Reshaping the Future of Workplaces with Technology

When there was no internet people worked for stipulated hours, till the office doors were closed. But the technology has changed the office working scenario. We are now living in the information age where our work life intervenes with the innovations and technologies of the future. Therefore, it wouldn’t be a surprise if in the future, the term office itself is rendered obsolete. Various technological aspects are slowly transforming the workplace and its workers.
In this era of industrial revolution usage of the cloud and data have become the norm, so the employees have moved from “business to bleisure”. With so many changes taking place at the same time, so the office culture is on the move to cope up with the revolution. As of now the offices are more collaborative, less hierarchical, more flexible and less location specific- The work from home culture is also on the rise.
Bleisure! What is it?
The amalgamation of business with leisure is Bleisure-as an end product. When there are deadlines, overflowing work load and stress then bleisure concept comes into rescue.
The workplace culture needs a change, and the concept of bleisure is the ongoing trend. Offices are less likely to remain the same in the near future. Workplaces would be more like a holiday spot rather than a traditional office space with numerous cubicles. With the bleisure transformation the stress levels will decrease and the productivity will increase.
Moving Over IoT
The work culture is entering an era where- The way how we connect with each other and the way we are connecting the devices are also redefining the future work culture transformation possibilities.
As IoT is a big deal now, the global work culture is heading towards the transformation of the traditional work force into the mobile one.
Adam Greenfield, the author of “Everyware: The Dawning Age of Ubiquitous Computing,” has gone a step further to come up with the term of The Age of Everyware, which means “anything electronic will be linked to the internet. Which means with more devices connected to each other; our work will be increasingly seamless.”
The Cloud Magic
Everyone in this world believe in collaboration, and so is the cloud. Fueled by the evolution of cloud and mobility services, the future organisations will be more efficiently capable of collaborating and achieving more.
As the traditional PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) infrastructure is getting obsolete, all the voice based services will move out of the PSTN in the near future. So, now cloud based services are ready to setup a new trend and transform utility services of voice and video based content. The future work culture is ready to collaborate in a better manner with cloud based collaboration services.
According to Chris Sanderson, Co-Founder of The Future Laboratory:“believe in smart work, more than hard work which requires connecting, creating, collaborating wherever it makes sense”

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