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In an era of internet and digitization, a successful marketing strategy is concealed in digital marketing where the marketers are continuously working on innovations and ideas to improve a company’s brand value. Increased use of internet and social media has made left a big impact on the lifestyle and users’ preferences. Social media presence is necessary for the success of a brand and it is essential to understand that a company cannot survive without a digital marketing campaign. So, from the recognition of the brand to targeting the right audience and ensuring loyalty towards the brand, it needs digital marketing in every step. In this case, the Mumbai based Digital Marketing Agency; RiseMetric LLP is leading in this business strategy.
The company entails a group of marketers, strategists and designers, who are engrossed in providing awe, tailored digital marketing services to their clients. They have developed their innovative and inspiring marketing strategies, which are built upon their existing infrastructure base, enabling them to entice their clients and similarly, to the organization to achieve their business goals with high ROI on their digital marketing spend.
With over 7 years of experience in the field of Digital Marketing, RiseMetric has helped multiple startups to flourish their business and achieve crores and millions in less than one year. From Indian startup space, they have worked with Housing.com, Tinyowl, Bewakoof, Toppr and TVF. On corporate front, they have been helping McDonald’s, Viacom18, Sony and IIT Bombay for all their digital needs.
People Leading the Torch of Innovation in the field of Digital Marketing
Suumit Shah is a passionate Internet Marketer and Founder of RiseMetric. Before starting RiseMetric, he was heading Digital Marketing at Tinyowl and later at Housing.com.  With his innovative marketing strategies and dynamic personality, quickly he becomes one of the most popular growth strategists for tech startups.
Subhash Choudhary is an experienced marketer & Co-Founder of RiseMetric. With over 7 years of long experience in Internet Marketing and with his unique ideas, he has gained a deep insight on human psychology to the shape internet traffic. Subhash has worked closely with some of the most notable startups from India and helped them to achieve their growth objectives through digital marketing.
Hurdles that went on to become Milestones
The story, from a name to a well-recognized brand, narrates real-world challenges and footraces of RiseMetric. The company that missions to benefit their clients business growth, inherited the fortune to work with some of the biggest startups from India during its inception days. The first few startups were functioned from Suumit Shah’s existing network and the happy clients were contented to refer their services to others. The referrals started to come in and they were able to convert most of them into a successful deal. In the completion of an efficacious year, they counted a good number of notable brands in their portfolio which helped them to increase their corporate clients. With this robust team and successful project-life they launched in-house projects which again created a landmark for the company.
Strategies and Elements, Aiding to Stand Different from the Mob
Suumit believes, “the biggest challenge faced by any company is generating sales & leads for its business, so the marketing teams should work diligently to produce enough demand for their product/services.” Moreover, he add, “With so many digital platforms like Facebook ads, Google ads, Twitter ads, SEM, SEO etc. for promoting their product / services, it’s becoming even tougher to figure out where to focus the effort and whom to ignore.
RiseMetric owns some experienced ‘Campaign Strategists’ who work extensively with their clients to understand their pain points and then create a long term marketing blueprint. This blueprint concept is executed by a team of SEO professionals, SEM experts, Social media ninjas and Creative Designers. Mostly, the services involved with their current objective and they have a simple 3 step process to pitch it:

  • Understanding the core marketing objective,
  • Define the target audience,
  • Draft a customized digital strategy to reach them.

Unlike the conventional sales cycle, RiseMetric has designed a totally different sales strategy for their clients. Upon receiving any referral (Verbal, Email Introduction), they set up a face to face meeting where most of the time, the decision maker is either the founder or the Co-founders. Abandoning the traditional presentations pattern, they opt for verbal communications where the client speak about their business in terms of marketing, identify the current problems and their expectations.
Making it more personal to the decision makers, RiseMetric prefer to broadcast their live examples of work (like Keyword ranks, Social Media engagements, traffic growth etc.), rather than any PDF case studies which are often biased and show selected data. Based on the information gathered from them and researching the market and the competition, they come up with a brief and to the point proposal with detailed solutions. The proposal is discussed with them in person and after discussing the performance metrics or targets, they close it. RiseMetric considers, “the sales cycle is just the beginning; the actual effort goes into delivery and making sure their money counts.
Exceptional Execution of Services for Satisfying Clients
RiseMetric is known for their quality services and solutions provided in Organic Long term SEO, Social Media Marketing, Pay per Click Services, App Development, App Store Optimization and Web Development. Further, the way they execute their services are totally exclusive and carry different innovative ideas.

  • Defining the Audience – They work with the client to understand their view of the customer and creates the ideal customer audience persona. They limit their plans around this persona, which turned out to be very efficient.
  • Educating the Client about the Product (Awareness phase) – Being a new concept and making sale on first impression will be difficult, so they firstly, shows their clients multiple videos of the product in action and being the use in daily life. This is also uploaded on Facebook, YouTube and other social media sites.
  • Reinforced Communication with Re-Marketing (Consideration) – The clients who shows interest in this product by interacting with the video, RiseMetric re-targets them with “Still banner” ads on FB as well as Google. They share the credibility of Founders & Product team in this phase. They also use SEO to create a positive image of the brand by ranking organic reviews of the product by known blogs or channels.
  • Capturing lead (Intent) – In this phase, they ran Facebook leads ads to collect leads for the pre-sales team or for later follow-up emails. The pre-sales team also takes care of all the questions and information asked by the people.
  • Getting them to Purchase (Transact) – The last step was to make them to purchase the product. They tied up with one of the largest online retailer in India for the product listing and target their audience segment with FB, YouTube & Google banner ads showing the price with a call to action pointing to the retailer.

Gaining Clients with Productive Results
Digital marketing is indeed a very competitive industry and providing ROI for client’s money is a growing challenge. RiseMetric realize, “the most effective way to show your value is to show numbers.” But tracking the ROI of every single marketing activity isn’t always easy, especially if the company doesn’t have a two-way communication between their marketing activities and the sales reports. Measuring the ROI of marketing activities has remained a top marketing challenge year-over-year. Additionally, proving ROI often goes hand-in-hand with making an argument to increase budget, it’s like, “No ROI tracking, no demonstrable ROI. No ROI, no budget.
The RiseMetric team dedicates their time and resources to establish links between provided marketing activities and sales results. That way, clients can directly see how many leads and customers are generated through their marketing activities.
Achievements that led to the Path of Success
RiseMetric shared an experience where they had successfully strategized and executed a multi-phase campaign for a very new & innovative product created by IIT Bombay alumnus. The product is an AI based Companion robot called Toy, which was able to talk to kids and even grow with them. Though it was a very new concept, but selling in India was a challenge with a limited marketing. But creating a multi-phase marketing plan and executing it over a period of 4 months led the campaign to a great success with double digit ROI. Subhash asserts, “Nothing makes us happier than watching money flowing to client’s account as a result of our efforts.
RiseMetric Exists to Deliver its Finest Solutions
RiseMetric is confident on their excellent team and underwrites their success to them. They choose to work with some of the best workforces in the industry while giving them complete freedom of what they do. Instead of following a predefined template based process, they give their team a goal to complete the task and the freedom to do it the way they see fit. This not only helps them to keep transforming their services but also gives the team a satisfaction they can never find in template based projects.
RiseMetric is a bunch of technology and marketing enthusiasts, who believe in bringing a measurable impact in everything they do. The company does not settle for the off-the-shelf solutions, their approach and recommendations are highly customized. They have successfully generated long-term benefits for their clients in the past and are looking forward to continue doing it with their believe, “We innovate, continuously improve and believe in commitment to clients with product quality and reliability. We encourage creativity, risk-taking and fun!

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