SEED Engineering Consultants: Treading an Extra Mile to Deliver Efficient Engineering Solutions

SEED Engineering Consultants

Headquartered in Dubai, with design offices in Singapore, Bangalore, and Kochi is SEED Engineering Consultants, delivering efficient engineering solutions in the Building Services Industry. With its exemplary expertise and fourteen years of experience, the company seamlessly provides international design standards services at a competitive rate. Having in-house personnel of more than 85 experienced professionals, SEED caters to its esteemed clients with sustainable design. It is consistently striving hard and making sure that the services adhere to QA/QC procedures and are accredited to ISO 9001 standard since its inception.
SEED’s constant efforts and focus on quality in design and deliverables has helped it to knob landmark projects in the Middle-East, Africa and the Indian sub-continent. The company has also gained success in the hospitality sector with a lot of prestigious projects.
Meet the Dynamic Persona
Sanu Mathew is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of SEED Engineering Consultants. He is an Electrical engineering graduate with over 28 years of experience in Building Services Design, Site Supervision and Project Management of High- & Low-Voltage Power Systems. He is one of the lead designers in the team and has experience in design & supervision of engineering services systems for Airport, Utilities, Commercial, Residential, Retail, Hotels, School, Hospital and Infrastructure Planning projects. Sanu persistently encourages the team with his passion for excellence and keenness for sustainable design.
Groundbreaking Products and services
“Seed’s core principle is to integrate sustainability and energy-efficient design in its products and services from the concept stage itself.”
SEED offers a curated set of comprehensive MEP which generally includes Plumbing, Fire Fighting, Fire Protection, Electrical, HVAC, Networking (Telecom / Data / Structural Cabling / ELV), BMS, CCTV and Lighting design. The company prominently designs exclusive products for Vertical Transportation, Gas Bank, Irrigation, Solar works, Bio digester, STP, WTP / RO etc.
It provides Green Building Accreditation services like EDGE, LEED, IGBC, GRIHA, etc. The company also delivers ELV system design services, Specialist lighting, Audio Visual – IT and Acoustic consultancy.
The Success Story
As Peter Senge rightly said “Seeds do not contain the resources needed to grow a tree. These must come from the medium or environment within which the tree grows. But the seed does provide something that is crucial: A place where the whole of the tree starts to form. As resources such as water and nutrients are drawn in, the seed organizes the process that generates growth. In a sense, the seed is a gateway through which the future possibility of the living tree emerges.”
Similarly, it was not an easy task for SEED to outshine the existing competitors and withstand the market complexities during its initial stage. But, the experience of the Directorial board helped the company to address the client needs and convert every challenge into opportunity in order to climb the stairways of success. With a vision to bridge the gap in the field of Building Engineering and to positively impact the various parameters related to the design of MEP Engineering Services, SEED established itself as a one-of-its-kind brand. Also, the hard work, experience and perseverance of the project team during those initial budding years drove way to the future possibilities.
Apart from this, the mantra which has helped the company to prosper over the years and create a niche in its sector is:
Design- Every engineer at SEED is empowered to consider the smallest of details and their respective impacts at this level.
Integrate- This step influences the efficiency and economics of operation in the project. Promoting a blend of technology, keen observation and human experience enables seamless integration of each service into the system.
Sustain- At this level the company strives to transcend industry expectations by planning systems and technologies to last the test of time with a sole purpose to promote durability and sustainability in a project.
Today, the company is amongst the leading and trustworthy enterprises in its sector, providing tailored services which are successfully quenching customer requirements.
A Unique Consultancy
SEED is on a mission to offer deep technical insights to satisfy the owner, operator, and the customer underlining three key aspects of any project including:
COMFORT- The company manages the operations, using global standards of Ventilation and Thermal comfort along with the flexible and adaptable design.
CAPEX- The company offers financial analysis to facilitate informed CAPEX decision-making ideally classified or ordered according to capital outlay and ROI criteria  along with improved care and long-term cost savings.
OPEX-  SEED believes that energy savings of twenty percent (or greater) can be achieved through a technical review of plant equipment and operations and resulting implementation of energy conservation measures (ECMs).

Consistently Motivating Workforce is the Forte
“Continuous professional development is considered key at SEED”
At SEED, professional development program is offered to the employees in various capacities. This program infuses excellence in oneself and establishes a big picture for the organization and employees with efficient people management skills. It also augments with comprehensive case studies, psychometric tests, and various exercises as well as outdoor and indoor activities.
The company is continuously engaging its employees in various coaching programs and encourages them to participate in the competitions. The next step would be creating an intranet where the staff can interact and share information with each other which can pave a pathway for e-Learning.

Futuristic Vision
SEED has witnessed steady growth to its African business. As a strategy to support this demand and to work more efficiently with our partners a new office is going to be launched in ‘Dar es Salaam’. It is the economic center and a former capita of Tanzania. And as a part of its growth planning in the national market SEED will also establish an office in Mumbai.

Apart from Growing the business, SEED recognizes its Academic & Social responsibility. SEED has launched a training academy for young engineers and students. ‘SEED ACADEMY’ is one of its kind initiatives to inculcate the budding engineers, architects and technicians with the zeal to conquer the knowledge and understanding which lies in the multifaceted Building Services Industry. As part of the CSR initiative this institute imparts free training and scholarships to needy students to establish a successful career in engineering and built environment fields.
SEED has committed to various CSR initiatives like DFWAC (Dubai Foundation for Women & Children), Pain & Palliative Care Units, Kerala and supporting Labor Camps in Dubai. This year we will be taking on initiatives which focus on empowering the underprivileged children from at risk communities. We will focus on education and nutrition. We recognize the future of this world is children, Health, education and safety are the pillars on which these children will rise and be successful.
The company’s vision for 2030 is:

  • Create contemporary landmark developments for residential use, business and finance, retail and leisure elements.
  • Create an accessible, comfortable, healthy and safe place for all users outdoors as well as indoors.
  • Create a sustainable urban environment that minimizes water usage and waste production, utilizes architectural and landscape treatments to reduce power demands and encourage alternative means of transport.
  • Use open spaces, landscape and light to create a sense of place, comfort and safety for users.
Source :-The 10 Most Prominent Engineering Consultants in 2018

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