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Zinc - Zinc of India

Hindustan Zinc, a Vedanta Group Company, is India’s only and one of the world’s largest integrated producer of Zinc, Lead and Silver. The Company has its headquarter in Udaipur in the State of Rajasthan where it has its Zinc-Lead mines and smelting complexes. Proudly recognized as ‘Zinc of India’, Hindustan Zinc has provided Zinc sufficiency to India and represents India in the global Zinc, Lead and Silver market. As a market leader, Hindustan Zinc governs about 85% of growing Zinc market in India and produces almost 100% of India’s integrated Silver.
Sunil Duggal, the CEO of Hindustan Zinc says, “Awareness is the key to build a galvanized Indian economy. People do not understand the difference between ‘steel’ and ‘galvanized steel’. Galvanized steel increases the life of steel and gives life to not just industrial sectors but also house-hold sector. Galvanization is a layer of protection to safeguard steel from rusting. Globally people are understanding that use of galvanized rebars can increase the life of their houses that can withstand many risks. Infrastructure at coastal areas are at the maximum risk due to humidity and constantly changing climate. Galvanized rebars protect pillars and hold construction. Galvanization of steel used in car body enhances the life of vehicle multi-fold – your recurring expenditure on repairs decreases and your safety increases. The new mega infrastructure development that is happening in India today, with the use of steel, should only use galvanized steel for strength and long life.”
USD 3 Billion Investment in Expansions since 2002
Since disinvested in 2002, Hindustan Zinc has invested over USD 3 Billion towards its 4 phases of expansion programs to reach to the current metal production capacity of 1 million tonne per annum and expand the capacity to 1.2 million tonne by FY 2020 and eventually 1.5 million tonne in the next 5 years. Hindustan Zinc has a mine life of more than 25 years with reserves & resources of 411.3 million MT base, post depletion.
Hindustan Zinc’s mines are also expanding enormously. Hindustan Zinc’s two shafts, one each at Rampura Agucha and Sindesar Khurd mines, are all set to be commissioned in FY 2019. The Company is also setting-up 2 new mills, at Zawar Mines and Sindesar Khurd Mine, with a joint capacity of 3 million tonnes of ore-treatment.
After the commissioning of new mills, the ore treatment capacity will increase to 17.7 million tonnes from the current 14.7 million tonnes per annum. Both the new mills are expected to start production in FY 2019.
To increase metal production through recovery process Hindustan Zinc is also putting-up three Fumer Plants out of which one is likely to be commissioned within the FY 2019. This will help in recovery of metals – particularly Lead and Silver.
Silver of India – India to become Top 2nd Largest Silver Producer Globally
With current production capacity of about 550 tonnes of Silver, Hindustan Zinc is the 10th  largest Silver producer globally and is aiming to produce 1000 tonnes of Silver in the next 3-4 years. This will position Hindustan Zinc in the top 5 global Silver producers. The Company’s silver refinery at Pantnagar is recognized by London Bullion Market Association for its quality and the Company is among LBMA’s Silver Good Delivery List. Hindustan Zinc is ambitious to produce about 1500 tonnes of Silver in the next 5-6 years and be the 2nd largest Silver producer in the world.
Power Generation – Thermal, Wind and Solar Power
The Company is self-sufficient in power with an installed base of 474 MW coal-based captive power plants. It has green power generation of 309 MW including 274 MW of wind power and 35 MW of power through waste heat recovery process. Additionally, the Company has 16 MW of solar power and is investing in setting up Solar Plants in Rajasthan to produce 115 MW of Solar Energy.
Research and Development
Hindustan Zinc has a state-of-the-art ‘Central Research & Development Laboratory (CRDL)’ which was established by the Company in 1976. The principal focus areas include process improvements, developing quality assurance systems, research & development for future growth and partnering with research agencies and domain experts for adaptation of benchmarking technologies. The core development team is supported by well–equipped departments for Mineral Processing, Geo-metallurgy & Ore Characterization, Pyro-metallurgy, Hydrometallurgy and Analytical Services.
CRDL has been instrumental in bringing many process changes and utilization of waste which includes gainful utilization of 100% of fly-ash and slag.
Focus on Sustainability – Environment, Occupational Health, Safety and Community Service
Hindustan Zinc has been globally ranked 1st in ‘Environment’ and overall ranked 5th in Dow Jones Sustainability Index amongst Metal & Mining sector globally. The Company has a strong focus on sustainability. The Company has strong focus on conservation of water and energy and all the plants operate on zero-discharge and moving steadily to zero-waste. The most friendly global environment technology has helped Hindustan Zinc to become one of the most admired Zinc company in the world.
Development of local communities has always been the prime focus of Hindustan Zinc. The objective is to build a life of dignity for the rural poor. The Company has always had strong focus on child care, rural women empowerment, agriculture & livestock development, education, training of rural youth for gainful employment, to name a few.
Special Projects by Hindustan Zinc
Hindustan Zinc has set-up Udaipur’s first ‘Sewage Treatment Plant (STP)’ under Public-Private-Partnership model. Initially this STP had the capacity to treat 20 million litres of  sewage per day which is now being expanded to 60 million litres of sewage treatment per day. With the expanded capacity, the Company expects to treat almost 100% of Udaipur’s domestic sewage.
Be Safe Zindagi – Safety Beyond the Business Boundaries
Hindustan Zinc considers safety to be its utmost priority. Regular Town-Halls lead by senior management has brought safety as the prime focus area. The Company’s safety project – Be Safe Zindagi was launched to drive safety in industries and also on the roads, particularly in Rajasthan. With the objective of imbibing safety through informal interactions with the employees, their families and the school children, the project has brought forward the value of life & belongingness towards one’s family & organization. A number of workshops have been conducted in schools to inculcate the importance of safety at the very young age.
Additionally, through association with All India Radio – Rajasthan, the message has reached out to almost 100% of radio-listener population. Honourable Union Minister for Road and Transport– Shri Nitin Gadkari Ji, along with a number of Rajasthan Ministers, Collectors, SPs and other government officials of Rajasthan Government have endorsed the message on Road Safety.
Through this project, Hindustan Zinc is making all efforts to propagate safety in the State and envisions the goal to make Rajasthan an accident free-State in India.
Football Academy – The vision to develop 10,000 Football Players in Rajasthan
Hindustan Zinc has been associated with sports and has been promoting sportsmen for almost 4 decades when the company made its football stadium at Zawar in Rajasthan in 1976. Since the last 40 years, National Football Tournaments are being organized every year at Zawar Stadium. The company has also supported several athletes in the past who have brought numerous laurels for the country in international events. With this thought, Hindustan Zinc has set up India’s first, below 12 years, international level ‘Hindustan Zinc Football Academy’ in Zawar, near Udaipur.
Hindustan Zinc Football Academy is fully residential and world-class technology based Academy which provides a 360-degree holistic platform whereby talented footballers from Rajasthan, both boys and girls, can get an opportunity to get trained and play for the Indian National Team. The Academy would provide international standard training facilities with ‘F-Cube’ Training and Assessment Technology, the world’s first intelligent and interactive device for football and fitness training, skill assessment, cognitive development, practice and also factor in important parameters like skills, nutrition, physical, psychological and mental development.
Shiksha Sambal – Bridging Gaps in Rural School Education
Shiksha Sambal provides a platform that empowers rural students to pursue their dream of obtaining higher education and joining prestigious institutions to play an important role in development/ progress of the country in future. Shiksha Sambal is reaching out to more than 57 schools in 5 districts of Rajasthan – Chittorgarh, Bhilwara, Rajsamand, Udaipur and Ajmer. By now, more than 6000 students have been benefited wherein 150 teachers, 80 Field Instructors, 50 HZL employee- volunteers and resource persons from Vidya Bhawan Society are engaged in strengthening the quality of education.

Hindustan Zinc Mining Academy – Developing Skills in Rural Youth of Rajasthan
To train ITI pass-outs in mining operations, Hindustan Zinc has set-up a state-of-the-art ‘Hindustan Zinc Mining Academy’ that is training rural youth in Jumbo Drill Operations. ‘Hindustan Zinc Mining Academy’ and ‘Hindustan Zinc Football Academy’ are perhaps the first academies of their kind in India.

Sunil Duggal, CEO of Hindustan Zinc and the man behind the mission of galvanizing Indian economy says, “India’s potential is hidden undercorrosion and Zinc can play an important role in sectors like railways, automobiles, energy network and coastal infrastructure, impacting GDP’s growth – as billions are spent on replacement and maintenance due to corrosion.”
“Zinc is the metal that is the backbone of several global economies fighting to erode the continuous losses occurring due to corrosion of infrastructure. Western countries, which are far ahead of India in terms of infrastructure, mandate the use of galvanizing for the steel structures used for bridges, highways, airports, metro stations, railway stations, transmission etc.
If these vulnerable sectors mandate to address the issue of corrosion and related safety, it would lead to not just efficiency and savings worth millions of dollars for the Indian economy, but also build a long-lasting infrastructure.”
Source :-The 10 Most Admired Companies in Manufacturing Industry

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