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Roark Consulting Engineers

The world is radically transforming and redefining itself into urban growth centers. Today’s construction projects have fast-track schedules with a challenging design and tight deadlines. In this cut-throat competitive scenario, one has to be technically sound and efficient to be at the forefront of this industry.
Build on the strong foundation of innovation, creativity, and superlative quality, Roark Consulting Engineers LLP is the pioneer in providing expert structural design services to clients across various areas, since 1991. With its engineering expertise, Roark is posed to deliver best-in-class engineering consulting services to its clients scattered all around the world.  In the year 2010, Roark Consulting LLC was incorporated in AZ, USA to formalize structural engineering services in the Global AEC marketplace.
Veteran Leader of Roark Consulting Engineers
With over three decades of experience in structural planning & design of textile plants, mustard oil projects, sponge iron plants and infrastructure projects, Pankaj Gupta is the Founder and CEO of Roark Consulting Engineers. He did his graduation in civil engineering from prestigious IIT-Kanpur in 1988. Pankaj has given his fruitful contribution to various infrastructures like landmark DND toll plaza, Delhi-Gurgaon link, landmark projects like national war memorial, and many others. His area of expertise lies in steel structures and seismic resistance of structures.
Astounding Services Quenching Business Needs
Roark Consulting is dedicated to provide expert structural design services to its clients in various areas.
New Building Design (RCC, PSC & Steel) that creatively adapts to form and function, utilizes sustainable design concepts and includes performance-based engineering. With an experience of designing of more than hundred million square feet area, new building design is the core area of expertise.
Design-Build is the area that recognizes the value of fully integrating design with construction techniques and efficiencies to achieve economy in construction. By combining in-depth knowledge and experience with impeccable ethical standards, Roark is achieving milestones in construction without compromising on the quality aspects.
Roark is especially focusing on Seismic Resistance of Building Structures. The art and science of earthquake- resistant design is a continually evolving process that requires a combination of experience, scientific research and a practical knowledge of construction. Database and review of the effects of significant earthquakes worldwide on building structures, has led the firm to incorporate precautionary methodologies in the design process, which seek to pre-empt similar disastrous consequences in the future.
Seismic Risk Assessment, Evaluation, and Analysis of built structures, that focuses on specific performance objectives, which are suited to the project and with techniques that are derived from statistics of the historical performance of buildings in earthquakes.
Seismic Strengthening and Rehabilitation service with a keen sense of fully utilizing existing buildings components, and feasibility of construction with the least disruption.
Peer Review & Proof Consultancy with a proper sense of balance between the reviewer and the design professionals. The company is experienced in establishing design performance standards and providing design verification and review. It also provides responsive solutions for challenging projects that require specific performance goals and damage control.
Roark is the pioneer in the process of executing outsourced structural engineering projects from all over the world. The company has been executing projects from five continents since 1998 through the state-of-art communication and data transfer infrastructure. The long list of foreign clients and successfully completed projects outside India, speaks the expertise of the company in this area. Roark is a group of highly talented, experienced, and educated professionals with deep knowledge of structural and seismic engineering.  The company has achieved the respectable position in this sector by exceeding client’s expectation.
Quality-Based Business Philosophy
Maintaining high-quality standards has always been the primary goal of the company. The company follows a multi-layered review quality control process for the entire flow of work, starting from conceptual structural arraignment to the final details worked in the drawing. Project work is continually evaluated by senior engineers for accuracy and consistency throughout the design phase so that the design solutions meet the clients’ expectations and are in-line with the project goals. The company is continuously working towards quality work and customer satisfaction at a competitive cost. Knowledge is the most important component of a consulting organization. Therefore, Roark devise various methodologies to keep abreast of the latest technological developments. Its services are meeting the high professional as well as ethical standards.
Maintaining Balance between Economy and Sustainability
In the construction industry, it is important to explore several solutions to given design to achieve profitable business outcome. The company gives several innovative solutions for the given design. Those solutions are then evaluated for costs and benefits, including constructability, and compared to the specific project’s goals. After that, an ideal and often unique solution is selected for construction. This approach usually results in a significant reduction of construction costs as well as reduces long-term operation and maintenance expenses without harming sustainability. Roark strived to mobilize the best resources from around the world to satisfy the clients.
Innovation and Safety: Designing Path for the Future
Roark deploys high-end tools like latest software and web-based application to achieve innovative and creative solutions. It strives to provide a stimulating, stable, rewarding, diverse, and a safe work-environment.
Progressing forward with a positive outlook for the future, the company is dedicated to design safe and reliable structures in the healthy built-environment. With its expertise in engineering, Roark will continue to deliver innovative and curated set of world-class construction services in the coming years.
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