Utkarsh- A Diversified Infrastructure Conglomerate

Utkarsh India

Utkarsh India Limited is a label in the infrastructure domain. This 30-year old conglomerate is uniquely poised attaining leadership in every area of their operation. They are driving the growth in Steel Tubes, PVC Pipes, HDPE Pipes, Railway electrification, Poles, Towers and Crash barriers. Constant evolution and innovation are the pillars of their sustainability in the ever-growing, competitive Indian infrastructure sector.
Infrastructure is the backbone of any growing economy, and the same holds true for India, as well. There were many names and groups that formed, but a few survived in this competitive sector. Utkarsh, however, not only survived but also became a label in the infrastructure domain. The focus on innovation and expansion along with the commitment to quality and excellence helped them achieve this milestone in such a short span of time.
The Driving Force, The Guiding Light Behind Utkarsh
Propelling the advancement of Utkarsh India Limited is the organisation’s vision and its dynamic, strategic planning. The ISO 9001:2015 certified responsive manufacturing conglomerate believes in “Life Demands, We Deliver” ideology. In this ever-changing, fast-paced culture, the philosophy of continually updating its methodology, technique, and products is helping them stay in demand. With new age technology and customer-driven approach, Utkarsh India Limited continues to remodel and reinvent itself. This approach, in particular, is the driving force behind their growth.
The Vertical, The Horizontal Successful Foray of Utkarsh
It all started three decades ago when the present day Utkarsh India Limited was christened as Utkarsh Tubes and Pipes Limited. Embarking their journey with the production of MS and GI ERW pipes in 1987, the manufacturing roots of Utkarsh are traced back more than 30 years ago. With an overwhelming market response, there was no looking back for Utkarsh India Limited. Year after year, decade after decade the company continued to grow and expand. In 2001, they became the first BIS License holder of IS: 2713 in Eastern India and first ISO: 9001 company as the pole manufacturer in India. After that in 2003, the company ventured into PVC pipes and fittings manufacturing, followed by production of Octagonal Poles and High Masts the following year. In 2006, it expanded its foray into the telecom vertical commencing the production of Telecom Towers, Transmission line Towers, and Substation Structures.
After stabilising themselves in the new areas of operations, they took another gigantic step in 2011 by starting the production of CORE approved Railway Electrification Structures for OHE and TSS. Two years down the line in 2013, the Power Grid Corporation of India Limited approved the supply of Transmission Line Towers and Substation Structures. Then the year 2014 will remain special and memorable for the organization as they launched a world-class manufacturing facility at Gurap plant. The use of state-of-the-art facilities and the latest automation makes this facility unique. In 2015, they also started “W-beam” and “Thrie-beam” Crash Barriers production. With the considerable growth and substantial expansion, the company rechristened from “Utkarsh Tubes and Pipes Limited” to “Utkarsh India Limited” in 2017. From being a pipe manufacturer, they became the leader of various infrastructural products, gaining a name in the industry as a critical player and setting their forte in several new arenas.
Innovative & Value-Based Product Line for New Age India by Utkarsh
The revenue of Utkarsh India Limited is reaching 1000 crores in a span of 10 years. This formidable growth attributes to their innovative product line, customer-centric approach, and evolving technology. Almost every year in the last two decades, the company is expanding and launching new value-based products. Their innovative launches contribute significantly in the development of better and robust infrastructure, carving India’s new image on the global foyer. They are facilitating power transmission, its distribution, and rural electrification. In their endeavour to provide well-lit streets and roads, the range of Polygonal Poles and Lighting Masts is commendable. Likewise, for road safety, Utkarsh is striving for Crash Barriers par excellence.
To set new benchmarks is infused in everyone at Utkarsh. While their growth story mentioned above clearly implies it, their annual production capacity across the seven verticals and yearly increasing turnover are further reinforcing it. The annual gross turnover of the company reached INR 850 crore in 2017-18 and below is a snippet of their sectoral performance.

  • Steel Tubes: Utkarsh India Limited is into manufacturing of steel tubes for liquid, gas and sewage, structural purposes and conveyor belts. The annual production capacity of steel pipes is 120,000 MT.
  • PVC Pipes: Producing cPVC pipes and their fittings, column pipes,uPVC pipes, and ribbed strainers, they are known for producing quality and reliable products and one of the largest plant in the Eastern Region. The present annual production capacity is 30,000MT.
  • HDPE Pipes: Utkarsh India’s HDPE plant is equipped to manufacture pipes in diameters ranging from 20 mm to 315 mm. The total processing capacity of the plant is over 6,480 MT per annum. Pipes of pressure ratings ranging from 2.0 kgf to 20 kgf are manufactured. Utkarsh India Limited has the capabilities to process all three grades of HDPE – namely PE 63, PE 80 and PE 100.
  • Poles: There are different kinds of poles manufactured by Utkarsh India. Among others include designer poles, lighting high mast, flag mast, signage mast, polygonal or octagonal poles, transmission poles, conical poles, solar and swaged poles. Designer and utilitarian, these poles go a long way in electrifying and adorning the modern day India. Utkarsh is a market leader in this sector and produces 1,00,000 Octagonal Poles and 12,000 High Masts annually.
  • Transmission and Telecom .Towers: Manufacturing transmission line towers, substation structures, telecom towers and facilitating rural electrification, Utkarsh India has been a part of bringing electricity in every nook and corner for years. Today, they manufacture 60,000 MT of Transmission and telecom towers annually.
  • Railway Electrification: Producing OHE and TSS mast, they are the foremost manufacturers of this sector with 60,000 MT annual production.
  • Crash Barriers: In the endeavor of road safety, the company is into manufacturing crash barriers and other road safety railing systems. It became a leader in this sector in a short span of time and has an annual capacity of 36000 MT.

The Global Outreach, A Global Name
A preferred and established infrastructure manufacturer in India, Utkarsh India Limited also enjoys a global presence with a vast customer base in various continents and countries. Their global outreach and export base extends to UK, Belgium, Germany, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Poland, Lithuania, Northern Ireland, Iraq, Kuwait, Madagascar, Reunion Islands, and UAE among others. There are various bridges, houses, roads, buildings that stand tall for years, thanks to the beautifully engineered products of Utkarsh. It is their innovative and quality product line that makes Utkarsh a preferred infrastructure manufacturer in India and the world over.
The company strives to cater to its customer base according to the requirement in keeping with the best industry standards. Utkarsh doesn’t compromise on the resources and deliverables. Their quality products have stood the test of time over the last three decades. They have the CE certification for exporting to European Union from the United Kingdom, Dubai Civil Defence approval for exporting to Dubai, Qatar Ministry of Interior Approval for export to Qatar and UL Listing for exporting to Middle East Market.
Sustainable Solution, Always
Headquartered in Kolkata, the company is sensitive to the cause of increasing environmental degradation and pollution. In their endeavor to provide a beautiful nature and mother earth to the coming generations, they maintain the highest standards of waste treatment. They are also accoladed with “Zero Discharge Plant” certification by the West Bengal Pollution Control Board.
The Leaders behind This Infrastructure Edifice
Making Utkarsh India Limited what it is today, are the strong, relentless leaders who have given a purpose to many and had a vision of Make in India, three decades ago. Mr. Sunil Bansal, the Chairman and Managing Director, had launched Utkarsh Tubes & Pipes Limited in 1987. A seasoned leader, he had over 25 years of industry experience and laid the foundation of this organisation.
Taking it to new heights and making it relevant for modern times is the vision of Utkarsh Bansal. The Director – Business Strategies, he accomplished a Bachelors in Science in Industrial Engineering Operations Research from the University of California, Berkeley and a post-graduate in Business Administration from the Indian School of Business. He is the man behind the novel technology introduction and dynamic strategies that have seamlessly taken Utkarsh Tubes & Pipes Limited to Utkarsh India Limited. Mr. Utkarsh Bansal has shown exemplary confidence and facilitated the impeccable transition of the business’s core strengths and competencies to various new domains establishing it as a modern infrastructure firm with traditional values. He has the vision, the entrepreneurial skills that will leverage Utkarsh India Limited to greater heights and a new dawn.

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