had pursued his Engineering with the same interest. As R&D engineer right after his college, he developed a software application to automate electronic circuit design. Apart from everything, he was also interested in automating human tasks with technology with the human way of processing.
He pursued his Master of Science in AI in the year 1994 when AI was in its early stages of being applied for industry requirements. He spent the next 10 years in US working for big corporates like ABB, SE Technologies, GE etc. His experience in GIS started accidentally in the year 1997. He has experience with all major technologies in GIS, AI, and robotics which was very unique at the time. As a nature lover he wanted to apply technology to protect the environment and started Redleaf.
The Beginning
Redleaf was started to bring in innovation and the technologies that are required to provide smarter GIS solutions to the customer’s ever growing challenges with their environmental and social responsibilities in mind. Developing countries have unique challenges which require smarter and advanced software solutions at a lower cost. Redleaf was started with the same in mind. GIS is the heart of all the solutions that the company decided to provide.
Redleaf is a young company with people experienced in various advanced technologies with focus on creating innovative solutions for customers. Most of the projects are unique and challenging on technology and cost. “We meet the challenges with our own internal system for the project control and accountability of every financial decisions.” says Thiyagarajan. Further, he added “We have proved our-self in every project we have completed.”. With great team of people with ‘can do’ attitude every project is their successful experience. The team doesn’t turn back once it starts a project and the focus is only customer success even if it has to go beyond. That brings confidence in customer and helps to grow business.
The company has become partner with L&T for GIS based smart city solutions in the year 2017 and started developing many innovative smart GIS based applications for Command Control Center. When Goa Tourism Development Corporation wanted to develop GIS based solution for their property management and safety and convenience of tourist visiting Goa they chose Redleaf.
The Exclusive Services Offered
The one stop solution for all the GIS requirements, Redleaf is providing end-to-end GIS solution from DGPS survey to GIS application development, integration with enterprise systems and IoT sensors in the field. It provides GIS based automated solution including IoT and AI for industries, smart cities and utilities and that distinguishes them from competitors.
Distinctive Services
Readleaf provide:

  • DGPD survey and GIS database creation
  • Data migration to GIS
  • GIS Application development
  • GIS realtime event integration with IoT
  • GIS AI integration
  • GIS data analytics
  • Photogrammetry

The company has signed Non Disclosure Agreement(NDA), and thus restricted to share some project details it is working on. It is, currently, developing products with fully connected real-time GIS with IoT network and sensors to make intelligent decisions with analytical insight tools.
Evolution of IT Industry
IT industry has evolved enormously in the last decade especially in the startup landscape. As the nation’s digital transformation has become vital for the country’s development, it fuels the growth of IT industry. IT sector contributes to 7.7% of India’s GDP compared to 1.2% GDP a decade ago. Also reverse brain drain, and quality of education helps IT industry to support the innovative solutions required for the nation.
Transforming as ‘Eco-Enterprises’
Redleaf provides GIS based software solutions to organizations in a way to bring in process efficiency with a view to reduce direct and indirect carbon foot print. i.e. the company provide the field crew with the intelligent solution required to make right decisions with real-time data to provide the right services, at the right location at the right time. The solution varies depending on the kind of services and processes the customer has. First the company studies the customer process and then provides consultancy services. Based on the customer requirement it designs the solution to transform them to eco-enterprises.
Redleaf’s Future Insights
“I see a great future for Redleaf as the demand for the products and services that we provide increases with organisations drive to protect environment and govt regulations to reduce carbon gases around the world.” said Thiyagarajan.

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