TheSocialPeople: Laser Focused on Establishing Your Brand Equity in the Market

The firm believer of “Change happens” and helping the clients to accelerate change in their organization while helping the clients’ to ‘evolve’, TheSocialPeople is ensuring the best digital marketing services possible for the clients!
TheSocialPeople is a full-service integrated digital marketing strategy firm that builds customized solutions for businesses to unleash the power of Online & Social Media Marketing. Its services include strategizing cutting-edge digital solutions framework that enables businesses to harvest clients’ marketing needs on the digital media. Most of its maneuvers are around systematic content marketing, experiential marketing, guerilla marketing and integrated marketing tactics. TheSocialPeople’s clients range from startups to scale up to large corporations and national news publications to local businesses and niche blogs.
Viral Thaker, a Dreamer with Million Dollar Dreams
Often described as a visionary dreamer by the night and an aggressive dream catcher by the day, Viral Thaker, Founder andCEOofTheSocialPeople, is an investor and a serial entrepreneur. Viral loves starting up in the new & emerging sectors while planning new initiatives for a sustained growth for the existing businesses.
A philanthropist who actively supports causes related to animal rights, child education & women empowerment, Viral is a voracious reader and has a great interest in activities like music, gardening, history, and travelling. As a Founder & CEO, Viral takes care of the overall operations of TheSocialPeople from marketing to business development. Apart from being the usual 11th-hour Samaritan at TheSocialPeople, he also serves on board the Thaker Group as a Managing Director which is the holding company of The Social People.
While elaborating about TheSocialPeople, Viral says, “Honestly, size isn’t nearly as important as the ambition and the drive to succeed. Some have called us a Social Media Public Relations firm. Others perceive our abilities to run a Marketing campaign on the social networks. The fact is that we do much more than just marketing which is just one aspect of a business; we establish & ensure your brand equity in the market. Our company identity has never been as important to us as the results we can bring to your business and its dynamics.”
Totally “Out-of-the-Box” Services
The very existence of TheSocialPeople is on the basis of “out-of-the-box” approaches and unconventional tactics to a given scenario. Its strategies are crafted uniquely with various SWOT & PEST analysis of the client & its marketing needs v/s market potential. Based on the insights, TheSocialPeople find a possible marketing/branding opportunity that would possibly activate the brand. Its immediate approach is to run an organic campaign to do a beta market testing. This is a major step and unlike the fad of a lot of agencies that burn a lot of dollars on Google Ads or FB Ads promotions, TheSocialPeople does not take up the promotional approach immediately when they get a new mandate.
Based on the learning that the TheSocialPeople get out of the beta campaigns, a strategic media buyout plan is made &budgets are allocated to it accordingly.The real game is to optimize the spend& get maximum results.The company firmly believes that marketing is not a sprint but a marathon.
When it comes to providing a unique solution to the client, TheSocialPeople’s approach is simple; they go to the DNA of the business nitty-gritty and understand the unique preposition the client can leverage its strength in the market. Unlike the other players in the market, TheSocialPeople does not take the “All Size Fits All” approach as it firmly believes that marketing is absolutely unique to every company. TheSocialPeople clearly establishes a scrum role between themselves and the client as the SMEs in the marketing and business activities respectively. This helps the company gain trust from the clients that fuels most of the campaign ideas.
While answering about the benefits that clients are getting from TheSocialPeople, Viral asserts, “This is a billion dollar question! The answer is simple – our clients’ business exists in the market with a strong market shareholding while the competition that might be making a lot of noise by burning up cash would eventually cease to exist. Our milestone based brand & marketing ROI approach is a proven model that is unique to us & has helped us gain immense trust amongst our customers and prospects.”
Defeating Challenges to See the Dawn of a Future that is Mesmerizing
TheSocialPeople geared up to defeat any challenge coming its way to see the dawn of a mesmerizing future ahead. Viral says, “Convincing our target customers that a marketing strategy is vital for succeeding on marketing maneuvers over what tools to use was the biggest initial hurdle as the market was flooded with all possible tools. We called this scenario (with all due respects) a “Fool with a tool” syndrome. We were able to eventually convince them to first work on the strategy and then decide on what tools to leverage over a gradual period of time with scalable case based scenarios.”
Even today, the lack of marketing knowledge and a vital difference between marketing and sales is the biggest hurdle TheSocialPeopleis facing all these years. The company is patiently investing its time on creating awareness amongst the customers on this difference.
The recent development in the mobility space such as AR & VR are ground breaking and TheSocialPeople is extremely excited as well as gearing up to be able to provide product solution framework on these lines in a scalable manner.
The company has already invested a strategic amount on the R&D of the prospects of AR/VR websites and collaterals for various industry verticals. These developments are definitely going to change the way people will be communicating in the near future.

Source :- The 10 Most Admired Consulting Companies in 2017

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